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What is Neuro Behavioral Coaching?
Next Generation Executive Coaching and the
 New World Workplace Coaching environment


“Empowering all people to raise their capacity to succeed”



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  Extracts from Course Modules:
Today's Next Generation Executive Coaching : What is Neuro-Behavioral Coaching?"

70% of change initiatives fail.. because they ignore human psychology.
-McKinsey & Co Report 2
-‘The Science of Success -Neuropsychology’


Next-Generation Executive Coaching Models and Tools

Advancements in Leadership / Executive Coaching Methodology

What is Neuro-Behavioral Coaching?

Today’s modern, scientific coaching toolkit bears little resemblance to the outdated coaching tools of yesterday still in popular, widespread use.

Yesterday’s "executive coaching profession" had little, peer-reviewed, documented success and included many self-labeled ”coaches” who had no formal coach training or undertook low-standard, cookie-cutter, coaching courses propagated over the internet to a mass-market.

Today’s knowledgeable client-users of corporate / executive coaching demand demonstrated research findings to ensure intervention protocols are aligned with best practices.
Before any coaching contract of services can be offered, workplace coaches need to first assure potential clients that their toolkit and knowledge sets are not outdated and unproven. Unfortunately most workplace coaching methodology and techniques, still in use, is unsupported by research evidence.

Professional coaches need to assure a sponsoring client that their toolkit (intervention models of change) are supported by qualitative methods, data gathering and analysis, exact measurement and has produced clear statistical evidence of success. See also: Mental Skills Coaching for Sports and other professions >

Use of obsolete or improper Workplace Coaching Tools

Many of today’s generic coaches provide potentially harmful and dated analytical techniques. These coaches are simply not qualified to practice in the domain of personal / professional change and learning and certainly unqualified to deal with anything related to behavior (what we do or say). The old, simplistic coaching models (designed in the 1950’s) still used by the majority of workplace coaches today were originally designed for simple goal or skill related learning efforts in sport.

The executive coaching discipline has even been hijacked by NLP or neurolinguistic practitioners. NLP is widely regarded as a pseudoscience and not a true science. It is not accepted in any serious scientific circles and no college teaches NLP. Very few psychologists even know it and it also lacks credibility in the corporate arena.

Many coaching practitioners falsely claim in their marketing efforts to use behavior changing coaching tools. On close scrutiny of their coaching models they are merely using an outdated workplace skills focused training model. Behavior is not analyzed or measured and results are only quantified in terms of skill acquisition that, as confirmed by various studies, in the greater majority of cases, proves to be unsustainable.

Some “coaches” even claim to practice Neurocoaching or Behavior focused coaching simply because they undertook a mass-market / open to all, coach training course under a false promotional banner labeled “scientific coaching”. Next generation coaching goes beyond false promises about change and employs research-based and scientifically validated, neuro-behavioral change models (using a holistic, Brain-Mind-Body Approach).


To successfully compete in today’s sophisticated coaching marketplace coaches need to take advantage of the advances in learning and change technologies and make the shift to best-class or world-class coaching standards. Today, scientific research and breakthrough methodology is leading the design and delivery of workplace coaching that enriches learning and accelerates the mastery of critical behavioral change driving performance.

Next generation learning and change is not just about the acquisition of the latest methodology. It’s about...deep, profound, powerful self-awareness and self-change experiences....whole-person development with consistent, lasting, measurable success.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
True leaders are consistently engaged in a path of self-discovery and as all great leaders would admit, the path is never linear nor predictable. Hence the need for tomorrow’s leaders to receive objective feedback and guidance to continue their personal growth trajectory. The objective voice of a behavioral focused coach offers great value not only for current leaders—but for those aspiring to be leaders.

Workplace / Executive Coaching
Successful senior executives and team leaders, coached by today’s next generation coaches (internal and external), are empowered how to best shape their next generation workers. Workers in this pipeline are prepared in various ways to excel via coaching. In a sense, a team leader’s legacy is developing a pipeline with high-potential workers who graduate to more senior positions.

In today’s New World, the market value of organizations depends more on intangible assets especially human capital than on tangible assets. Employing and keeping the best employees in the organization is a part of this deal.

Organizations must learn how to:
- raise the level of organizational learning and growth,
- increase the level of employees’ psychological balance, mental health / well-being and,
- improve mental skills, positional skills and abilities through providing a growth and resilience program where knowledge is created, the latest neuro-behavioral performance and change tools are shared and applied and self-coaching becomes a habit.

Next Generation Coaching plays a vital role in helping an organization’s people increase their overall productivity, well-being and happiness. In turn, productive, healthy and happy employees work harder and care more about the success of the organization.

Companies realize that if they want to get ahead of the competition in today’s challenging trading conditions and best prepare their people to excel, they need more than just yesterday's outdated executive coaching or training approach using an obsolete development toolkit.

Next Generation Coaching ignites people’s well-being levels, creativity, intuition, IQ, EQ, smart decision making and output levels that transforms management and the workforce to drive consistent, high productive results and a happier, healthier environment.

Outdated Executive Coaching Tools and Models is the past -but it can be a stepping stone for companies towards taking the next strategic step and not being left behind.

