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Contents: executive coaching course, executive coach certification, master coach course,

Special Developers Course Rate (50% off online retailers price) for professionals in the helping business eg; coaches, counsellors, psychologists, nurses, social workers etc!

executive coaching certification course
  Master Certified Coach Course  

 -Workplace, Life and Executive Coaching
 -Fast-tracked Learning with Full
. Certification.

Note: BCI has been the MCC course developer for 20 years and the ICC is the world’s leading international coaching accreditation agency.

Together we are able to offer substantial 50% + discounts on the Certified MCC Accredited Course Rate to professionals in the helping business.
  Depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style, it generally takes 28-36 hours to complete the course content.

The world recognized course includes:

Comprehensive E-Course Manuals
Online Modules containing exercises (and answers). With Optional Video Support
Coach’s Tool Kit (Forms, Sample Client Contracts, Marketing templates, Checklists ETC)
Regional Group To Interact With Other Coaches
Optional Practice Role Play Sessions
Use of Certified Master Coach Logo
Use of ICC membership logo
Use of ICC Gold Seal Coaching Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More
  Course Certification Cost
Total Investment: Normal Online Retail Rate: $1,895.00 +. Submit below Course Rate Quote Form to receive your Wholesale, Developer Course Rate. Note: We provide the discounted Wholesale rate in the form of a Scholarship.

This especially designed, blended, certification course incorporates the below key learning needs of the modern day professional, busy coach:

Personalized blended, flexible training approach to suit your learning style.

2.  Bite-sized learning modules (workplace and executive and life coaching).

3. ''MM'-learning, or 'Mobile Mentor' Support on mobile devices on vital  guidance from your tutor/mentor.

4 Access to the world’s best talent –Our world-best standard content is delivered by some of the world's leading experts on behavioral change coaching. (Note: All Faculty members have a PhD and an international, successful coaching background).

5.  Customized training exercises relating to your own workplace and executive coaching needs that can be discussed and practiced with your tutors / mentors.




    MCC Course Rate Quotation Form 

BCI’s Graduate School of Master Coaches
      Global Distance Learning Division

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                              Step 1.   - Select the Course Rate. 
Step 2. - Next, complete the Personal Details Section then Submit. We will reply within 24 hours!!.             

                       Blended-Learning Format - Master Certified Coach Course .
                                                          -  Scholarships available 
  - Using Coaching as a Framework of Learning with proprietary, proven Models of Behavioral Change (employing the latest: evidence-based change technology from the fields of neuroscience and brain-based learning) to achieve sustainable, measurable quick results.

  *The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Master Coach Certifications available via the Accelerated
               Credentialing Program Format.
*Limited places. This Semester Intake about to be booked out.! 
                      Full Certificate Course - Same course content / certification as Campus Course.
  No fixed starting or completion date. Automatically Receive Certification when you
                          complete your Self-Study!!
Graduates gain the prestigious ICC Gold Seal Accredited Coaching Services.           

     . Select below Self Study Course Rates or Request a Special Quote
 - (E-Learning : 2 or 3 weeks private, casual study at home).
-   Corporate Course Rate: $us1,895.00 
- Optional telephone interview / call with Dr Zeus.-Yes!
                  - Standard, Personal Course Rate: $us1,295.00
              - Regional Scholarship / Wholesale Course Rate: $us795.00
                             Maximum 2 Scholarships per Country (including USA) per Semester.

   Yes! As a Sign-Up Bonus -I wish to receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional
        Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library
(over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00

          I request a Special Quote lower than the Scholarship Course Rate!
                                    -Details including your available budget:


 . Plus  2. Optional  -
Videoconference: 1-to-1 (one tutor, one student) focused learning
                                          eg; role-playing of selected behavioral change models, focused course
                                          content learning etc..
 -  # of Days: 1.  2. 3. 4. ($us895 per day)
Plus Post-course Mentoring -Mobile Mentor Support: 1-to-1 (one
                                        tutor, one student) eg;
obtain vital information, intervention planning
                                        assistance, second opinion or trouble-shooting help etc.

# of Hours: 1. 2. 3. 4. ($us175 per hour)
       Note: 1.Each application is subject to a review criteria and judgment of merit by the Institute's Selection Panel. Selection results are final and no discussion will be entered into other than with a successful applicant.
. Course payment by Bank wire or internet banking only.
. Students can
begin and end their Self Paced, Self-Study (Reading and Exercises) component at their time of choosing. Duration: typically 2 to 3 weeks part-time home study.
4. No assessment or post-course supervision. No additional training hours is required as this is an invitational Program (via submission of this Form).
5. The Master Coach Certificate is automatically forwarded to the student when they notify the Institute that they have completed their Self-Study.
6. There is no renewal fee as the Certificate is perpetual (no expiry date).
BONUS: The course also qualifies the graduate to apply for a CourseWare License to deliver the Institute's renowned 'Manager/Leader as Coach' or/and 'Certified Professional Coach' Course in their region.


    The Master Coach Certificate. At the end of the program the M.C.C Certificate is issued and the graduate's name is
       then listed on the internet via the global Master Coach Register administered by the International Coaching Council (ICC)

       -plus the graduate automatically gains prestigious ICC membership..

.Note: The Institute’s copyrighted course material / intellectual property cannot be redistributed, copied or used to form
        any other training program.



.Yes! -Please submit my application to the Institute's Selection Panel


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  Google Search ,  Google Ad, Other Dr Perry Zeus's text books (required reading Harvard, Oxford, Toronto, Sydney, Beijing and JFK Universities etc)  

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