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Learn the science and acquire the technology to create enhanced performance and external and inner well-being


Powerful, proven methods for self-transformation.

Neuro-Behavioral Coaching is a human engineering technology for performance and well-being derived from the latest behavioral sciences. It is offered as a comprehensive course for professional and personal growth that brings about a seismic shift in the way people perceive and experience their work, life, and the environment they live in.

The Certification Program’s objective is to show you how to empower people to move to their highest potential through powerful, fast-acting, self-transformational processes.

The Institute's Certified Neuro-Behavioral Coaching Courses offer a unique opportunity to qualified people developers to further their career as an agent for change, self-exploration and transformation, leading to a life of fulfilment and joy.

Helping people to be more than what they are now!

Learn how to empower people to:
- manage their brain, mind and body to engineer a working and home life where they are the best they can be.
- handle the pressure of work, eliminate stress and excel
- be happy at work and play
- bring back joy into their life in what they do..

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For over 25 years Retooling Professional People Developers to achieve great things.




 "When a potential corporate client sees that you have been certified  by the Institute's Graduate School, the odds are much greater that you will be awarded the job."
–R. Johnson, Senior Executive Coach, Executive Solutions 




 "Today, to obtain the necessary certification, behavioral-based coaching tools and skills, fortunately one doesn't need to enrol in multiple degree courses in organizational, clinical and developmental psychology, human resources and leadership development...The Graduate School of Master Coaches certification course is recognized throughout the international coaching community as the best certified program available to gain access to the latest behavioral change technologies."
HR News, 2019



" Dr. Skiffington and Dr. Zeus were early pioneers in today's modern workplace coaching field. After establishing one of the world's most successful coaching practices, then writing the ultimate reference coaching books on behavioral change coaching their international Coach Training School has now certified tens of thousands of coaches from over 60 countries."
  - News of the World





. Obtain the right certification! In these changed times many
    qualified professional people developers are enjoying even
    greater success!

Certification Issues: Challenging economic environments have always proven to be an excellent opportunity for visionary people who are able to differentiate themselves by creating a stand-out personal and professional identity. These individuals become recognized by others as industrious, thriving and distinguished professionals constantly improving themselves as well as their clients. They understand that their own self-development is a pre-requisite for first helping others to develop themselves and be successful. By "walking their own talk" they have become their own best marketing tool.  

These stand-out individuals have identified and leveraged their skills, insights and experiences and have realized what makes them unique and valuable as a specialist people developers in a changing marketplace. By first investing in themselves via our institute's Master Coach Course they are able to obtain: a) internationally recognized credentials as a professional people developer , b)advanced coaching and behavioral change knowledge and skills to package themselves into their own successful personal brand and, c) the requisite follow-on support to keep them at the top of their field.

The state of play in coach certification -'the greater professionalization of coaching'.
The profession of coaching is undergoing significant changes spurred by the demands of an increasingly discerning, growing client base. Client organizations are seeking certified coaches who are truly able to add value and coaches now need to differentiate themselves in a larger, fragmented market place through the quality of their specialist coach certification, business expertise and their ability to operate at a deeper level with individuals.,

    "The demand for certified coaches is nearly doubling each year.. National and global companies are looking
     for highly trained people developers with behavioral change certification who understand the importance of
     the bottom-line.."
-Financial Times

  "Coaching Certification Credentials Vary:
       - Due Diligence is a Must"

Certification Warning: Passionate amateurs, empowered by technology driven training, first joined together and formed 'Pro-Ams' coaching associations/groups. Today, these groups are driven bottom-up by the great number of amateurs certified as "coaches". Pro-Ams typically challenge the trend for the professionalization of coaching by trying to blur the distinctions between amateurs and professionals and 'bottom-downing' Membership training standards/Standards of professional practice and any ongoing Professional development of members. Some professionals find this pattern so unsettling that they seek to infiltrate and try to change the coaching associations’/groups’ culture and standards. Unfortunately, through weight of numbers their voice are lost. Most professional coaches today simply do not require membership of any so-called, mislabelled "professional association" and actually seek to distance themselves from that end of the marketplace.

