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   The Behavioral Coaching Institute is internationally recognized as the leading  supplier of HR Coach Training Courses to the world's major companies and large government agencies. As such, it is in the unique position to not only confirm best practice standards but also industry trends. The below  key points are from an interview with the BCI's Executive Director (Perry Zeus) as part of an upcoming Industry Research Paper due to be published.          

Recession Topic:
Globalization of Business and Economic Lows Drives the Demand for Specialist Human Capital Development Providers who Supply Cutting-Edge, Proven People Development Coaching Technology and Practices:

New World Economy.
An increasing number of reports points to human capital management becoming the No. 1 strategic issue for businesses. A recent international survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit reports that senior management rank failure in human-capital management as the main threat to sustainability of their global business operations. Top management cite skill shortages, succession issues and less key people as more threatening to their business than risks such as market competition, development of information technology, government over-regulation etc.

History has taught companies to 'survive and thrive' during tough market conditions it is essential for them to develop high-performing leaders across the entire organization.
One of the primary goals of Human Capital Management relates to making sure that employees actually care about the work they are doing. This not only helps a company by increasing the level of output quality during tough economic times, but it encourages lengthy terms of employment so that a core talent base can see a company through the important evolutions it must undergo, especially in these times of uncertainty.

Leading think tanks estimate that companies that best manage their human capital assets well will outperform those who that don't by between 30 and 50 per cent -and in some instances lead to a doubling in shareholder value. Some of today's successful companies who don't perform well in the human capital development scoreboard will be eventually brought to their knees. Poor hiring and development choices eventually convert to poor strategic and bottom-line decision making, loss of revenue and market share, competitive disadvantage, higher production costs, brand risk etc

Human Capital / Talent Management
Those companies who are looking to survive and thrive in the next few years are vigorously breeding much of their own talent in-house. This is quickly becoming the critical indicator to the share market of the depth and breadth of their human capital.

As the world's individual markets continue to integrate into one global economy, more organizations are required to supplement internal talent with experienced senior executives and fast-track the development of internal key executives who can operate effectively in a changed global economy.

The rapidly changing competitive environment challenges multinational and local companies to identify and best develop qualified executives who possess the right combination of skills, experience and cultural compatibility. Today, organizations are increasingly turning to specialist Human Capital Development Providers who can provide 1-to-1 and group learning and development solutions backed by expert knowledge in the application of evidenced-based, best-practice learning and development coaching methodology and tools.

The below additional labour-market trends are also contributing to the growth of the supply of People Development Programs employing Professional Coaching Best Practice:
- Increasing demand for managers and senior executives with broader people development skill-sets 
- Increasing desire by managers and senior executives to more actively manage their own professional development
- Aging baby-boom leaders resulting in a smaller pool of available candidates.
- Shortening executive management tenures and job insecurity.
Other Trends affecting the growing demand for specialist Human Capital Development Providers include:
- Companies are actively searching for trusted partners/providers who can address a broad range of their human capital performance needs and who also understand their behavioral workplace needs.
- Companies are seeking preferred coaching practitioners who possess a range of cutting-edge, people development technology and methodologies rather than accept the traditional prescriptive, out-dated, executive coaching training practices that don't deliver sustainable, consistent best-industry standard results.
- Economic factors such as the need to reduce or eliminate the costs required to maintain an in-house coaching/training department, the recognized need to have access to updated industry people development best practices and a distrust of traditional HR Training results are seeing companies focus more on their core competencies and to outsource L & D functions to Specialist Providers who can efficiently provide high quality Services.  


Today’s Brain-Mind-Body approach to human capital L& D programs
The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has been conducting workplace development and change coach training courses with the world’s leading organizations across the world for over 25 years. While the Institute's cutting-edge, courses focus on how to enhance behavioral (what we do and say) levels at an organizational level, they also take a holistic, brain-mind-body approach and contribute to the broadening of people’s quality of life, health (mental and physical) and overall well-being / happiness.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute (established 1994 -world's first professional coach training School)
The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s (BCI's) internationally, recognized Coach training courses meets the critical needs for people development practitioners to be trained (via fast-tracked, Self-Study/E-Learning course format) in the use of a range of validated, reliable, neuro-behavioral change models, tools and techniques with a user-friendly, coaching delivery model.

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