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Get world best-class mental skills training programs and tools for all your athletes.









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Train your mind for peak performance and unlock your true athletic potential with the latest behavioral science methodology



Are we all Athletes ?
Being an athlete is about having a growth-based mindset, and building a fit and healthy brain-mind-body union. Elite athletes represent the peak of human mental and physical performance in their sport/activity.

  Over the last several years, there has been an explosive growth of scientific research in mental skills development.

Learn about the latest scientific advancements in Mental Skills Training and how to use, easy-to-follow, evidence-based, intervention strategies and techniques to consistently
power boost performance.

All the resources, tools and templates you need to
 run a full range of TARGETED mental skills
 coaching programs to fit the Growth Needs of:
- athletes, teams of any size or,
- yourself


Who is this special course for:

Coaches, trainers, psychologists,
exercise / fitness specialists, youth sport directors, sports parents, sports teachers, e-sports/gamers and other professionals involved in team or individual sport. Also for:
- high-risk, physically and mentally demanding, non-sport occupations, such as: military, fire-fighters, police, emergency services, medical
- high-level, money-making professionals who require elite mental skills (stock traders, gamblers, entrepreneurs etc);
- performers (dancers, actors, musicians etc) and,
- sports parents

Athletes and others looking to self-coach their own mental skills development.

Career Opportunities -for qualified people to transition into coaching.

For the great majority of athletes and others alike, getting regular access to a sports psychologist is a difficult and expensive process. For younger athletes and those without the resources working with a sports mental skills development expert is viewed as an impossible dream.

Sports Mental Skills training is generally seen as something only successful athletes or the rich can afford. The end result is that many people source
outdated information or questionable, 'magical' solutions for mental skills development from Self-Help books or the internet.

The "professionalization" sport.

Physical conditioning and technique have performance ceilings, so it is natural before those limits are reached to leverage all that mental skills coaching can provide. Today, mental skills coaching stands as equal partners with physical conditioning and technical training as sportspeople strive to take advantage of every opportunity to achieve their goals. It follows, there is a huge, ever growing, global marketplace of school athletes, social athletes, professional athletes and other professional groups in great need of boosting their mental skills to provide that edge to enter the winner's circle. Another key factor in the popularization of mental skills coaching is that the skills learnt can also be successfully applied to other areas of a person's (professional or private) life.

The Bottom Line:
Mental Strength – Creating the mental capacity to transform potential into a process of being.

The need for all athletes to: identify how their mental strengths and weaknesses impact their performance and well-being; obtain new mental capabilities and, learn how to boost their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses.
As the sports world continues to quicken its pace, an athlete (no matter how naturally talented) will be left running on the spot if they're not continually developing their mental capacity to succeed.

The specialist field of Mental Skills Coaching is a user-friendly service delivery model that presents a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ career opportunity to establish a highly rewarding, part-time or full-time career in people development (with teams or in private practice -in-person or/and via telecoaching).

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Athletic Sports Coaching -See below V



 "BehaviorBOOST is a High Performance, CUSTOMIZED, Mental Skills Coaching program used to empower well-functioning individuals to consistently perform at new peak levels."



  Sports Mental Skills Coaching Profession
- Background

Very few sports trainers or trainers labelled as “coaches” today have had the benefit of mental skills training when they were athletes. Trainers/"coaches" will readily admit they have little or no understanding or special training how to implement a structured mental skills program.

Mental skills development has been predominately provided by Sports Psychologists / licensed general registered Psychologists trained in the traditional, academic field of psychology. Most psychologists still struggle with having a therapeutic model of learning and development understood and/or accepted by trainers and athletes. Athletes typically view a counselling process as too time consuming, costly and remedial focused and are hesitant to have their past analysed.

The overwhelming demand to harness today's game-changing, power-boosting, neuro-behavioral science.
The Dilemma

The importance and nature of mental skills varies markedly across different sports. A number of recent research studies have confirmed that many of today’s athletes are really struggling to develop specific mental skills to place them in the winners circle.

Most athletes are well aware of level one (foundation) mental skills (positive attitude, concentration, self-motivation, goal setting etc). Unfortunately, access to personalized training in Psychosomatic Skills (level 2) and Cognitive Skills (level 3) relative to the athletes mental profile and the sports played is not readily available.