Coaching by certified professionals: A recent study concluded that the majority of professional people who provide coaching services and have attained national or international reputations in their field as well as gaining significant financial rewards from coaching are not members of any "coaching association".

So how does one obtain internationally-recognized certification and guarantee their special place in this prolific market? As mentioned earlier, most of the "coaches" in the field come from extremely varied backgrounds. Many have very little experience or formal training (if any), are "life or personal coaches" and typically undertake some type of generic, mass-market course. In the business coaching field many consultants and other professionals are simply renaming themselves as organizational/executive coaches without any formal coach training. With this assembly-online production of "coaches" and professional re-branding, how can a prospective, ethical coach be sure of selecting the right course for them or an employer or private client be sure that they are hiring someone who really knows what they are doing?

Currently, there are over twenty different major coaching bodies in the world each with their own political or private business agenda. For example, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) was founded in the mid 1990's by Coach U (a US based, online course provider) for the purpose of certifying their life coaching courses. Today, anyone interested in hiring a coach must be cautious. Note, that certification as a "personal coach" (especially via a cookie-cutter, open program type course) does not qualify someone to be the best selection as a professional coach." While such "coaches" may initially get their foot in the door of a needy client, their ineptness, poor training and poor grasp of leading-edge coaching technology is quickly found out.

       International Coaching Federation Report:
"Our research has identified two important internal weaknesses: a) Individuals
      with no intention of becoming properly trained are joining the ICF and calling
      themselves ICF coaches, thus adversely affecting the integrity of both our
      profession and our professional association. b) Many ICF coaches are
      themselves confused about the educational and credentialing standards.."
Steve Mitten, ICF President, Coaching World Newsletter

NOTE: Recent studies have shown the average earnings for business/executive
                coaches to be over $120,000 p.a. A well trained and experienced external
                coach should aim to place themselves amongst the top practices earning
                $250,000 plus.

Note: What International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaches
               earn:  "Almost 4 in 10 earn less than $10k. Over 50% said it took them
               up to 2 years of marketing to get their first paid coaching client. Fifty
               percent said that they are only working with one to six clients per month."

-ICF membership survey published findings.

As of late, it has become clear that there is a over-supply of "coaches" churned out by the open-entrance, mass-market course providers and credentialing mills. To survive in a quickly developing and more educated marketplace (these coaches at the bottom end of the market), will need to invest in specialist coach training as they recognise the need to improve their knowledge bases and skill sets. Meantime, the mass-market coach training providers and "associations" are re-focusing their marketing and recruiting efforts in countries (eg; in Asia and Europe) that are still learning about the benefits of coaching. Marketing themselves as the official bodies of "international coaching" they are finding it far easier to sell their courses into these 'uneducated' markets.

Today, the market for specialist coaching services continues to grow and business opportunities exist for all types of professionally qualified coaching suppliers. Middle and upper market coaching consultancies who have the capacity to win larger contracts are continuing to do very well and highly experienced, business-savvy individual practitioners will always be in demand. The best executive and business coaches will be always sought after because they are able to prove the high added value of their work.

 "Unless coaches have been trained in the dynamics of behavioral change they may abuse their power often without meaning to... To best help their people, companies need to draw on the expertise of coaches with legitimate behavioral change skills." 
-Harvard Business School Journal. 

Open Your Own Accredited Coach Training School

Today’s rapidly growing market demands a recognized qualification.
 -Industry-recognized Coaching Certification Lends Credibility
faculty members of any professional coach training school should be:

   -accredited, university-trained educators and facilitators who preferably network with other coaches around the
 world so they can establish international ‘best skill practice standards’

   -experienced coaches who practice what they teach.

   -experienced behavioural scientists who are licensed to instruct in the use of validated behavioral change tools
 and techniques..

Credentialing issues:
.-"The requisite knowledge and expertise of coaches is also related to the issue of credentialing. As we noted in our second book, the question of coaching credentials and licensing remains a concern for many coaches. As yet, there is no agreement on training and academic standards, requisite competencies, a code of ethics or ongoing professional development.

