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  Certified Master Coach Course - Some Introductory Notes - EXECUTIVE Coaching Stress and Recession: 
 Stressed-out Executives / Managers are making poor decisions in difficult times.
   -The Recession and need for executive coach training in the use of psychological methodologies to better deal with stress in the workplace and improve leadership performance

 (includes extracts from text book 'Behavioral Coaching' by Zeus and Skiffington  -published and copyrighted by McGraw-Hill, New York)
Executive Coaching, the Recession and Workplace Executive / Leadership Stress -

With a difficult world economy many businesses are now experiencing low leadership performance

Many businesses are now under threat from the poor psychological state of their stressed managers during the global recession. It's simple human nature that stressed executives are more inclined to make wrong decisions that can end-up ultimately damaging their business productivity and progress. 

When people are stressed the mechanisms in the brain that provide insight and a broader perspective simply shut down. This can lead to executives making decisions that are driven by their short term survival but are not in the company's strategic direction. 

During a recession, in times of stress, managers and leaders need behavioral-focused, executive coaching, to learn how to control their stress levels and trust their intuition to make meaningful decisions based on what is important for their business in the long term.

Stress restructures the brain as confirmed recently in the Journal of Neuroscience (March, 2020).

Stress harms the brain and body in profound ways. On the cellular level, stress causes physical changes in synapses.

Stress alters brain function by modifying the structure and function of neurons. In this study, the researchers showed that a single exposure to an acute stress triggered a retraction of fine brain processes affecting, thinking, decision-making etc.

Moods and emotions affect our selection and the quality of our actions.
Emotions are a part of our everyday existence as they move through the body, affecting our state-of-mind, performance, health and energy. Some recent research even suggests that all decisions are emotionally based, and that logic is used to provide a rational explanation for whatever decision is taken.

Workplace Stress Executive / Leadership - Coaching
Emotional management skills are necessary to reach an optimum productive state. 

Current research shows that by acquiring emotional management skills and techniques managers and leaders can more readily create positive and productive results in every aspect of their lives. In a workplace dominated by the emphasis on rational and logical thinking, the role of stress/emotions in decision-making and effective action has been often neglected.

Senior managers judgment re: promotion and hiring  -can even become skewed, with directors more likely to promote and employ the wrong kind of managers. In a contracting business environment (read: stressful times), directors tend to choose managers whose strength is coordinating activities and resources to ensure company targets are reached. However, studies clearly show that employees (who are also victims of stress during recessionary times) respond best in these uncertain times to leaders who can adopt an inspiring vision to temper staff anxiety and are also able to create productive emotional spaces to maximize work relationships.
It is well known the demonstrated effect that layoff has on workers. But, present research clearly demonstrates, layoff survivors are themselves not immune to the negative effects of downsizing and experience declines in work performance and quality of life. Research shows that the symptoms of layoff survivor's syndrome are highly correlated with workers' perceptions of downsizing. Declining job satisfaction and job commitment caused by layoffs ultimately result in productivity declines. This is an unintended consequence of restructuring.
Workplace Stress - Executive Coaching
- Behavior based coaching can uniquely affect positive behavioral change impacting business results.
Only behavior based coaching can have a positive effect on valued behaviors e.g; leadership behaviors which positively influence outcomes such as employee commitment, engagement and organisational climate, which directly affect performance and productivity levels associated with superior business performance.

Leaders need to better understand their feelings and emotional well-being to achieve positive interaction in teams and work groups.
People developers who have been professionally trained and certified to use behavior based coaching models, tools and techniques are uniquely able to help Managers and Leaders: to maintain emotional composure on the job and maximize work relationships, gain self-awareness and what triggers reactions, how to identify and analyze Behavior Patterns associated with stressful events and how to best manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with stressful situations etc..

History has taught companies to 'survive and thrive' during tough market conditions it is essential for them to develop high-performing leaders across the entire organization.
Leading think tanks now estimate that, during tough economic conditions, companies that best manage their human capital assets well will outperform those who that don't by between 30 and 50 per cent. Some of today's successful companies who don't perform well in the human capital development scoreboard will be eventually brought to their knees. Poor development choices eventually convert to poor strategic and bottom-line decision making, loss of revenue and market share, competitive disadvantage, higher production costs, brand risk etc.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's  Master Certified Coach and Diploma Courses -elite training in the use of evidence-based psychological methodologies:
The Institute's fast-tracked, Master Coach Course (Self-Study, Distance Learning Format) meets the critical needs for internal and external people developers to be trained in the use of validated, reliable psychology-based tools and techniques to enhance leadership effectiveness and business results. 
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