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New World environment, Human Capital Management and the need for high performance behavioral coaching


“Empowering people to move to a desired state of performance and well-being”

  'BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE in HR L&D Programs' - extensively covered in the Behavioral Coaching Institute's NEURO-BEHAVIORAL, INVITATIONAL COACH TRAINING COURSES:

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  Extracts from Course Module:
Today's New World Coaching trends impacting the future of Human Capital Management or HCM"

Coaching trends impacting the future of Human Capital Management or HCM

The in-demand High Performance Behavioral Coaching or HPBC offers immense growth opportunities to both organizations and practitioners alike.

Firstly, a reminder of what is Human Capital..

Human capital is defined as the knowledge, skill, creativity, and health of the individual.

Human Capital identifies that people in organizations are an important and essential asset who contributes to the organizations development and growth, in a similar way as physical assets such as technology and money do. The key factor here is that an individual cannot be separated from their mental skills, health, IQ, EQ, and mindset, while they can be separated from their assets and properties. The most sustainable capital is therefore human capital.

Human capital is now seen as the investment in human resources in order to increase their efficiency.
The investment in human capital has traditionally been via learning and development programs (training / coaching). Today, human capital qualities include; creativity, innovation, energy, and physical & mental well-being which affects people’s work and adds value to the organization. Organizations choose the investment in individuals, because people are valuable human capital with different qualities.

In today’s New World, the market value of organizations depends more on intangible assets especially human capital than on tangible assets. Employing and keeping the best employees in the organization is a part of this deal.

Organizations must learn how to:
- raise the level of organizational learning and growth,
- increase the level of employees’ behavioral and physical health/well-being and,
- improve mental and positional skills and abilities through providing a growth and resilience program where knowledge is created, the latest neuro-behavioral performance and change tools are shared and applied and self-coaching becomes a habit.

Today's definition of Human Capital Management or HCM?
Human Capital Management perceives people as assets whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment.

Modern-day human resource management systems are primarily designed to maximize the efficiency of an organization by providing accuracy within the key contributing factors such as; job related behavior analysis, performance management and personal & professional development / education / training / coaching .

Human Capital Management is essential for acquiring and retaining high-performing employees.

Human Capital Management plays a vital role in helping an organization’s people increase their overall productivity, well-being and happiness. In turn, productive, healthy and happy employees work harder and care more about the success of the organization.

Some Problems of Human Capital Management (HCM)

High Cost of Unsolved Challenges
Without recognizing challenges early, HCM will be prone to wider gaps in reaching future organizational goals.

Mismanagement of Organizational Change
When organizational change isn’t anticipated, HCM can function reactively, rather than proactively. The chance for HCM mismanagement is high when falling behind or trying to keep pace with sudden changes eg; a pandemic, recession, volatile market forces, technology.

Poor Performance Management
HCM is not very effective when managing performance if the system isn’t driven by an overall holistic approach to developing and nurturing people eg; not taking a brain-mind-body approach in coaching/training but using outmoded, skill focused, executive or leadership coaching programs and dated performance enhancement interventions.

Human Capital Management Trends
When businesses are under pressure to perform in a recession, the standard process is to maximize workers and resources towards their highest-productivity purposes. However, organizations need to ensure they are providing the right behavioral and mindset supports to raise performance levels consistently and permanently.

Productivity boosting behaviors is not about using outdated executive coaching models of change. To perform at a consistent high level requires a holistic, brain-mind-body approach using neuro-behavioral growth and development models and techniques.

Companies now realize that if they want to get ahead of the competition in today’s challenging trading conditions, they need more than just yesterday's, vanilla leadership / executive coaching or training courses with an obsolete toolkit to prepare their people how to survive and thrive.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching ignites people’s well-being levels, creativity, intuition, IQ, EQ, smart decision making and output levels that transforms management and the workforce to drive consistent, high productive results and a happier, healthier environment.

Executive Coaching is the past -but it can be a stepping stone for companies towards taking the next strategic step and not being left behind. Most HR departments have undergone a seismic shift in the New World environment.