Today, there is strong agreement amongst trainers and athletes that mental skills training can help boost performance.  However, trainers / “sports coaches” express frustration in not having the latest, academic, neuro-behavioral sports research studies translated into readily available, practical, exercises that can be easily practiced by their athletes.

The Solution
Specialist Mental Skills Coaches primarily source their knowledge and skill sets from today’s cutting-edge, neuroscientific technologies and the latest, evidence-based methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience.

Specialist Mental Skills Coaches:
- take a teaching, 'directive coaching' approach with their clients.
- focus on the now and future time space in achieving their client's Performance Needs Goals
- employ today’s advanced, science-based, mental skills techniques
- use accelerated learning (typically 2 or 3 brief sessions only) to empower people to self-coach themselves and practice their customized mental exercises.
- also refer people with psychological problems to a licensed psychologist.

The Bottom Line
The huge window of opportunity today for sports mental skills coaching is tailored made for certified coaches trained in the use of proven, cutting-edge, sports science methodology delivered via easy-to-use, short, daily, mental exercises.





with the latest Neuro-Behavioral approach

E-Learning: For - Sports Coaches (new and established)
- Self-coaching for Athlete
- Athletes transitioning to become a coach  

Helping all people realize their Potential -and be the best they can be.

Empowering people to move to their Next Level with no limits.. 

This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the methodology (neuro-behavioral coaching model and tools) that enhances performance, greater resilience, well-being and helps people create a desired, unlimited future.  


By gaining a place in this special course, you will:

 Understand the role of the brain in creating and maintaining behavioral habits and how to change it!.

Learn how to use proven, validated neuro change models to best-fit the particular situational needs of a person that will achieve sustainable, consistent, exceptional results.

Learn how to help a person maintain positive change that leads to greater performance and life satisfaction.

 → Acquire proven, cutting-edge psychological practices to develop the INDIVIDUAL ATHLETE and / or TEAMS.

 → Learn how to build a successful sports coach career and work with sporting organizations / establish a private practice (optional).

Neuro-Behavioral Coaching is a third wave psychological approach (looking forward and not backward) to achieving remarkable results in a short time frame.

Difference between high performance, neuro-behavioral coaching and mental or cognitive coaching.
It is important to note that neuro-behavioral coaching is a blanket term incorporating whole brain, mind, body approach. Whereas mental / cognitive coaching focuses on the mind only. It follows that neuro-behavioral coaching incorporates cognitive coaching.





Learn how to design scientifically proven, tailored, meta-cognition / mental exercises(to be practiced 15 minutes each day) that will empower your athletes to meet their Performance Goal Needs / produce sustainable exceptional results!!

What is High Performance Neuro-Behavioral Coaching?

Mainstream sports coaches are primarily trained to be goal and skill focused. Whereas the High Performance Behavioral Coaches use a brain-mind-body approach to address higher level developmental needs. From the athlete's point of view, it's simply about the kind of assistance they need eg; holistic, brain-mind-body approach or specific, sport skills coaching or both.

This advanced Course takes a holistic (Brain-Mind-Body) approach.

The need to understand the relationship between brain, mind and body.
The three aren’t just connected, but rather a single unit, integrated at the cellular level. This knowledge is crucial to a person's performance and well-being.

The Sports Behavioral Sciences have been significantly updated by powerful, life-changing contributions from brain-mind-body medicine, emerging neuroscientific technologies and the latest, evidence-based methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

High Performance Coaching falls under the umbrellas of behavioral science and performance enhancement. It provides unique insights into the brain-mind-body connection, brain plasticity, emotion, attention, peak performance and physical health.

Focus and emotional balance is the key to peak performance in all areas.
Sports coaches are well aware that Peak Performance occurs when a person is totally alert and focused while maintaining a relaxed physical body.

A person’s ability to focus and concentrate is hindered when stress and tension is carried in the body.
High Performance Behavioral Coaching increases resilience and an individual’s ability to deal with stress. It improves mental clarity, decision making capabilities and focus. Bottom-line results, competency and efficiency are enhanced. 

  Lasting, Measurable Results generated by proven High Performance Neuro Cognition Techniques....  

Learn how to design, easy-to-learn, scientifically-proven, tailored "Self-Management Exercises" for each athlete that will empower them to strengthen their mind and body and met their Psychological Needs to maximize their performance / results.

You can also teach the methodology to your local, national and international clients via video call. Telecoaching sessions also help your athletes fit the sessions into their lives with less disruption. This important, optional service delivery model is covered in detail in the course.

