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Contents: executive coaching course, executive coach certification, master coach course,

Special Developers Course Rate (50% off online retailers price) for professionals in the helping business eg; coaches, counselors, psychologists, nurses, social workers etc!

executive coaching certification course
  Master Certified Coach Course  

 -Workplace, Life and Executive Coaching
 -Fast-tracked Learning with Full
. Certification.

Note: BCI has been the MCC course developer for 20 years and the ICC is the world’s leading international coaching accreditation agency.

Together we are able to offer substantial 50% + discounts on the Certified MCC Accredited Course Rate to professionals in the helping business.
  Depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style, it generally takes 28-36 hours to complete the course content.

The world recognized course includes:

Comprehensive E-Course Manuals
Online Modules containing exercises (and answers). With Optional Video Support
Coach’s Tool Kit (Forms, Sample Client Contracts, Marketing templates, Checklists ETC)
Regional Group To Interact With Other Coaches
Optional Practice Role Play Sessions
Use of Certified Master Coach Logo
Use of ICC membership logo
Use of ICC Gold Seal Coaching Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More
  Course Certification Cost
Total Investment: Normal Online Retail Rate: $1,895.00 +. Submit below Course Rate Quote Form to receive your Wholesale, Developer Course Rate. Note: We provide the discounted Wholesale rate in the form of a Scholarship.

This especially designed, blended, certification course incorporates the below key learning needs of the modern day professional, busy coach:

Personalized blended, flexible training approach to suit your learning style.

2.  Bite-sized learning modules (workplace and executive and life coaching).

3. ''MM'-learning, or 'Mobile Mentor' Support on mobile devices on vital  guidance from your tutor/mentor.

4 Access to the world’s best talent –Our world-best standard content is delivered by some of the world's leading experts on behavioral change coaching. (Note: All Faculty members have a PhD and an international, successful coaching background).

5.  Customized training exercises relating to your own workplace and executive coaching needs that can be discussed and practiced with your tutors / mentors.