Clients, coachees and the general business world have the right to know what they can expect from a coach in terms of their credentials and expertise.

To date, there is no association that has been accredited by any government body and certainly none that is truly representative of full-time, professional, practicing coaches in the workplace. The reality is that some of the larger "international" coaching associations were privately founded by commercial training companies for the purpose of externally ‘legitimizing’ their training courses. These types of associations typically have a private business agenda that concentrates on adding large numbers of members to their database for commercial purposes. 

Finally, the coaching discipline is still in its formative stages of development and we suggest that clients and coaches be cautious of private member organizations that claim to be representative of the profession. If prospective coaches wish to network with like minded professional coaches, they should undertake research regarding the coach training school’s student and teaching profile. Ideally, the school should have some form of federal or state government association, or better still, the government as a client."

 - Excerpts from ICC Conference Paper (Coaching credentials and accreditation) presented by Dr Skiffington
 (BCI Co-Founder)

"External Business coaches are in great demand by small, medium and large businesses alike. Such is the demand Corporate coaches can charge from $1,500 to $2000 a month for three or four 30 to 60-minute conversations. Some charge as much as $1,000 an hour. So a lot of them are earning far more than psychologists. 
-Time Business News Sept.2015




   You have a unique learning style!  -Because our Graduate School does not
 prescribe to the one-size-fits-all classroom approach, you'll grow your skills faster:
 learning on your terms, learning exactly what you need quickly, and getting on with
 your career.
        What makes the Institute's Master Coach Certification Course unique worldwide and the
   basis for it's success is:


  • Option for Post-Course Personalized, Tailored-Made Mentoring:
     **Class Size 1-to-1 or Very Small Group (Max 4 persons)

    This program is uniquely delivered one-to-one to each participant. -This is a major and fundamental change to traditional professional development. No other Coaching Educator has a similar low facilitator to student ratio. By working face-to-face and one-to-one versus via e-learning or in large groups we can tailor/"best fit" the program to the student's style of learning and open the door to personalized, faster and more comprehensive learning - and more importantly, to success for every learner, regardless of background and individual differences.

    Learning by doing must be personalized to a student's needs if it is to be effective. This includes not only the content and structure but also how an individual processes information, how much they know and the style of learning they prefer. Individualized learning must also be based on an assessment of the student's needs. As the Masters level course was developed by Zeus and Skiffington (who have designed coaching degree status courses and lectured at some of the world's leading universities) the graduate is assured of the highest standard of instruction.


  •  -
    Accelerated Learning:
    The use of Accelerated Learning - which uses the whole brain approach to learning and where the learner is viewed as an interactive player. - And why would we want to apply accelerated learning to our coaching programs? 

    A: Researchers have found that people work and learn more effectively in a positive, intimate and emotionally supportive environment. 'AL' techniques take anxiety and competition out of the environment and replace them with positive energy, positive speaking and genuine collaboration. Using 'AL' techniques simply means we can accelerate the learning process by working (one-on-one) with an individual's preferred learning style. By optimizing the time available we can accomplish the learning in a much shorter time than by using conventional methods. It also means we can manage the conditions that enhance learning, reduce barriers that impede learning and produce the highest level of participant satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • The course is aimed for: a) busy professionally qualified and experienced practitioners and, b) qualified persons desiring to become a coaching professional - who require a:
     -  personalized, modularized, short course tailored to fit their needs
     -  flexibility in delivery, and
     -  a world-best standard course offering certification and follow-up support.

    We carefully screen our applicants so that you are in the company of other seasoned people developers and practitioners in their field.
    Participants include Consultants and Coaches in private or group practices and internal professionals typically in HR, OD and Senior Leadership Positions wanting to formalize their learning, deepen their skill set and obtain internationally recognized certification. Other participants include professionals in the fields of education, sport, medicine, health, psychology and law etc
  • Depth and Breadth:
    There is a close working relationship and industrial collaboration between the Institute's Graduate School, organizational bodies, companies, academic institutions and various coaching organizations. This ensures the maximum effectiveness of the industry-driven training. No other course contains the depth and breadth of professional coaching best-practices, models, tools and techniques.