Off-the-shelf, brain / mind training programs focus just on cognitive training which cannot affect the brain-mind-body union. This approach only provides a modest boost to routine mental activities, cannot affect body changes and does not provide knowledge about yourself and how to self-coach yourself to higher levels of physical and mental performance and well-being.

Mental Skills programs must be tailored to the specific needs of athletes relative to the sport they are engaged in. Generic, computer-based cognitive-training software are simply low level brain games that provide little proven benefit. The promise is that if you adhere to a prescribed regimen of the one-size-fits-all cognitive exercises, you will fundamentally improve your mind and brain.

A recent study by Stanford University objects to the exaggerated and misleading claims about the benefits of brain games.

Note:  Our physiology can be re shaped not only by the environment, diet and physical fitness, but also by our thoughts and mental / emotional fitness.

This exciting, sport coach course also complements qualifications / experience in: Exercise Physiology / Physiotherapy / Exercise Science, Sports Health / Medicine, Nutrition or Injury Prevention and Safety.

The Course's cutting-edge, evidence-based, scientific approach is at the forefront of the Performance and Sports Coaching field.

There is a “new alliance” between neuro-behavioral sciences and sports coaching that has now taken place. We place our students at the forefront in the world sports coaching field by providing them with world-best-class, cutting-edge, proven neuro-behavioral performance interventions, tools and accredited, internationally recognized credentials.





Developing The Right State of Mind
We know that mental attitudes affect our emotional wellbeing. A number of recent global studies have confirmed that elite performers possess a positive state of mind focused on the now and what they can do.

As these studies make it quite clear, developing the right mindset is the key to a long, successful, happy period as an elite athlete.

Our unique Neuro-Behavioral Coaching course teaches our students how to use the latest evidence-based, proven scientific tools and techniques to help their clients reset their mindset empowering them to fulfil their potential, be on purpose and live a life with greater meaning.

Our unique course also teaches students how to increase their athlete's energy levels, resilience, mental clarity and ability to deal with stress and pain. As a by-product, decision making capabilities, focus, performance, competency are also enhanced.

Being effective comes down to self-awareness -the ability to understand yourself, the ability to understand how you react, the ability to understand why you make the decisions that you make.

People who can tune in to themselves have consistently shown to perform more effectively and contribute more to their wider world around them.


The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School of Psychology Coaching


The Behavioral Coaching Institute was foundered by Dr Perry Zeus 25 years ago for the purpose of providing world best-class, scientifically proven, performance enhancement programs. Dr Zeus (the Father of Behavioral Coaching and author of several best-selling coaching books) realized his private practice could no longer service such a rapidly expanding, global, diverse, client base. It follows that he established the Graduate School of Psychology Coaching to provide a global Credentialing Course to train highly qualified individuals to deliver world best-class, sports psychology coaching services in their region.

Today, the Institute has over 6,000 select graduates of distinction from over 65 countries who have been provided a success-proven, practice model to easily replicate and profit from.

  • The Institute’s Graduate School is internationally recognized as a dynamic and ever-evolving educational leader in offering select professionals a unique career opportunity that is driven by science, quality and reputation.

  • The School’s program teaches an accelerated, self-coaching process that empowers our graduate’s clients to achieve significant improvements in just a week or two.

After just several days of regular (at home -15 mins a day) practice of their custom designed, brain-mind-body change tool (Neuro meta-cognition X-ercise), athletes typically gain significant performance results and report decreased anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved decision making and mood, and a host of other benefits.

The worldwide market for sports mental skills coaching has been booming for the last several years and will continue to do so at an accelerating rate.

Are you ready to:

  • Become an accredited practitioner in the fast-growing field of sports psychology coaching?
  • Gain the necessary methodology, specialist brain-mind-body toolkit and skills to meet the explosive growth in demand for fast-tracked, scientifically proven solutions to significantly enhance individual athlete and team performance and well-being..


 "For over twenty five years the Behavioral Coaching
has established itself as the world's leading
 developer of advanced coaching technology
--Sport Psychology Summit


The Foundational Neuroscience of the Course's

Self-Transformational Model and Tools

You will acquire easy-to-use, practical, neuro-psychological tools that change and redirect the athlete's thinking patterns to meet their learning and performance goals.

