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   Certified Master Coach Training Online TeleClass in Executive Coaching - Some Notes: 
    The Institute's online, customized Certified Master Coach Course
     in Executive Coaching -delivered by video conferencing

        (includes extracts from book 'Behavioral Coaching' by Zeus and Skiffington -published by McGraw-Hill, New York)


Master Coach Training  -Online TeleClass in Executive Coaching
Distance learning is an integral part of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) that promotes student success through innovative teaching, learning and technology.

Distance education, or distance learning, is a field of education that focuses on technology and instructional systems design that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically "on site". Rather than attending courses in person, teachers and students communicate through technology that allows them to communicate in real time and through other online ways

The types of available technologies used in distance education are divided into two groups: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous technology is a mode of online delivery where all participants are "present" at the same time. In a recent international survey it was found that 92 percent of large organizations will use some form of online learning this year and that most established and mainstream universities now offer entire degree programs online.

People work and learn more effectively in a positive, intimate and emotionally supportive environment. 
Using Accelerated learning techniques can take anxiety and competition out of the learning environment and replace them with positive energy, positive speaking and genuine collaboration. Using '
AL ' techniques (face-to-face) simply means the facilitator can accelerate the learning process by working with an individual's preferred learning style. By optimizing the available time, learning is accomplished in a much shorter time. 

Recent research suggests that professional skills development courses, such as coach training, best require a face-to-face connection between the facilitator, participant and the subject matter versus the "traditional teleclass approach" (voice and email). This personal connection provides: 
- a genuine interactive learning environment
- a lively, focused discussion
- the unique opportunity for the learner to spend time developing their own personal skill set and business needs versus a prescribed "packaged" approach to everyone  
- the opportunity to question, learn and practice new skills in a safe, supportive and highly constructive atmosphere

Executive Coaching: Master Coach Training  -Videoconferencing
Videoconferencing is now a proven distance learning delivery platform. Videoconferencing is a totally interactive medium as students are able to explore, communicate, analyze and share information and ideas with one another.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's (BCI) Online Campus is a student-centered global web of educational services.
The Institute's Online Campus coordinates and supports all distance learning at the Institute. The Online Campus is a campus without walls.
The  Online Campus was initially created to provide distant students around the globe the same curriculum and support of our traditional campus program via a technology-based online delivery platform. Today, our programs are not limited to one physical location but delivered across the globe via the Internet. This dynamic, face-to-face, interactive educational experience has now become the choice medium of learning by busy, corporate professionals and distance learners alike.

Online Campus's (OC) policies and procedures are based upon certain assumptions:

  • On-campus, traditional courses do not meet the needs of all students. Some people, due to work schedules, business commitments, etc., are best served by alternative delivery platforms.
  • Faculty members are essential to the success of distance learning at OC. Faculty bear responsibility for the academic quality of the distance learning experience and function as facilitators, coaches and tutors for distance learners.
  • Distance education at OC is student-centered and student-focused. All policies and procedures are designed to meet student needs and promote student success.
  • Distance learning courses encompass the same professional responsibilities as on-campus courses.
  • Course requirements for distance learning courses are designed to be the equivalent of the same course taught on campus, and students must be highly committed, motivated and well organized to complete these courses independently and successfully.
Using the latest Multi-Party Video Conferencing technology and the accelerated learning model, the OC's custom program experience is a powerful, interactive personalized process of discussion, discovery, and application. All program components -from:
- setting learning objectives,
- program design,
- to instructional methodologies and
- innovative teaching styles,
- to case analysis and peer exploration
- to groupwork and hands-on role-plays -fit together as a cohesive whole, creating a uniquely tailored, in-depth opportunity for both individual and small group learning. The impact is both immediate and long term, with participants completing the program ready to immediately leverage their advanced coaching capacity.

We are dedicated to meaningful learning and excellent facilitation, enabling individuals to achieve their learning goals and full potential, and to being a leading partner in the dynamic, prosperous global community of professional people developers.

To effectively demonstrate our mission in all we do, we are committed to four primary values:

- Meaningful Learning that is student centered, comprehensive and responsive.

- Excellent Facilitation that is inspiring, committed to a partnership for learning with the student, sensitive to diversity, and expert in the development of sound educational models and experiences.

- Universal Access that provides equal opportunities for all qualified persons who seek to better their lives through becoming a professional people developer.

- Quality Service which provides responsive, efficient, and effective support for every student.

The mission at BCI's OC will be fulfilled through achievement of the following goals:

- Prepare students for distinctive success in the ever-changing world of people development.

- Optimize technological access to and participation in OC's programs to qualified people from anywhere in the world.

- Respond quickly and effectively to the ongoing development needs of our students and the changing marketplace they work in.

- Enhance institutional performance and accountability

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's internationally-recognized Certified Master Coach Course -training in the use of industry-proven, evidence-based tools and best practices:
--Many vital change models a coaching practitioner requires to build coaching initiatives are only available via our invitational, fast-tracked Certified Master Coach Course (conducted in around the world). This elite course also meets the critical needs for professional people developers be trained and mentored in the use of validated, reliable psychology-based tools and techniques.

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 Behavioral Coaching Institute



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