Aligning High Performance Behavioral Coaching (HPBC) with business objectives presents unique sustainable, long-term benefits, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty and increased competition. Organizations that have embraced HPBC are able to best plan for future leadership and talent needs, integrate workforce and talent initiatives, and leverage innovative technology solutions.

No organization can be certain about the future of today’s economy and its impact on organizational growth. This uncertainty can lead them to make leaner and smarter decisions — particularly around people development. As a result, the top pressure facing HCM professionals today is the need to operate more efficiently in today’s economic climate.

The many organizations, who have adopted HPBC, have achieved increased efficiency and improved processes and continuously outperformed their competitors. Understandably other, organizations looking to also gain the competitive advantage HPBC generates must move outside of their comfort zones and expand their approach to an holistic approach in their people development initiatives if they too want to survive and thrive in today’s new environment.


The Bottom Line
High Performance Behavioral Coaching is today's supa-charged power tool in the Human Capital Management (HCM) Toolkit capable of playing a critical, defining role in organizational growth, performance, and profitability. HCM professionals, professional people developers and change agents alike need to quickly upgrade their Toolkit and learn how to adopt neuro-behavioral skills and tools focused on driving business outcomes and balancing the behavioral needs of their human capital, or be left behind.

Today’s Brain-Mind-Body approach to human capital L& D programs
The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has been conducting workplace development and change coach training courses with leading organizations across the world for over 25 years. While the Institute's cutting-edge, courses focus on how to enhance behavioral (what we do and say) levels at an organizational level, they also take a holistic, brain-mind-body approach and contribute to the broadening of people’s quality of life, health (mental and physical) and overall well-being / happiness.


Neuro-Behavioral focused coaching Change Models and Tools
By using the latest human performance psychology from the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology the Institute’s students learn how to assist all people, in all positions to refine their mindset, emotional control, neuro-behavioral patterns and way of thinking. These exciting, cutting-edge courses present students new possibilities for improving and enhancing human performance and well-being.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute (established 1994 -world's first professional coach training School)
The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s (BCI's) internationally, recognized Coach training courses meets the critical needs for people development practitioners to be trained (via fast-tracked, Self-Study/E-Learning course format) in the use of a range of validated, reliable, neuro-behavioral change models, tools and techniques with a user-friendly, coaching delivery model.

The recent crisis has clearly demonstrated that a holistic brain-mind-body approach needs to be taken in developing the workforce and the broader community.

“25 years ago, we saw a gap in people development workforce coaching and training programs and realized that a holistic brain-mind-body approach was needed to best meet both the individual and organizational needs,” Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Founder) says.

“Today, the Institute's next-generation, high performance, behavioral coaching courses is creating a pool of qualified professional people developers best equipped to help all people deal with the current challenges and struggles the world is facing.”

“We cannot fully control the onset of pandemics and economic downturns, but we can protect our workers by giving them access to the development and support they are going to need to be their best no matter what challenges are ahead of them.”

The Institute’s range of specialist, invitational, unique, specialist courses include; easy-to-follow, accelerated, step-by-step, intervention protocols and an extensive, proprietary Brain-Mind-Body Development ToolKit. Measured, sustainable positive results are generated by clients of our graduates typically within just three, short coaching sessions.

The proven, easy to learn, evidence-based techniques, skills and knowledge sets taught in the Course are primarily based on proven principles of neuropsychology and neuroscience which strengthens the required neural pathways and mindset to build the desired Future.

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Human Capital / human Resources Management or HCM COACHING

Contents: Human Capital Management, HCM. Human Resources, Human Capital, HIGH PERFORMANCE BEHAVIORAL COACHING, PERFORMANCE, WORKPLACE, EXECUTIVE COACHING, Human Capital Management, HCM, Neuropsychology, executive coaching, neuroscience, coaching course,  Human Resources, HR, neuropsychology coaching, performance tools, models and techniques, ledership coaching, mind-set, work, behavioral change, pandemic, recession coaching, executive coaching, HUMAN CAPITAL, business coaching, high performance coaching,
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