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        - 1. Diploma Course.
 "Dip Sports Psych."
- 2. Master Sports Coach Course.
"MCC Sports"
Some International Scholarships Available




A.24-2, 2021:
- with the latest Neuro-Behavioral approach

  We equip our students with the best skills, knowledge and scientifically proven tools to position themselves at the top of the sports coaching field.  

E-Learning: For - Sports Coaches (new and established)
- Self-coaching for Athletes
- Athletes transitioning to become a coach  

Helping all people realize their Potential -and be the best they can be.

Empowering people to move to their Next Level with no limits.. 

This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the latest methodology (neuro-behavioral coaching model and tools) that power boosts performance, greater resilience, well-being and helps people create a desired, unlimited future.  





Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘The Neuroscience of Great Leaders’, ‘Life Unlocked’.
   If you are looking for the best available source of behavioral coaching knowledge, tools and certification then the Institute’s international recognized, accredited sports coaching courses are for you….Thanks again for inviting me into the course!  



  The next step in your Coaching career is waiting!

Promote yourself with the PRESTIGIOUS ICC Internationally recognized Accredited Certification.

Add a ICC Accredited Certificate from the world's #1  respected coach training Institute to the skills and knowledge you have already acquired, and you will be set up to take advantage of the rapidly growing and rewarding coaching roles available.

With weekly intakes, and 100% online study, you have no reason to wait. While continuing to work you can study part-time / at-home online.

For busy professionals who do not have time to waste
No required ADD-ON coaching, supervision or mentoring training
No set Starting or Completion time


This advanced Course takes a holistic (Brain-Mind-Body) approach.

The need to understand the relationship between brain, mind and body.
The three aren’t just connected, but rather a single unit, integrated at the cellular level. This knowledge is crucial to a person's performance and well-being.

The Sports Behavioral Sciences have been significantly updated by powerful, life-changing contributions from brain-mind-body medicine, emerging neuroscientific technologies and the latest, evidence-based methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

High Performance Coaching falls under the umbrellas of behavioral science and performance enhancement. It provides unique insights into the brain-mind-bodyconnection, brain plasticity, emotion, attention, peak performance and physical health.

-How to move into the Flow Zone at will.

Neuro-behavioral coaching provides a number of benefits for individuals who are pursuing peak performance training in a relatively short period of time.

Neuro-behavioral coaching is used to ‘tune’ well-functioning brains to enhance a person’s mental abilities and allow them to perform at their peak.



  Course Mental Skills Modules >  

Note: Strictly Limited Number of Accelerated, Credentialing Program Places Available.

There is a restriction on the the number of Accredited Coach Certifications available via the Self-Study, Accelerated Credentialing Program Format.

Some benefits to holding internationally certification..

Increase your confidence and achieve better results working with a wide range of interventions. A Diploma in Sports Psychology Coaching equips you to use an advanced, performance enhancement process in depth and with the competence required to work with even complex issues.

Upgrade your expertise
Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing how to provide world-class services, and from having obtained proven, evidence-based change tools and techniques.

Amplify your professional credibility
Neuro-behavioral coaching is acknowledged as the leading and the most accepted coaching model by the modern day psychological profession. With increased visibility and use, also comes increased scrutiny. When you get certified, it tells your world that you've achieved a level of knowledge and mastery.

Currently, our diploma trainings are only open to professionals who have had prior experience in sports coaching.


Course Modules >


         Start today and take advantage of our INTERNATIONAL
                        SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

- The Behavioral Coaching Institute fast-tracked ICC Accredited Courses
are delivered in an accelerated learning format (E-Learning).



"The Institute's fast-tracked E-Learning Course surpasses
that of any comparative coaching course -in any terms...
-Elite Sports News 2021




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