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“..Everyone has as purpose, a destiny.  
Life is about trying to fulfil the potential
— the destiny that exists in each of us.
As agents of behavioral change it is our task to
 find ways and means to provide such opportunities
 for everyone.."

- Dr Perry Zeus



"I just found a video, made over 15 years ago, demonstrating a relaxation exercise prior to an actual coaching session with a private client. The video was part of a suite of videos used in class training. Hope you enjoy it!"


Dr Perry Zeus (Faculty Head and Institute's Founder)
Dr. Perry Zeus is a prominent figure in the field of coaching, widely recognized as one of the founders of the modern coaching discipline and the "Father of Behavioral (Change) Coaching." Here are some of his qualifications:-

Formal Education:

  • Formal degrees including a PhD. He has received extensive training in psychology and behavioral science.
  • He has collaborated with Dr. Suzanne Skiffington, a psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, co-authoring several best-selling books and co-founding the Behavioral Coaching Institute.

Professional Experience:

  • Over 30 years of experience coaching individuals and organizations, achieving significant success in helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Founder of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI), a leading provider of coaching training and certification programs.
  • Developed the Behavioral Coaching Methodology, a research-based approach to coaching that focuses on sustainable behavior change.
  • Authored several seminal books on coaching, personal development, and organizational change, translated into 12 languages and used by universities and other higher learning institutions around the world.
  • Regular contributor to major publications like Harvard Business Review, Fortune Magazine, and Psychology Today.
  • Featured speaker at international conferences and events on coaching and leadership.

Recognition and Awards:

  • Acknowledged by the International Coaching Council (ICC) and International Coach Federation (ICF) as one of the world's leading Master Trainers in Coaching.
  • Recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to the coaching profession, including the ICF Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Coaches in the World."

Additional Qualifications:

  • Extensive knowledge of brain science and its application to performance optimization.
  • Proven ability to translate complex concepts into practical strategies for individuals and organizations.
  • Strong reputation for ethical conduct and commitment to delivering high-quality coaching services.

Dr. Perry Zeus's qualifications are a combination of formal education, extensive professional experience, and ongoing contributions to the field of coaching. His dedication and expertise have made him a highly respected figure who continues to inspire and shape the future of coaching.



This weeks short letter is on Neuroscience and some notes taken from the Institute's Coach training courses. For a listing of all our specialist advance-level coach training courses see the above page menu.

How to enhance the process of neurogenesis.

The human brain creates seven hundred new neurons in the hippocampus on a daily basis. By the time we turn fifty, adult-born neurons will have replaced the nerve cells we were born with.

As extensively referenced in the Institute's Master Coach Courses, neurogenesis is the target of choice when we are engaged in the process of change. It is also the change pathway we can use to reduce our decline related to aging.

AND Yes! The Institute's Anti-Aging Therapy Coaching Course contains proven steps that helps prevent your client's rate of decline due to aging -and even reverse it!

It's all about shaping Our Brain!

Our brains are constantly being shaped. Neuroplasticity gives all of us the power to shape our minds and bodies with intention. 

We all have the opportunity to shape our brains in ways that would enable us to live happier and healthier lives. However we need to learn how to take responsibility for our own minds.

By training our brain, we can create lasting neural pathways to enhance our wellbeing, especially when we are faced with adversity. Happiness and wellbeing are skills we need to learn how to keep practicing.

So, that's it for this month.

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