  • Highest Level of Professional Coach Training:
    This Masters-Level course is invitational and is not an open-programme. There is a strict criteria of selection. Select graduates can expect to graduate as the 'elite' (highly-trained practitioners) in their field. In the emerging field of coaching, you can find distinction through credentialing by a one of the world's leading coaching authorities.
                                                                             Course Content Details..


The Institute's worldwide Coaching (Research & Development, Teaching and Consulting) work:

--As respected authors and authorities on behavioral change and coaching, Dr Perry Zeus (the Institute's Founder and Chairman) is renowned for his research and educational work: 

Behavioral Coaching Institute:
The Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization and provider of the Master Coach certification) is recognized as the world's leading specialist developer of 'world-best' standard coaching technology for the workplace with a behavioral-science foundation. 

The global Institute researches, develops and supplies coaching tools and techniques, professional practice protocols and guidelines, text books, articles and provides critical professional support services such as: certified coaching skill courses and follow-on mentoring, program development and the partnering with graduates in the provision of educational services.

            "BCI has established itself as a trusted "knowledge broker" to its international clients, and done
             what few have ever been able to accomplish: integrate behavioral science with principles of
             coaching learning and change into practical, proven professional development models.
HR Monthly


 Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching:

Our Institute's Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching (CABC) evaluates the effectiveness of coaching interventions, tools, techniques and processes. It represents a "Center of Excellence" dedicated to data collection and objective research consulting. In addition, our Behavioral Laboratory conducts important research that serves to capture the issues, attitudes and best practices of coaching at work from the perspective of both practitioners and clients.

The Center publishes its findings and provides research and development resources to a wide range of corporate and private clients. The research strengthens the Institute's educational services by constantly updating the Coaching School's advanced Masters-Level course content, and through best-selling, introductory-level text books that enrich the knowledge base for the international coaching community in general.
For over a decade, the Center has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations engaged in coaching research to realize outstanding business outcomes through successful, validated initiatives. The Institute's real solutions have produced real bottom-line results. And through its publications (published and distributed in multiple languages by McGraw-Hill Education), -with the added input from the Coaching School's graduates worldwide, the Center has documented many of these outstanding success stories.


     BCI's Graduate School of Master Coaches:

Our Coach Training School is the executive education arm of our parent organization the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI). Closely involved with industry, since 1996, the School has produced over 1,600 graduates across the world from our industry-recognized certificate program. Many of these graduates are now established, successful coaching practitioners in various industry, government and private service sectors. We maintain a large global network of alumni and friends, with whom we actively build a strong lifetime professional and personal relationship. As a private, specialist learning institution we are able to forge strong working relations with our alumni and friends to bring more value to their careers and areas of interest.

Our Graduate School's CMC course has been undertaken by members of various federal, state and regional governments eg: Government Defence and Education Departments, the US Government, Hong Kong Government, Australian Government, Canadian Government, UK Government, Singaporean Government plus leading universities and many Fortune 500 companies and internationally renowned banking institutions etc. Our introductory level coaching text books are required reading in over 40 renowned higher learning institutions, such as; Toronto, Michigan, Sydney, JFK, Harvard, Beijing and Oxford Universities, -who provide business-related degree courses, such as MBA and Psychology degree courses containing a coaching component.


  Obtain Coaching Certification that is
  recognized worldwide..

- and become an industry-recognized trained and credentialed
organizational / business coach.. 



     ICC Membership: All CMC graduates automatically qualify to become full members of
     the International Coaching Council (ICC) -and therefore subscribe to a professional
     code of practice. As independently verified by Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia)
     -there are only three standards and accreditation bodies that are internationally
     recognized (lead by the ICC).

  Contrary to the myth, there are approximately 20 odd coaching accreditation bodies around the world

   Again contrary to the myth, today there is not one coaching association that is recognized by any state or federal
       government around the world. 

