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Coaching BluePrints  
-for building successful, best-practice coaching programs..
"The purpose of coaching is to produce measurable behavioral change and growth in the coachee for the economic benefit of the client"
 - Harvard Business Journal
 - Let's face it.  It's a challenging task to Design, Build and Manage a successful executive or business coaching program that can generate sustainable, measurable outcomes. 

There can be no place for guesswork or room for failure when you are working with your people's and organization's future. It's therefore comforting to have the advance knowledge of what will work best for you and the support of someone who has worked with others who have experienced the same issues as yours.

By utilizing industry-proven Coaching Blueprints our graduates are able to employ the same best practices and program models as used by many of the world's leading specialist coaching practitioners and Fortune 100 companies that are leaders in their field in the application of coaching.

Workplace coaching is a profession and the building and management of coaching programs is a discipline.

No responsible company management will entrust a sizable investment with an individual unless they are certain the person has the relevant expertise, resources and support. Coaching Program Management is a: unique set of processes involving specific activities and phases and, requiring specialist program leadership skill sets.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's corporate clients and individual course graduates are equally able to tap into our extensive library of knowledge and experience as one of the world's leading creators, educators and practitioners of organizational coaching. Whether you have an established coaching program or are establishing one, the custom program solution can help provide you with the latest valid, industry-proven coaching knowledge and practices and support.

The Institute's founders (Dr Suzanne Skiffington and Dr Perry Zeus) are respected authorities on organizational behavior and development. For over two decades, they have been at the forefront of integrating behavioral science with principles of executive leadership development. 

Today, they are acknowledged world leaders in the development of workplace behavioral and learning coaching models. Their introductory-level coaching text books (published by McGraw-Hill Education in multiple languages) are used by hundreds of universities and learning institutions and hundreds of thousands of practitioners around the world.

No other coaching educator has the depth of international experience and broad industry recognition as the Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches. Our unique global Coaching Blueprints are the only proprietary system that are industry accepted and have a proven international track record of success.


Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI):
For more than a decade, the Institute has helped organizations address their most important executive leadership development challenges with customized, research-based, practical learning solutions. Whatever the business sector you are in, BCI can help guide you to best find your right professional coaching roadmap.

Through our many years of working with organizational clients and thousands of graduates around the world, we are able to provide the requisite coaching technology and support organizations and practitioners require to be successful in their specific region, cultural domain and marketplace.

The Institute's expert Faculty members have personally facilitated our unique modularized coach training programs for hundreds of major corporations and government agencies around the world. They have worked with CEOs, HR, L & D leaders, Senior Management and their management teams in such companies as;
Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Lloyds Bank, Ernst and Young, Vodafone, Saatchi and Saatchi (New York), Sony Corporation, Pfizer, Maritime Life Assurance Co, Mt Sinai Hospital, The Bank of New York and Walt Disney World etc
. Our clients have also included executives in not-for-profits (such as the Red Cross, government agencies e.g; the Education Department, the Defence Dept. and the Singaporean Government Civil Service College).

Note: The Institute's Masters-Level course (delivered via E-Learning or on-site) takes a tailored approach to meet the ever-challenging and complex needs of our global clients.


For Internal & External Practitioners engaged in Professional and Personal Development
    - Whether you are just beginning your program design or wish to take your existing program to the next level..

 The Ten-Step Coaching Blueprint:

Step 1. Education: How to establish the information platform from which to launch a coaching program.
Step 2. Data Collection: Coaching Needs Analysis and establishing the program's objectives. Includes how to assess behavior and performance 'pre', 'during' and 'post' development.
Step 3. Planning: How to target
 relevant specific, observable, measurable behaviors. Goal setting. Action Planning.
Steps 4 to 7. Behavioral Change: How to select and use the appropriate behavioral change model, techniques, self-monitoring strategy etc
Step 8. Measurement: How to select the appropriate behavioral analysis, measurement techniques, data collection and analysis tools etc..
Step 9. Evaluation: How to establish a suitable framework for evaluation ( ROI, ROE), how to evaluate intangibles (soft skills)
and, how to create a report card, report to the client etc
Step 10. Maintenance: How to establish a support program

How to use the Coaching Blueprints:

     - How to employ the Five Forms of Coaching (coaching education, skills      coaching, rehearsal coaching, performance coaching and self-coaching          Blueprint) with the 10 Step Blueprint to build successful coaching initiatives.
    - How to build both small and large-scale Organizational Coaching Programs using the 10 Step Blueprint
     - How to use the 10 Step Blueprint for establishing a Coaching Culture in Organizations.
Blueprints -for Executive Development:
Our fast-tracked, 4 Day Certified Master Coach course (for busy professionals) trains qualified individuals how to use the above proven 10 Step-by-Step coaching solutions -for:
a) executives being groomed to become leaders,
b) existing executives/leaders who want to move to their 'next-development-level' and,
c) executives/leaders who are in immediate need of critical self-management techniques or other personal skills sets




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