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Get a world best-class mental skills training programs and tools for all your athletes.











Train your mind for peak performance and unlock your true athletic potential with the latest behavioral science methodology





All the resources you need to run a full range of complete
 mental skills coaching programs..


Learn about the latest scientific advancements in Mental Skills Training and how to use, easy-to-follow, evidence-based, intervention strategies to consistently boost performance.



with the latest Neuro-Behavioral approach



Some Definitions:

Technical Skills - similar to the "Motor Skill Competence" -are the particular execution skills required to be successful in a sport.

Physical Skills - this set of skills are the raw athletic skills that are needed to perform the technical skills eg; speed, agility, strength

Mental Skills are tools for the mind and fall under the umbrella of Personal and Professional Development. They can also be viewed as internal capabilities that help a person control their minds efficiently and consistently as they execute performance-related goals. Mental skills coaching provides an advanced toolkit (the methods and techniques) to not only develop skills, but to also generate positive, goal-producing behaviors. Many of these 'mind skills' are in tune with the human brain-mind-body union that affect performance.

Mental Skills also incorporate:
a) Psychological Skills (often used to describe mental skills). Psychological skills training refers to consistent practice of mental skills.
b) Tactical Skills - like "decision-making ability" -these are the "in-game" abilities to choose the right thing to do in different scenarios.

A mental skill enables you to regulate thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions/results.

The nature of the relationship between a performer’s state of mind and his or her performance depends on three prime factors:
1. the strength of mind / mental skills and character / personality of the individual performer,
2. the specific task at hand, and
3. the wider task environment.

Just as physical skills are addressed on a daily basis, mental skills coaching needs to be integrated into the training schedule and practiced on a regular basis.

Research has confirmed that increased use of advanced, neuro-behavioral mental skill techniques / exercises are associated with enhanced performance. Survey based research has also indicated that increased use of advanced, next-generation, mental skills is associated with successful competitive performances in either higher or lower competitive levels of sport (e.g., international vs. regional).

  The need to learn, easy-to-use, personalized (according to User Need / Performance Goals), practical, self-empowering, neuropsychological exercises (to practice once a day for 15 mins) that change and redirect associated neural patterns to activate targeted innate brain-mind-body mechanisms.

Latest studies report, after just a few minutes of regular use, decreased impulsivity and anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved mood, and a host of other side benefits.

Applying neuroscience, neuropsychology and working with the brain-mind-body continuum legitimizes the work of mental skills development.




Who is a Mental Skills Coaching Course for:

Coaches (existing, new or aspiring), trainers, psychologists, exercise / fitness specialists, sports parents, youth sport directors, sports teachers, e-sports/gamers and other professionals involved in team or individual sport. Also for:
- high-risk, physically and mentally demanding, non-sport occupations, such as: military, fire-fighters, police, emergency services, medical;
- high-level, money-making professionals who require elite mental skills (stock traders, gamblers, entrepreneurs etc);
- performers (dancers, actors, musicians etc) and,
- sports parents..

Athletes and others looking to self-coach their own mental skills development.

Career Opportunities: For the great majority of athletes and others alike, getting regular access to a sports psychologist is a difficult and expensive process. For younger athletes and those without the resources working with a sports mental skills development expert is viewed as an impossible dream.

Sports Mental Skills training is generally seen as something only successful athletes or the rich can afford. The end result is that many people source
outdated information or questionable, 'magical' solutions for mental skills development from Self-Help books or the internet.

The "professionalization" sport.
Physical conditioning and technique have performance ceilings, so it is natural before those limits are reached to leverage all that mental skills coaching can provide. Today, mental skills coaching stands as equal partners with physical conditioning and technical training as people strive to take advantage of every opportunity to achieve their goals. It follows, there is a huge, ever growing, global marketplace of school athletes, social athletes, professional athletes and other professional groups in great need of boosting their mental skills to provide that edge to enter the winner's circle. Another key factor in the popularization of mental skills coaching is that the skills learnt can also be successfully applied to other areas of a person's (professional or private) life.

The specialist field of Mental Skills Coaching is a user-friendly service delivery model that presents a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ career opportunity to establish a highly rewarding, part-time or full-time career in people development (with teams or in private practice -in-person or/and via telecoaching).