Neuro-Behavioral Coaching Interventions are designed to build self awareness and new patterns of thinking and acting.

Neuro-behavioral coaching works with the individual’s mindset that determines their degree of success. A person's “mindset” consists of their emotions with attached beliefs and attitudes that affects what they do.
The course’s techniques and tools focus on accessing the subconscious mind that is the critical link to the brain-mind-body union and how we can affect neural changes.

The targeted behavioral intervention's objective is to have an athlete achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, mind change techniques for peak performance, rejuvenation, well-being, health and happiness.

The Self-Transformational Cognitive Neuroplasticity Models are experiential in nature and also integrate components of:

→- Behavioral change therapy
→- Mindfulness based cognitive restructuring
→- Emotional realignment therapy. EFT
→- Transpersonal discovery
→- The Psychology of Selves
→- Positive Memory Reconstitution

...and, the following key psychological principles and techniques : Self-actualization, Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Self Identity and Working in the Conscious, Unconscious and Super Consciousness Zone, Direct Visualization.

Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences).

One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists, which is a focus of our course, is understanding how deep perception (accessing the subconscious mind's theta brainwaves) through experiential, perceptual meta-self-awareness exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates sustainable, measurable change.

The cutting-edge, approach of the course is at the forefront of mainstream sports psychological cognitive therapies.

You will be taught easy-to-use, practical, TARGETED, self-empowering psychological techniques for your athletes to practice once a day for 15 mins that changes and redirect associated neural patterns. The experiential mental exercise/s also helps boost their endorphin levels that stimulate and balance the Immune system and promotes the repair of cells and tissues to build a healthier, stronger younger version of their brain and body.


Course Methodology

Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences).
  One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists, which is a focus of our course, is understanding how deep perception (accessing the subconscious mind's theta brainwaves) through experiential, perceptual meta-self-awareness exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates bottom-line, sustainable, measurable performance gain.

The cutting-edge, approach of the course is at the forefront of mainstream sports psychological cognitive therapies.
The Tools / Xperiential X-ercises:
The courses cutting edge, proven neuro coaching techniques, tools and neuro-behavioral change models of change are all evidence-based and can generate positive, lasting results that can be measured.

Powerful visualization techniques (mental imagery) are used to affect desired changes and learning.

Students learn (in easy to follow steps) deep level (subconscious) Metacognition Role-playing skills:
Proprietary Neuro Xperiential X-ercises ™ -for the Brain and Mind.
Utilizing Neuro Metacognition X-ercises ™
(Deep level / subconscious Metacognition Role-playing incorporating Direct Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Positive Memory Reconstitution and Mindfulness).

Harnessing the power of the athlete's Brain, Mind and Body union to effect sustainable changes in performance and well-being.
→ The process of developing deep, self-awareness and learning from one’s past, present, and future.
→ The ability to self-assess and self-change.

In short, you will learn how to use (in easy to follow steps) an advanced neuro-behavioral scientific toolkit that can help all people (no matter their performance level or position) transform their life by a building a bigger, brighter, better future for themselves.



Self-Study in the privacy and comfort of home



This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the latest scientific evidence and advanced toolkit how to change behavioral drivers that enhance performance, greater resilience, well-being and help people move to their next level and beyond.



"Your invaluable tools have provided my team levels of success that before they only dreamed of!
H. Jenson (Master Coach Graduate)











                                  SELF REALIZATION


                    MINDSET / Awareness INTEGRATION

                             EMOTIONAL EQUILIBRIUM

DAY 2 - 7 +     
                              BUILDING NEURAL PATHWAY





Students will have the opportunity to gain crucial lifelong learning and transferable generic skill and knowledge sets and be able to apply them to a range of employment opportunities and life situations to complement their disciplinary base.

All students will have an opportunity to complete authentic learning tasks via case study examination, practical exercises and support when required (during or post-course).

COURSE STRUCTURE (See below page)
You are required to complete four core units.

Professional Recognition
The accredited, Diploma course is recognized world-wide plus graduates automatically become members of the International Coaching Council (the world's leading professional coaching accreditation body).

Partial Scholarships
The Institute understands that some people may need a helping hand and are proud to offer regional scholarship programs that can help them pay for some of their course fee.

