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LICENSING use of the


Institute's internationally

recognized ICC Accredited

Coach Certification Courses

plus ICC membership









  Question: What does Sony,  GE,  McKinsey & Co,  Citibank, Howard Hughes Medical Institute,  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,  BP Shell Global,  Toyota,  US Department of Defence,  Saudia Aramco, World Vision,  University Hospital Birmingham, University of Washington Foster School of Business, Petroleo Brasileiro,  Woolworths,  IBM,  Ras Gas Qatar,  Rio Tinto,  Microsoft,  Modern Gulf Institute (Oman) have in common?

They are just a few of the many companies and institutions around the world that have enrolled their people in the Institute's coach training courses!


"The world's premium, elite coach training brand that has been trusted for over 25 years to deliver outstanding quality, value and performance."





* Some Licenses still available! 
Strictly limited to people and organizations
who can uphold the Institute's
 premium, coach training brand.


The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches was the world’s first professional coach training school (established 1994).

Our large corporate clients have aligned with us for over 25 years because we only provide the best available, scientifically proven coaching toolkit and knowledge sets.

In response to a rapidly expanding, diverse, global marketplace the Institute has established a highly successful Regional Licensing Program.

To continue the successful migration of our highly successful Coach Certification Courses around the world our preference is to establish an ongoing, strong relationship with highly qualified and well-positioned Regional Licensing Partners.

Our premium brand and unique, Behavioral Coach Training Courses share four primary characteristics:
1) they offer proprietary knowledge and tools you can't get anywhere else;
2) the course's toolkit and methodology produce unsurpassed results;
3) they represent world-best standard and are used by high profile successful companies, learning institutions, government agencies and
4) they provide a means for our clients to elevate themselves ahead of their marketplace.

We are presently prioritizing our next phase of global expansion. Some licenses are available in regions, such as: North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.




"The most prestigious distinction in professional coaching today."
ICC Accredited Coach CERTIFICATION RECOGNIZED GLOBALLY for over 25 years"
-HR Review



To arrange a telephone interview:

- Just complete the below online form
and we will arrange an interview call for you to make sure this is a good fit for you and us. 

Please note, naturally we are selective about who represents our brand/name in the global marketplace.

This is an exciting, highly rewarding opportunity in today's exciting, fast-growing coach training business! But, there are a limited number of designated licensing territories in the world yet to be assigned! If you think a license would be a good fit to your business -don't hesitate to contact us and book an interview.











  >>  Licensing Steps:

Step 1. Submitting below Form. 

Step 2. Telephone Interview.
Step 3. Submission of License Application
to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant.



1. - Nominate the Institute's Coach Certification Course/s you are interested in licensing:

2. - Have you completed the above Course to confirm it meets your needs and you wish to market/sell it?  

 - Your Graduation Year:

 - Name of Graduate listed on Certificate:

- No, I haven't completed the course yet!
Please enrol me the following course/s (@ special trade rate 25% off) so I can confirm it fits our needs


3.    -  I/we currently do not provide any professional or personal development courses.
       -  I am/we are an existing Educational/Training Provider.
4. - Select type of License Category from below:
   A)    In-House Training of Staff Only
- Yes! I wish to apply for a In-House License to supply the course to selected staff members.

- Upon students completing the course the Licensee will forward the student's name to BCI so we can remit the graduate's Certification (Diploma & MCC) and confirm International Coaching Council membership (listed on ICC site).
     (B)   Strategic Territorial Partner
- Yes!  If I have a successful interview, I wish to apply for a License of the above selected Course which exclusively provides my business (within a designated territory) rights to provide the course (in Campus or Self-Study Format) to our client's. Upon receipt of the participant's name BCI will forward Certificates plus provide ICC membership.


   (C)   Exclusive Master License
- Yes!  If I have a successful interview, I wish to apply for a an Exclusive Master License Holder for one Country that has the option to sell and assign regions within my territory to individual License Holders or not. I understand that only after a qualifying period as an existing License Holder (Strategic Territorial Partner) can I apply for an Exclusive Master License.



Define your preferred Territory/Region (Small Country or
City or State or Geographic region of larger Country etc):


  - License Fees:
 - vary according to size of requested territory, course/s requested to license and license period (number of years -renewable).
 - are discussed and established during Telephone Call/Interview.


Full Name:


Business Name:




State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :

Your Position :


Your Professional / Educational Background /
'People Development Experience': 



Your Business Annual Revenue
is approx' :  


<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25-50 million $50> million

Number of employees :                 Years in Business:  

 Brief description of your business
-for example: history, organizational structure, type of services/products
 provided, geography covered, marketing expertise and any other appropriate
 profile information etc .



What are your business goals in providing coach training courses?


Any further Information etc?:



Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to support your application:


Yes, I understand all international licensing payments
 are required
by Bankwire!