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Application Form
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   How to join today and become a BCI AMBASSADOR

Yes, I understand by completing a BCI Master Coach Course expertly qualifies me (in the eyes of the customer) to endorse and promote BCI's courses..

Affiliate / Referral Program Overview Page


Ambassador Compensation MODEL:

Affiliate Level


-Level 1 (Bronze)  1 to 3 Course Sales (over 3 consecutive months)
-Level 2 (Silver) 4 to 6 Course Sales (over 3 consecutive months)
-Level 3 (Gold) 7+ Course Sales (over 3 consecutive months)
The below 4 Courses provide Commission to Ambassadors.

Case Example A: The two most popular low priced Certification Course Formats

    1. Master Coach. Self-Study Format -Scholarship @ $us895.00 less 5%
(when customer quotes your special Code number)
    2. Certified Professional Coach -Scholarship @ $us795 less 5%
(when customer quotes your Affiliate Code number)
                                    Course Type
 Level  Commission   1. M.C Self-Study Format   2. C.P.C Self-Study Format
    3        30%         $us269           $us226
    2        25%         $us224           $us188
    1        20%         $us179           $us151

Case Example B: Other Master Coach Course Formats

    1. Self-Study plus 1-to-1 Videoconference Instruction Format -Scholarship @ $us3,450.00 less 5%
(Code number quoted)
    2. N.Y. or London 1-to-4 Campus Course Format Early Bird Rate -$us8950.00 less 5%
 (Code number quoted)
                           Master Coach Course Type
 Level  Commission   1. Videoconference Format   2. 1-to-4 Campus Course
    3        15%         $us491           $us1275
    2        12.5%         $us409           $us1062
    1        10%         $us327           $us850
NOTE: 1. Each Ambassador is provided a unique Affiliate code to quote in their promotional material.
             2. We provide a 5% Discount off the customers selected course cost when they quote an Affiliate code or name plus they qualify to receive a Scholarship (which is a substantial discount to the standard course rate). So, ensure your promotional material informs the reader of the financial incentive to quote your Affiliate Code or Name when enrolling (see below page Example Banner Ads).

Commission Payments:
 - You will be emailed a Notice of Referral Purchase as soon as our bank confirms receipt of a referral's funds quoting your Affiliate Code or name.
 - Commissions are calculated end of month and paid into your nominated bank account within 7 days.  

 What is a Referral Network of Sub-Ambassadors?
Team Partner.
Recruit and Build a Affiliate Network Team and receive a BONUS 5% Commission on each of your Team Members referral sales. When your new team member applies to become an Ambassador we will assign them a Code also identifying that they are a member of your Team.

Example Banner Ads you can use:
Note: We encourage you to create your own Ads tailored to your locale, language and marketplace.
Some Conditions of Appointment:
            1. You cannot claim a commission on your own purchase of a BCI Course -however you can claim a 5% deduction.
            2. BCI reserves the right to: change Commission rates, change Affiliates compensation category, revoke Affiliate appointment.
Other BCI services -such as consultancy services, private training with Dr Zeus and the invitational Singapore Campus Course
                are not included in the Affiliate Program.
    Yes! -I wish to become a BCI Ambassador. 

Yes, I am a Graduate of BCI's Master Coach Course!   -Graduation Year and Course Format:


         No, I am not a Graduate, but I will enrol by sending in the Course Registration Form (and claiming a 5% deduction off the
               a Scholarship place special rate as a future Ambassador).

         I wish to become a:  Regional Ambassador in (country or region or city etc)
Team Ambassador -and build my own Affiliate Network Team thereby multiplying my income stream.
                                                  -Some Details:

Team Member. Team Ambassador's name or Code number:

      Your Contact Information



  Full Name :   

Mr.  Ms.  Dr  First Names:
                                Last Name:

Company Name:   

 Address and Zip  
 /Postal Code :   

State and Country :   

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 Home: Business:    

Email -Personal :   

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Website :   


      Your Business Profile


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Type/Size of Business:   

               - I will use the following platforms to endorse BCI services:

                                     My Website  
                            -Purpose of Site:  
  -Number of unique daily visitors to site:
                                    My Blog   -Number of readers per day:  
                                    My Database   -Size/Type:       
                                    My Social Media Pages.  Number of Likes and Followers      







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