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World's most recognized Anti-Aging & Health Coaching Course




Diploma & Master Coach

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Anti Aging International Academy (AIAA).



Become a Sought-After, Highly Respected
Therapist / Coach 
- specializing in providing Anti-Aging, Well-being, Health Services
-including Personal and Professional Peak
 Performance, Stress and Pain Management.


- receive "Dip Longevity" Letters after your name!


Invitational Graduate Diploma
in Anti-Aging Coaching


- Register for your Invitation today!
Application Form below page
Online, Self-Study or Campus Format

Fast-tracked Individual E-Learning or Campus Small Group Course -with Full Certification
- No Set Starting or Completion time!
No ADD-ON coach training hours or required post-course mentor coaching!

LONGEVITY & HEALTH Diploma Course: Distance Learning -Estimated 40-50 hours of course content and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style.

 Have instant access to the world's most valuable, comprehensive Coaching Practice Manuals! (Over 700 pages)



The world recognized, fully Accredited, Credentialing Course includes:

Comprehensive E-Course Manuals
Modules containing exercises (and answers). With Optional Video Support
Coach’s Tool Kit (Forms, Sample Client Contracts, Marketing templates, Checklists etc)
Regional Group To Interact With Other Coaches
Optional Practice Role Play Sessions
Certified Coach Logo, ICC membership logo & Gold Seal Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More
  78 Dynamic Lessons
26 Coaching Inventories, Checklists, and Assessments.
22 Coach Checklists .
152 Coaching Tips.
Coach Starter Information.
24 Client Inventories and Checklists.
22 Case Studies.
Countless useful industry and scientific resources and readings to draw from.
Back-Up Support and Access to world’s leading coaching experts.
These sessions support your knowledge of both theory and coaching techniques, enriching your coaching practice and cohort discussions.
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Course Modules


Want to make a difference in people's lives and your own?




How to establish a successful practice and help clients BE YOUNGER, HAPPIER and HEALTHIER!

  The market opportunity in Anti-Aging Therapy using a Coaching approach.

Are you thinking about starting a highly rewarding Anti-Aging Therapy practice or add-on service in the Human Services Service Sector?
-If so, you need to obtain the requisite practice tools, knowledge sets, best-practices and of course internationally recognized credentials.

Today, the anti-aging sector is the fastest growing human service profession. The typical practice clientele includes a wide range of clients; from those in their 30's (who facing mental, physical burn-out / quality of life issues) to persons in their middle years (looking to improve their youthfulness etc) to 60 plus year olds (persons looking to extend their life span). In fact, adults of all ages have a broad spectrum of aging, well-being and health related issues they require help with.

This is very good news for business-savvy professionals who already possess the foundational personal skill sets to become a sought after anti-aging provider and assist individuals and also organizations who are investing in their leadership and human capital so they can best survive and thrive into the future.

Here are just some of the many professions whose members have successfully transitioned into providing Anti-Aging services:
- Coaches, HR & L&D Professionals, Counselors, Doctors, Nurses, Retired Executives, Lawyers, Educators and Teachers...and many others with developed people skills and desire to help others!

-The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Anti-Aging International Academy.
For over twenty years, qualified professionals (psychologists, counselors, therapists and learning and development professionals) have obtained the requisite formal practice skills and tools from the Behavioral Coaching Institute's (BCI) Graduate School of Master Coaches allowing them to leverage their knowledge, expertise and contact base into a new, high-income coaching career.

BCI's Graduate School of Neuroscience established the Anti-Aging International Academy (AAIA) to help professionals discover the exciting and rewarding world of longevity coaching. Today, AAIA is the world's most respected institution for obtaining Masters level credentials in Anti-Aging Therapy.

AAIA’s unique Credentialing Course also helps each participant how to develop strategies to best package and market themselves.


The Masters-Level Course:

  • ACKNOWLEDGES your 'world-best standard' professional training, ethical practice and anti-aging credentials.
  • IDENTIFIES YOU as a qualified, credentialed provider taught by an acknowledged world authority and -is a way of distinguishing yourself from other practitioners and service providers.

The Credential: The Longevity Diploma is recognized internationally as the highest level of evidence-based, anti-aging practitioner training available.

The invitational Course is an invitational, professional development program that attracts highly qualified and accomplished professionals who intend to:

  • Start their own practice / coaching service business
  • Add specialist aging and well-being services to an existing practice
  • Provide world-best standard well-being and emotional fitness coaching programs within their organization.