In the Graduate Diploma of
High Performance Sports Psychology Coaching, you will undertake core subjects in the areas of: professional and personal skills required to be a successful practitioner; understand the underlying science to the advanced intervention and performance change models, tools and techniques and, learn best-practice intervention planning and skills. This will you enhance your career advancement opportunities as a highly employable specialist coach across the international sporting landscape.

Which department am I in?
School of Sports Psychology Coaching

Study options
-Casual / part-time study (aprox’ 50-60 hours).
-As this is an invitational, Fast-track course for qualified professionals there is with no assessment and no set starting or completion time.

Full Diploma Course Rate
-This Semester Recession Special.
See below page link...
- Some regional, support Scholarships (maximum value of $us500) provided to individuals who can confirm their need for financial assistance.

How to Apply
See below page link...






→ Diploma in Sports Psychology Coaching Graduates are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip Sports Psych"


→ Sports Master Coach Graduates receive Certification and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "MCC Sports"

(Some Example Tools, Techniques and Knowledge content):

Module -1
→ Professional Sports Coaching
→ Becoming a Performance Change Agent
→ Some Core Identities and Competencies of the Behavioral focused Coach
→ Your Coaching Style -and Exercise
→ The Coaching Session
→ Dialogue, Questioning and Listening Skills
→ Establishing an environment of Trust
→ Dealing with Transference and Counter-transference


Module -2
Foundational Coaching and Intervention Planning PROCESS
→ Planning and Implementing Programs
  - the client / athlete, team and organizational context
  - the ability to formulate and investigate problems, create solutions, innovate and improve current practices
  - the ability to evaluate opinions, make decisions and to reflect critically on the justifications for decisions using an evidence-based approach
→ First Level Skills Coaching Model & Forms and Stages of Coaching
→ Coaching Structure/Program Map
→ Coaching CYCLE –Assessment
→ Goal Setting
→ Developing an Action Plan
→ Evaluation
→ Follow-up

Module -3
The Models and Tools underlying Science -Why it works!
- In-Depth, Up-to-Date, Knowledge of the Field of Study.

→ Motivation
→ Mind States
→Types of Mindsets
→ Neuroscience and Train the Brain
→ The High-Performance Mind
→ Self-Discovery
→ Neurogenesis
→ Behavioral Neuroscience
→ We are what we think
→ Emotions, Feelings
→ Body Awareness
→ Mind-Body relaxation and Mindset awareness
→ Whole System Mind-Body Approach
→ Neuropsychology and the Brain
→ Building the Neuropsychological Change Bridge
→ Managing Fear
→ Building towards SELF-Integration
→ The Study of Personality
→ Personality Development
→ Function of Behavior
→ The evolution of the Brain
→ The Brain's Limbic System
→ How to establish new cells in the Brain
→ High Performance Brain Training
→ How to train people to work in the zone of peak performance
→ How to replace negative, repressed Emotions
→ How to release entrapped Energy in the Body
→ Heart and Brain relationship
→ Managing Emotions and Feelings
→ The Team Coaching versus Individual Coaching
→ How to establish a Mental Fitness Program
→ Body and Brain connection
→ The Need to use the Observer-Self
→ Deliberative Thinking and Witnessing Awareness
→ Changing Brain through Meditation and Mindfulness
→ Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
→ How to use Neurofeedback Technology
→ Difficulty of Changing Beliefs
→ Cognitive Restructuring
→ How to Anchor States of Mind
→ Becoming a High Performance Sports 'Change Agent'.

Module -4
The Coaching Framework, MODELS, Neuro Xperiential X-ercises and Case Studies
→ The Brain-Mind-Body connection driving performance, well-being
→ Quantum Physics provides us a Key to Self-Change
→ Subjective Well-being
→ Mindset Compass
→ Enhancing our State of Being
How to become who you want to be
→ Harnessing the EGO
How to override Self-Limiting Beliefs
→ How to fulfil your Potential
How to be On Purpose with our lives
→ Self-Efficacy
→ Peak Performance Coaching -Building Resilience
→ Vagus Nerve -the key to Well-Being (Mind-Body connection)
→ Mediation and Mindfulness Gut-directed therapy
→ Transpersonal Discovery
→ Transcending the Ego
→ Controlling Self-Talk
→ How to exchange maladaptive Negative Emotions and attached Fear
→ How to use advanced Visualization techniques to build a desired future
→ How to enhance Intuition

