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    Certified Master Coach Course - Some Introductory Notes:
           Behavioral Change and Change Management:

CHANGE Management and Behavioral Coaching
-The need for training in the use of advanced Change Management Behavioral
             Coaching Models in the Workplace
             Behavioral Change and Change Management -extracts from 'Behavioral Coaching' by Zeus
             and Skiffington -published McGraw-Hill, New York

- Successful change management requires a change in thinking in participants.
The hardest aspect of change management is guiding people to successfully change. Ownership and readiness for change are critical requirements. Real change and conformity are not the same. It is critical to remove the barriers that are in conflict with change. Consolidating and Anchoring Change Outcomes requires n
ew patterns of behavior for performance improvements to be consolidated. The change process is not over until personal change has translated into the organizational culture. This leads to lasting and radical improvements in individual and organizational perfor

Yesterday's Change Management strategies are failing today!.

A number of recent global surveys reveals that change management initiatives are proving ineffective. Over the last few years the average organization has concluded at least five enterprise changes: culture change (78%), restructuring (69%), market expansion (61%), leadership transition (52%) and merger and acquisition activity (29%).

In a recent survey, out of 400 change initiatives polled, 50% were a “clear failure” and 16% were described as showing “mixed results” – with only 34% being rated as “clear successes”. Coupled with the fact that 73% of organizations expect more change over the next three years to remain competitive -spells trouble.

Research has shown that it isnt that employees were reluctant to support change but that personal change only worked if people commit to the process of change -for themselves. Clearly the current approach to change management practice is now outmoded.

70% of companies manage change through the traditional top-down approach so clearly this approach to change management also isn’t working. This in itself is another BIG CHANGE. The top-down change approach is simply disconnected from the way many of today's companies are structured and work.

The challenge to learn the art and science of individual change is now critical to any change effort.

Lasting, productive change efforts require significant changes in individual behavior to succeed.

Change management projects require fundamental shifts in people’s mindsets, culture, relationships, language, and other aspects of how people work with each other. Yet, most of today's change efforts still attempt to mandate changes in people from the outside in, through strategies such as new performance standards, or replacing old systems with new ones. However, as discovered and mentioned above,
any change effort will only succeed if people choose to undertake personal change.

Gain valuable information about advanced CHANGE Management and Behavioral Change models and the tools...

            Change Management Behavior Change Models

               Change Management and Coach Training              

             The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Certified Master Coach Course -provides the latest training in the use of the
                    latest advanced Change Management Models to effect
 lasting individual change and learning:

The Institute's invitational, fast-tracked Certified Master Coach Course
(Distance Learning, Campus or Self-Study) meets the critical
needs for change agents and professional people developers
 to be trained in the use of validated, reliable psychology-based
 Behavioral Change Models, tools and techniques.
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