Aligning Neuro-Behavioral Coaching with business objectives presents unique sustainable, long-term benefits, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty and increased competition. Organizations that have embraced Next Generation Coaching are able to best plan for future leadership and talent needs, integrate workforce and talent initiatives, and leverage innovative technology solutions.

Today’s next generation coaching integrates research from many proven human development fields (such as: Neuroscience eg; brain-mind-body approach, and the Behavioral Sciences eg; Psychology and Neuropsychology) into a validated, easy-to-learn, user-friendly, model of practice.

Workplace Next Generation Coaching incorporates knowledge from various psychological fields (behavioral, clinical, social, developmental, industrial and organizational), systems theories, existential philosophy, education and the management and leadership literature.

The Behavioral Science that provides the foundation to Next-Generation Coaching
A genuine behavioral change intervention employs Cognitive Neuroplasticity Models of Change that are experiential in nature and also integrate components of:

→- Behavioral change therapy
→- Emotional realignment therapy
→- Neural shaping
→- Mindfulness based cognitive restructuring
→- Gestalt therapy
→- Transpersonal discovery
→- The Psychology of Selves
→- Positive Memory Reconstitution
→- And the following key psychological principles and techniques : Self-actualization, Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Self Identity and Working in the Conscious, Unconscious and Super Consciousness Zone, Direct Visualization.

The targeted behavioral intervention's objective is to have the client achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, brain-mind (behavioral driver exchange) techniques for peak performance, rejuvenation, well-being, health and happiness.


One of the reasons why Neuro-Behavioral coaching has been quickly adopted as the premium coaching model is that it allows for data to be gathered on specific, targeted behavioral drivers impacting the application of a professional skill or behavioral aspect to be worked on. By using appropriate validated, change instruments, these targeted behavioral drivers can easily be measured, evaluated and exchanged in an accelerated change process (see above diagram)..

Next Generation Coaching, with its emphasis on research and evidence, provides professional people developers and sponsor organizations a validated and proven human capacity growth system that greatly increases the chances of effecting lasting, positive change.

Exchanging behavior drivers cannot be achieved by using the many simplistic, outdated models of coaching still widely promoted in the coaching industry / literature. Many so-called "certified coaches" churned out by the scores of online coach training providers are simply doing more harm than good. Meantime, many large, high-profile coach training schools are still teaching ‘old-school’, outdated, simplistic models of coaching dressed-up as modern coaching. In reality these low-level courses are just ‘regurgitating’ re-labeled, old performance training and counseling strategies or, in some cases, scientifically unproven fuzzy techniques.

More than ever, coaches require the latest available, scientifically proven learning and change tools to help all people best manage the daily challenges they face in an evolving, ever-demanding 'new world'.

The challenge of modern coaching tools lies in firstly clearly identifying the learning and change needs of the client and then using the best available, proven and reliable next gen tools to meet those needs.

Today, there is a “new alliance” between the behavioral sciences, neuroscience and psychotherapy. The result is Next Gen Coaching sweeping across the global organizational / business landscape.

Be part of the future
Today’s next generation coaches surpass yesterday’s first-generation coaches knowledge, skills and practice standards.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s courses are acknowledged as the global leaders in Next Generation Coaching.

The Bottom Line
Professional people developers need to quickly upgrade their Coaching Toolkit and learn how to adopt neuro-behavioral skills and tools focused on driving bottom-line / business outcomes and balancing the behavioral needs of all people, or be left behind.

Today’s Brain-Mind-Body approach to human capital L & D programs
The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has been conducting workplace development and change coach training courses with leading organizations across the world for over 25 years. While the Institute's cutting-edge, courses focus on how to enhance behavioral (what we do and say) levels at an organizational level, they also take a holistic, brain-mind-body approach and contribute to the broadening of people’s quality of life, health (mental and physical) and overall well-being / happiness.


Neuro-Behavioral focused coaching Change Models and Tools
By using the latest human performance psychology from the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology the Institute’s students learn how to assist all people, in all positions to refine their mindset, emotional control, neuro-behavioral patterns and way of thinking.

The Institute's constantly updated, cutting-edge courses present students new, exciting possibilities for improving and enhancing human performance and well-being. Students learn how to develop interventions employing the latest Cognitive Behavioral Enhancement Strategies and evidence-based, Neuro-Behavioral Change Models and Tools enhancing optimal performance and cognitive skills required to triumph in the good and not-so good times.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute (established 1994 -world's first professional coach training School)
The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s (BCI's) internationally, recognized Coach training courses meets the critical needs for people development practitioners to be trained (via fast-tracked, Self-Study/E-Learning course format) in the use of a range of validated, reliable, neuro-behavioral change models, tools and techniques with a user-friendly, coaching delivery model.

“25 years ago, we saw a gap in people development workforce coaching and training programs and realized that a holistic brain-mind-body approach based on the latest behavioral sciences research was needed to best meet both the individual and organizational needs,” Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Founder) says.

“We cannot fully control the onset of pandemics and economic downturns, but we can protect our workers by giving them access to the development and support they need to be their best no matter what challenges are ahead of them.”

The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s range of specialist courses include; easy-to-follow, accelerated, step-by-step, intervention protocols and an extensive, proprietary Neuro-Behavioral Development ToolKit. Measured, sustainable positive results are generated by clients of our graduates typically within just two to three, short coaching sessions.

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