Course Modules


Behavioral Coaching Institute

has delivered neuro-behavioral

change coach training courses to:



 Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Sing Health Polyclinics  Red Cross  ANZ   Saatchi & Saatchi NY   BHP Billiton   Fed Ex   University Hospital Birmingham  World Vision  BAE Systems  Mount Royal University  Citibank  Intel  Motorola  Saudia Aramco  Nextel



Application Process:

Note: Strictly Limited Number of Accelerated Credentialing Program Places Available.

RESERVE your place now!
- The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Longevity & Health Therapy Coach Diplomas available via the Accelerated Credentialing Program Format.

  • Currently, our diploma trainings are only open to professionals who have had prior experience in people development.

To reduce the application processing time a small number of select applicants are now able to bypass the telephone interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Institute's Section Panel for consideration. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to  confirm their suitability.

* ICC -The internationally recognized International Coaching Council is the world’s premier professional accreditation body for professional coaches (established 1998). Al graduates of the Longevity Therapy Course automatically gain prestigious membership of the ICC.






>>  Application Steps:
Step 1
. Submission of your application to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval.
Step 2. If offered a place course payment is required by bank wire or internet banking.


  1. Recession Bonus Yes!  - I also wish to receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library (In English -over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00  
            Anti-Aging Therapy and Health Services
        - I am looking to use the Self Transformational accelerated change models :
            - In
my own practice
  a group practice.
  - Internally in my Organization / Business.
- As an Authorized License Holder who can teach the course
                           and certify others. 
2.   Course Format Options: Self Study or Campus Class.
  Course Format Option A.       **APPLICATIONS CLOSE SOON!!

           Self Study Course Rates
- (E-Learning:  5 - 8 weeks private, casual study at home).

  Business / Health Care Institution Rate: $us2,895.00 
- Optional telephone interview / call with Dr Zeus.-Yes!

-  Individual Course Rate: $us2,395.00


Require Regional Subsidized Scholarship Rate : $us1895 ($us500 Discount).
 - Please complete below information box.
 Max' 2 Subsidized Scholarships per country
 (including USA) per semester .

  -Require Some Financial Assistance! -Reasons: 


Plus Optional:   Post-course Telephone Mentoring
Mentor Support:
1-to-1 (one tutor, one student) eg; obtain intervention planning assistance, professional second opinion or case / practice trouble-shooting help etc.
# of Hours: 1. 2. 3. 4. ($us275 per hour)

  Course Format Option B.

   ..     Campus  (Accommodation not included. Covers Course Costs) :

                  - New York, USA (Bi-Annual):
-Closed. Full! Next date to be set.  
                          - $US4,950.00  Class of 12.  

                  - Gold Coast Rainforest Retreat, Australia:
                         Small Group of 6.
-Closed. Full!
                         - $US3,950.00.  Course Facilitator: Dr Zeus.  

                      Yes, please notify me when next available course

          * - Gold Coast (by the sea), Australia.  Private one-on-one training
                  with Dr Zeus

                  Yes, I wish to have Dr Zeus call me to discuss my practice needs and
                  1-to-1, two day, private, customized training with him.  $US4,850.00.

   Territorial License to teach the course :

-   Yes, I am also interested in applying for a Territorial License to
                  deliver the course  in my region!

(Note: As you first need to confirm the value of the course before formally
              applying to become a License Holder you are eligible to receive the
             discounted International Scholarship Course Rate)

       Upon completion of the Therapist Diploma Course I wish to have the
           option to acquire a License and provide the course in the below exclusive
           territory. Along with my request for enrolment, please also send me some
           details on Licensing Process / Fee etc

Define Your preferred Region (City or State or Geographic region of
          large Country etc):


       Note: Intending Master License Holders who wish to train and also license others
                in large territories / a single country may need to be personally taught the
                Course 1:1 by Dr Zeus

4. Personal Details  


Full Name:


Business Name:


Address & Zip:


State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home/Mobile:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :
Facebook Name:

Profession /  Position :

    - Currently I do not provide any people development courses
    -  I am an existing Educational Provider / Trainer


Your Professional / Educational Background /
'People Development Experience':




 Brief description of your business



What are your Course goals?


Any further relevant information we should know etc?:



Yes, I understand that course payment
 is required to be made by Bank Transfer / Wire.


Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to
support your application:







Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

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