  The Institute's 'industry focused', Masters-Level CMC Certification (awarded by the Behavioral Coaching Institute) is recognized
      by companies and organizations around the world. 

  The CMC Certification Course is recognized by many Government Accredited Professional Associations (as part of their
      Continuing Education professional development programs) responsible for the supervision and training of professionals
      working in areas such as the behavioral sciences, management and human resources. For example; Perry Zeus
      Coach Training and Credentialing Institute is approved to offer continuing education as required by the State of California,
      Board of Behavioral Sciences (Provider #PCE 2864)

  Our courses are by 'invitation only' and not open to all.

  Our graduates realize the value in distancing themselves from the rest of the fuzzy marketplace

  Our graduates strive to be the best they can and therefore demand the best education and support available to them.

  We ensure our graduates already possess the personal skills sets and organizational acumen to succeed as a professional

  Zeus and Skiffington's introductory level coaching textbooks form the basis of coach training modules in universities
      and training schools around the world. However, her own "hands-on", "how-to" courses are ten steps more advanced than their
Many coaching processes pioneered over the last decade by Dr Perry Zeus and Dr. Skiffington  -including the
      Behavior-based coaching models --which integrate the most advanced research on adult development and human
      systems theory into elegantly simple and highly effective validated coaching models -are taught to each student so
      they can effectively apply them in their work.

  The Graduate School's faculty team are not only a respected educators but are also widely acknowledged as leaders in
      their research and development of proven workplace coaching practices and methodologies for developing individuals and
      organizations (corporate, executive, small business, educational and government). 

  The real value in certification is most apparent when you are presenting your credentials to a prospective client. On the one
 there are thousands of unsuitable persons who have being trained in an impersonal, assembly-line classroom
      or production-line internet training school/college/university by trainers or academicwho have never reached or practiced the
      levels of coaching they claim they can teach -compared to- the professionally committed individual who has been personally
      trained, mentored and certified 1-to-1 by a Faculty member of our Institute. (Note: All of our faculty team are world renowned
      authorities on workplace coaching, are acclaimed educators, coaching masters and also best-selling authors on the subject

  The Institute's name and our international reputation, as represented by our certification, are an invaluable aid to any coaching
      practitioner seeking credibility and recognition as a highly trained competent professional.

   In Summary, Coaching Certification via the Institute's Masters-Level Course :

  • ACKNOWLEDGES your 'world-best standard' professional training, ethical practice and coaching credentials 

  • IDENTIFIES YOU as a qualified, credentialed provider personally taught by an acknowledged world authority and,

  • is a way of distinguishing yourself from other "coaches"

  "The elite Master Coach Certification is a process of separating those
   coaches who are fully trained and competent in changing behavior
   from those who are not
-HR Monthly

 "No other credential in the world of professional behavioral change
  coaching carries the value and industry-recognition of certification
  by the Institute's Graduate School
  -Centre for International Education 2016



Upon completion of the Masters-Level Coaching Course the graduate is awarded the
designation by the Behavioral Coaching Institute.
.        -Publicize Your Certification:
Those individuals who have also demonstrated a commitment to their ongoing professional development -eg; pre-
            and post course mentoring with the Institute's Course Facilitator are listed on: 
                         1) this website's Graduates/Alumni Register/Directory (see top-of-page tab:
'Graduates Directory'
                         2) the
Behavioral Coaching Institute's (our parent organization's) online Directory, and,
3) on -the global Directory of Certified Master Coaches. 

            Graduates are able to refer their clients and prospects to their registration/listing in the directories as:
                         a) validation of their high standard of training and,
                         b) that they have been certified as a coach by the Institute and, as such, automatically obtain ICC
                             membership. Graduates are also granted the right to reproduce the above
*) designation logo
                             on their resume/promotional material etc.





