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  Certified Master Coach Course - Some Introductory Notes: 
Self Transformation / Self Development & Behavioral Change Coaching

-The need for training in the use of validated Behavioral Change Methodology to achieve Self Transformation
     (includes extracts from 'Behavioral Coaching' by Dr Zeus  -published by McGraw-Hill, New York)
- For professional behavioral change agents: Gain valuable information about Self-transformation, behavioral change and coaching tools that will enable you to generate powerful results for your clients.  


In this era of self-transformation / self-development and coaching, an increasing number of people are trying to achieve the concept of self-transformation by finding a means to change their key behavioral outcomes in certain events through experiencing profound insights with their Self.

Many professional agents of behavioral change search for the latest behavioral change tools to best help their clients successfully engage in their quest for self-development / self-transformation.

Some of the questions asked by behavioral change agents are:
The eternal question : Why do we behave as we do?
How can we overcome the automatic mechanisms of our brain?
What are the latest proven neuro technologies, we increasingly hear about, that can help our clients transform themselves?

Fortunately, today we are able to explore reasons for our behavior from the perspective of the new behavioral sciences and neuroscience combined. It is now understood that much of our anxiety, stress and suffering is grounded in the automatic mechanisms of the brain and how they dominate us until we mature enough as social organisms to become highly self-aware and learn to direct and control them through positive effort. 

NEURO SELF TRANSFORMATION -as taught in the Institute's Master Coach Courses

The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s Neuro Self Transformation methodology incorporates the principles of Behavior-Based Coaching.

The five primary influences to Behavioral Coaching
- Neuropsychology / Neuroscience.  Emotion Focused Approach. Evolutionary Psychology.  Cognitive-Behavioral Approach. Solution-Focused Approach. 

Drawing from the key principles of behavioral coaching and the latest neuroscientific research, the Institute’s proprietary NEURO SELF TRANSFORMATION (NST) methodology helps clients reach stable neurological and emotional states and thus shift perspectives, beliefs, attitudes and personal narratives toward the positive. Neuro Self-Transformation (NST) starts with the working assumption that effective behavioral change must include a repatterning of neural pathways, and employs “self-directed neuroplasticity” through the active practicing of focused attention. As an adjunct to these methods, it helps clients create new, empowering life experiences that serve as the basis for new neural patterns. 

Neuropsychology offers us new possibilities of exploring the nature of the self, the mind, and the meaning of our reality. In conjunction with other behavioral sciences and psychology, it gives us a basis for directing human behavior toward the greater good. Through NST, the Behavioral Coaching Institute, for over the last fifteen years, has employed the field's findings with extraordinary results with 1,000’s of organizational and private clients, witnessing, in many cases, profound, sustainable positive outcomes. 

The Institute's flagship Master Coach Course (for professional people developers) first begins by laying the foundation science for body–mind and brain–body interventions by exploring the basics of the brain: its anatomy, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and the rhythms of the brain and body. Students are provided a detailed protocol for assessment and evaluation of their clients, with particular attention to assessing a client’s habitually activated emotional circuits, neural imprints and state flexibility.      

NST uses the latest neuro-technologies that can help us transform ourselves.
Through enhanced self-awareness training via visualization exercises students are shown how to move their clients into a life where they can successfully access the mental states/resources they need to thrive as individuals and move beyond individual transformation and into the fulfillment of self transformation.

Helping clients control their own emotional reactivity.
integrates the latest proven neuro technologies, evidence-based behavioral sciences and quantum theory within the context of coaching in a clear, understandable narrative that our Master Coach course students find highly engaging and easy to follow. Detailed learning material in the course includes how our habitual ways of thinking and doing lock us into closed routines of living and how selecting the appropriate one of NST’s 4 Behavioral Change Models can help clients transcend this closed circuitry.

When negative emotional states are experienced repeatedly they condition neural pathways and shape a person’s perception of and response to life events. As these pathways are reinforced, unhelpful and unhealthy neural networks turn on with increasing ease in the presence of conscious and unconscious triggers. Through the use of NST an Emotional Exchange protocol is taught in which clients learn to manage their emotions and behaviors, reduce stress, control emotional reactivity and generate more positive / productive outcomes.

key to successful, sustainable, measurable behavioral change is our capacity to shift the mind from one emotional state to another and to shift the brain from one neural pattern to another. Protocols for specific presenting problems, such as fear, anxiety etc are outlined in detail. Because of the breadth of the NST approach, it is also highly effective in working with individuals who are interested in shifting to peak performance states. The Course provides sample interventions, case studies and detailed, easy to follow step-by-step instructions how to empower clients to reach peak personal and professional performance and a more healthy and more meaningful, productive life.

The Certified Master Coach Course -provides the latest training in the use of NST's 4 Primary Behavioral Change Models to effect lasting individual change and learning:

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's fast-tracked Course (Self-Study, Campus and Distance Learning Format) meets the critical needs for professional behavioral change agents and other professional people developers to be trained and mentored in the use of validated, reliable tools and techniques.
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