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For over 25 years, the Behavioral Coaching Institute has been providing select students with world-best skills, knowledge and scientifically proven tools to position themselves at the top of the coaching field.

Neuroscience provide us a clear map to fast-tracked, sustainable individual and team development.

The exciting new field of Neuroscience provides an understanding of the underlying mechanisms of mental skills coaching and important insights how to fast-track development.

These important insights provide sports coaches a blue-print for scientific coaching processes that are incredibly easy to use and generate exceptional, sustainable results.

The Institute's course reviews critical findings and latest studies that provides students the neural differences between the modern approach to sports coaching and yesterday’s sports coaching model.

Neuro-Behavioral Coaching activates networks and regions of the brain that are associated with big-picture thinking, engagement, motivation, stress regulation, and parasympathetic modulation. Whereas the brain areas responsible for analytic thinking, used in the traditional coaching approach, exist in tension with the brain regions essential for emotionally connecting with self, others and being open to challenge and development.

SEE: High Performance Coaching Reports

The Behavioral Coaching Institute pioneered behavioral coaching and performance coaching over 30 years ago and today is still the world’s leading developer and supplier of cutting edge performance coaching methodology.

In line with today’s new challenges and opportunities, we provide unique, world-best-class, coach training courses with a high performance neuro-behavioral coaching focus for individual and team development.

The Sports Behavioral Sciences have been significantly updated by powerful, life-changing contributions from brain-mind-body medicine, emerging neuroscientific technologies and the latest, evidence-based methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

Peak performance coaching tools and techniques.
To create lasting, significant performance enhancement it is necessary to understand the positive and negative influence that an athlete's Mental Skills has on the execution of their Technical Sports / Physical Skills. Only when we fully understand a person's behavioral patterns and create positive self-managing coaching strategies can we assist a person to create lasting, power-boosting, performance change.

High Performance Neuro-Behavioral Coaching should not be confused with other types of coaching or sports psychology which uses a counselling approach.
High Performance Neuro-Behavioral Coaching is a form of Directive Coaching. Broadly speaking, coaching methodologies are either directive or non-directive in approach. Directive Coaching involves: telling, instructing, offering guidance, giving feedback, making suggestions etc. Non-Directive Coaching involves helping someone to solve their own problems and given them the responsibility for taking action.

Performance Coaching methods have changed little in 10 years, perhaps even 20 years.
The traditional, passive sports "coach" doesn't have time nor the techniques to help an athlete understand why they may be using an unhelpful mental framework or 'underperforming behavior'.

When sports coaches / trainers access knowledge from outdated, traditional coach-education manuals, the results are greater myths and confusion rather than improved clarity of knowledge.
Coaches need to understand the value in staying ahead of the rapidly evolving process of sports performance coaching.

Team and individual performance results will remain disordered and inconsistent unless a standardized, modern coaching approach and the same scientific, coaching methodologies are adopted by all trainers / coaches with their athletes. It is imperative that up-to-date, coaching best-practices and evidence-based principles are introduced to the coach's knowledge base. A failure to keep abreast of an ever expanding knowledge base of today's high performance neuro-behavioral coaching best-practices will stymie progress in personal achievements and performance outcomes.

Specialist Mental Skills Coaches primarily source their knowledge and skill sets from today’s cutting-edge, neuroscientific technologies and the latest, evidence-based methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience.

Specialist Mental Skills Coaches:
- take a teaching, 'directive coaching' approach with their coaches
- focus on the now and future time space in achieving their athlete's Performance Needs Coals
- employ today’s advanced, science-based, mental skills techniques
- use accelerated learning (typically 2 or 3 brief sessions only) to empower athletes to self-coach themselves and practice their customized mental exercises.
- also refer any athletes with psychological problems to a licensed psychologist.

The Bottom Line
Today’s, huge window of opportunity for sports mental skills coaching is tailored made for certified coaches trained in the use of proven, cutting-edge, sports science methodology delivered via easy-to-use, short, daily, mental exercises.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's invitational, fast-tracked, Certified Master Coach Courses (Self-Study, Campus or Distance Learning format) meets the critical needs for sports coaches to be trained and mentored in the use of validated, reliable performance focused, psychology-based tools and techniques.

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Note: Our Global Faculty Team spans all continents and has supplied our specialist Master Coach and Diploma Courses to both individual practitioners and many of the world’s leading sports teams in over 60 countries.

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