  -Gain prestigious recognition:

Show your colleagues or prospective clients that you have the skills it takes to provide sustainable, world best-standard, coaching outcomes.
By displaying the prestigious Certified Master Coach logo on your business cards, resume and website, you'll be recognized by all as an industry expert—as well as capture more clients and advance your career. Test your skills, knowledge, and experience with a challenging, career changing course that is a recognized benchmark around the world.

A major reason why professionals choose to become certified by the Behavioral Coaching Institute is that they require industry-recognised qualifications. Masters-level Certification by the Behavioral Coaching Institute demonstrates to a prospective client that the coach has received world-best personalized training by a recognised authority. Membership to large "international" coaching associations etc. might at first seem useful to the new coach looking for ways to impress the general buying public. However, to a prospective organizational client (who is constantly bombarded with flyers and calls from the hundreds of new, ill-trained, and inexperienced part-time coaches being "certified" each month by the coaching associations) it's all about the quality of training, experience and resources that a professional coach brings with them. 
A coach is a "resource person" and is good as their resources are many, scientifically valid and measurable. Sustainable coaching outcomes are not a product of personality profiling, simplistic goal -setting, or cheerleading etc. A coach can only be as successful as the quality and depth of their resources permit them.
The Institute, for over twenty years, has been teaching, developing and delivering proven behavioral-based coaching practices that are replicable and codifiable. These "world-best" standard practices and business models have validity of use because of their known, measurable, sustainable success and are available through her course for qualified individuals to learn to use

Coaching, by nature, is in a continual process of development and draws from a wide range of behavioral sciences and professional disciplines. Professional coaching has little resemblance to the fuzzy 'model' promoted and sold to unqualified persons by the large online course marketers, many regional providers and commercially oriented "international coaching" associations.                

                  The elite Master Coach designation provides you with:


- validation of your specialist expertise/training and an instant means of
  professional standing and credibility in your marketplace 
- demonstrates your commitment to the business coaching profession
- enhances your perceived value to clients
- demonstrates your knowledge of world best practice standard coaching trends,
  skills and techniques
- provides you with a priceless service capability statement, the perfect coaching
  reference tool and the ultimate business calling card


    Who is this Elite, Campus or
          Online Masters-Level
                Program for? 

  • Qualified individuals who would like to develop an external coaching practice to empower individuals, executives, corporate communities and organizations.
  • Internal Coaches who want to develop new applications, add new skills and possibly look at the external marketplace in
    the long-term
  • Key personnel, HR executives and other managers involved in an existing coaching program or professional/personal development within an organization.
  • People who are in leadership or key management positions in organizations who wish to develop best practice coaching initiatives.
  • Consultants, educators, trainers, psychologists etc. who wish to: a) offer value-added services to current clients by learning industry-proven, world class coaching processes and techniques and, b) learn proven marketing and business strategies to significantly expand their markets. 
  • Successful Coaches who want to take their practice to a world best standard next level
Masters-level Certification that highlights your assets and utilizes your experience 
Overall, this invitational program is for qualified persons who have a track record in people development. Many of our students are already successful service providers who simply want a customized course that allows them to formalize their learning in coaching at the highest international standard. Some are people developers working inside organizations that require the best available tools and methodology to fit their specific workplace needs, whist other course participants are experienced professionals looking to transition/establish themselves in a specialist coaching practice. 
Many of our students have arrived at a time in their life where they are looking to holistically package their personal skills, insights and varied business and life experiences together to form a suite of professional people development services. Our elite, specialist course delivers the critical platform that provides the requisite structure, tools, processes and skills these qualified persons require to successfully deliver world-best standard people development services and be recognized by industry worldwide for their expertise, skills and knowledge

You're a busy professional and don't have time to spend on things that don't work.
You've tried different coaching courses and seminars over the years, picked up a few useful ideas but none of it was really "new" or substantial. 

In fact most of what you found was basic stuff that oversimplifies human behavior, personality, motivation and learning. You're looking for a better way to acquire, accelerate and retain skill development but it has to be supported by evidence, have a scientific basis that isn't theoretical and doesn't require lengthy training, be accessible, provides a solid expandable platform, delivers measurable sustainable results and it must be cost-effective.