    -the key intelligence factor for great success
How to help people overcome Stress, Anxiety
- the most destabilizing, negative force that affects everyone.
How to work with the Past Self & Present Self to build a better tomorrow
How to help people attain true self-realization
   - the secrets of being a successful, professional athlete

How to build Strong Neural Pathways
   - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills, Intelligence
affecting bottom-line performance
How to increase a range of mental / psychological skills
     - Case Studies and Exercises

Enhancing Well-being and Health
Mental Well-Being, Mental Health and Mental Illness
   - When to refer athletes to other helping professionals



  • proven sporting coaching practice strategies
    - reference materials (important case studies, articles, papers,
    study materials and resource listings

  • Specialties and how to find yours

  • Developing a Coaching Identity and Philosophy

  • Why you don't need university degrees in psychology, counselling or medicine. 

  • How to use foundation team seminars and workshops

  • How to respond to the most common situations

  • How to establish commitment, trust and intimacy with your athletes

  • Drafting and Proposing any Contract of Services

  • Preparing efficient and effective results based sessions

  • How to design, implement and measure successful programs

  • How to prepare, design and conduct a coaching session

  • Starting the Session

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • The structure of the 'client' conversation

  • How to develop your Practitioner Style

  • Producing Measurable Results and How to measure the results

  • How to establish, build and market a private practice

  • ...and LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Guide Notes, Case Studies, Example Interventions and Exercises..


Each of the comprehensive Course Modules contain
Exercises, Summaries and Case Studies plus Scores of Coaching Forms and Templates -and as a bonus (this month only), students also receive A Supplementary Professional Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library (over 300 pages) jammed packed with professional practice Tools, Assessments and Practice Templates and Forms
Value: $us1,295.00



Many recent studies confirm the “Secret Ingredient” to Athletic Performance..
Professional athletes at the highest levels of competition use the above brief daily mental exercises, including a major US league baseball team—one that recently won the World Series. There are PGA golfers using the techniques to cut strokes off their game, to calm their nerves and steady their hands and NFL players who use them to get back on the field after injury faster than the competition.

The fact is, a growing number of elite athletes worldwide are using them, with great results. So why aren’t they talking about it to everyone? The reasons are obvious. First of all, professional sports is so highly competitive that even a slight advantage can make all the difference to crossing the finishing line first. The course's powerful, 15 minute, personalized, daily mental exercises are worth millions of dollars to elite professional athletes, not to mention massive recognition and prestige. If you had that advantage, would share it with your competition?

Bottom line is that coaches sign confidentiality agreements with their athletes not to disclose the work they are engaged in together. However, there are numerous, research studies published in leading scientific journals (cited in our course) confirming the significant, sustainable results generated by the techniques presented in our unique program.




Register for your
Course Invitation today!


                     Study in the comfort in your home or office


  -and speak to a Faculty Member


    - Course Fees (Self-Study / Distance Learning) details.
         -Course Application Form
 -read more.







Technical Skills - similar to the "Motor Skill Competence" -are the particular execution skills required to be successful in a sport.

Physical Skills - this set of skills are the raw athletic skills that are needed to perform the technical skills eg; speed, agility, strength

Mental Skills are tools for the mind and are under the umbrella of Personal and Professional Development. They can also be viewed as internal capabilities that help a person control their minds efficiently and consistently as they execute performance-related goals. Mental skills coaching provides an advanced toolkit (the methods and techniques) to not only develop skills, but also to generate positive, goal-producing behaviors. Many of these mind skills have a foundation in the human brain-mind-body union that affect performance.

Mental Skills also incorporate:
a) Psychological Skills (often used to describe mental skills). Psychological skills training refers to consistent practice of mental skills.
b) Tactical Skills - like "decision-making ability" -these are the "in-game" abilities to choose the right thing to do in different scenarios.

A mental skill enables you to regulate thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions/results.

The nature of the relationship between a person’s state of mind and his or her performance depends on three prime factors:
1. strength of mind / mental skills and character / personality,
2. the specific task at hand, and
3. the wider task environment.

Just as physical skills are addressed on a daily basis, mental skills coaching needs to be integrated into the training schedule and practiced on a regular basis.

Research has confirmed that increased use of advanced, neuro-behavioral mental skill techniques is associated with enhanced performance. Survey based research has also indicated that increased use of advanced, next-generation, mental skills is associated with successful competitive performances in either higher or lower competitive levels (e.g., international vs. regional) of sport.


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