 -Why spend valuable time trying to reinvent the wheel and locked up in research or attending "fluffy", group generic coaching classes conducted by "novice coaches" or worse still "trainers" who have been trained by another "trainer" to deliver the course. The Institute expert, experienced Faculty provides you the benefit of their years of work and experience and a course tailored to your specific coaching needs.

Our proven coaching tools and processes take the "fluff" out of coaching and help you get the results your clients or employees want. You'll also receive hundreds of pages of materials to use such as: worksheets, guide notes, reading materials, forms, checklists etc.

       Optional Mentoring Program
"Stay ahead of your field"
-How to ensure your coaching program's success and always be in possession
     of the latest coaching technology:

Pre and Post-Course 1-to-1 Support    
           - For our graduates who require an ongoing commitment to their continuing professional development and practice: 

  Pre-Course Preparation

To help you fast track your studies -we have provided an early commencement/study date. This way, you are not restricted to commencing your studies on just the first day of the intensive course in which you have successfully enrolled.

The pre-course mentoring ($us295 per session) allows the student to establish a working relationship (in advance of the course) with their course facilitator via; reviewing their preparation, receiving any guidance re: their need for any further reading or research to best prepare for the course, discussing their learning goals etc.. Note: Typically 1 pre-course session is sufficient.

This above preparation ensures that participants are having their needs met from the first hour of day one of the short course

Post-Course Mentoring:
Career Development / Professional Support: -"how to successfully apply what you have learnt" 
The importance of professional support has long been recognized by leading professional representative bodies and organizations around the world. Many Fortune 500 clients now require their coaches (internal or external) to show that they are engaged in a mentoring program as part of good practice

Our post-course support program not only provides a structured platform for continuing learning and development for the coach, but also reassures a client with the knowledge that their coach has the professional resource back-up of a respected, industry leader.

- Have a mentor assist you in building your practice:
Don't re-invent the wheel!.....Hire a mentor. "Walk your talk". Some coaches choose to specialize in an intervention and work with business professionals across a range of industry sectors. Others tend to specialize in one industry-type such: health-care, IT, education, financial, defence, energy, legal, local government etc... Whatever the business sector you may choose to coach in, our expert faculty staff can help guide you to best find your right professional roadmap. Through the many years of working with organizational clients and thousands of graduates around the world, the Institute can provide the career support and advice you require to be successful in your specific region and marketplace.

This important, follow-on support service involves multiple levels of agreed upon assistance and guidance such as: marketing strategies for your practice, help in preparing a proposal to a prospective client, guidance on various case issues, product/service development, reference to further resources you may require regards a specific coaching intervention etc.

-This vitally important service/mentorship ensures our long term commitment to your professional development and long-term success.   


 .. Self-Study or select from 3 Format Options: 
Fee Schedule 

  Format # 1.


   1-to-1 Distance Learning In your Office/Home
 -  Self-Study plus 1 Facilitator with ONLY 1 Participant.(Videoconference) Mentoring option.
  -- For Program Fees -See 'Course Registration Page'
   Format # 2. 
 -PUBLIC COURSE -for professionals from different places with similar learning needs  -held at a BCI course venue

Note: 1) Organizations/Businesses also have the opportunity to apply for a tailored version of the Master Coach Course to be conducted onsite (in their offices) for a small group of employees (at a special discounted group rate for several or more persons -see below 'Existing Small Group'). 
 2) To register your interest - see:- 'Registration of Interest' Form -web page.


  Format  # 3.

 IN-HOUSE CORPORATE COURSE -for organizations around the world
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  "This tailored course in 'best practice coaching management' gave us new meaning to coaching. It showed us how to build, bench mark and better manage programs that  deliver accountable, measurable outcomes."
                                                - N. Peterson. Global Training & Development Director. ICM

 All In-house Courses are tailored to the client's needs:
Over the last decade the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has worked with hundreds of organizations in assisting them to establish 'world best-standard' coaching practices.

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NoteCourseWare  Licensing Program for Graduates:
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