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Child Behavior Coach

Accredited Credentialing Courses




Guiding big kids, teens and emerging adults (aged 6 to 25*)


Child Behavior Courses recommended by World leading Authorities in Child Development, Professionals, Parents & Caregivers alike...


A Legacy of Commitment..
The Institute's Child Behavior Courses are consistently rated as having the highest quality, evidence-based, easy-to-use content.
For more than 25 years, BCI and I have remained committed to providing the world’s leading, accessible, behavior change courses.
World best-class, academic quality and enhanced student outcomes are at the center of everything we do.
We provide our select students with bre
akthrough, transformative knowledge and tools to meet their current and future client demands and to stand above their peers.
Dr Perry Zeus
(BCI Founder)




Empowering ALL children (big kids, teens and emerging adults aged 6 to 25) to be healthier, happier, more creative and productive!

The Course's unique, easy to follow, Behavior Change Models provides participants scientifically proven, intervention methodology and tools that enhances  health, resilience, well-being, productivity, IQ, EQ, creativity and intuition.


The course's proven, brain-mind-body intervention models incorporate the latest, evidence-based technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

Today, the exciting field of neuro-behavioral coaching provides us powerful, safe and easy-to-learn tools to generate positive, life-enhancing change in the brain-mind-body continuum that produces real, sustainable, measurable behavior changes.

Children’s Behavior flexibility and Performance.
A major barrier to improving a child’s behavior and/or performance is rigid thinking or habitual responses they have formed from previous experience. Parents, teachers and professionals working with children need to recognize when a child is persisting with a rigid behavioral pattern and how to help them to adopt a different approach.

The Science.
Cognitive and behavior flexibility is a core adaptive function of the executive control system in the human brain. An excessively rigid adherence to a predetermined behavioral pattern prevents a child from appropriately responding to changing environmental situation.

Performance / task impairments.
Children who have behavioral inflexibility present a limited range of self-generated behaviors (reactions, feelings and actions) that frequently leads to a breakdown in task functioning, and in many cases -stress and acceptance of lower levels of accomplishment or failure.

This special, ICC Accredited program takes a whole child (brain-mind-body) approach to address positive developmental needs whereas a generic, trained practitioner must stay away from the mental and physical domains and the psychological change models they were not trained in.

The Whole Child Future program teaches a customized, behavioral developmental program for all children.

The program also complements qualifications / experience in:
Education / Psychology / Sport Science / Counselling / Physiotherapy / Exercise Science / Health / Medicine / Nutrition or Injury Prevention and Safety. 

Suitable for:
Persons wishing to establish a child coaching practice, or already in a coaching practice and, for professionals working with children and families including :
Psychologists, Health Care professionals, Educators, Child Care Staff, Child & Youth Care Workers, Counsellors, Social Workers, Home-based Workers etc..


Who is this special child behavior coach training program for:

* You want to launch your OWN profitable and incredibly rewarding child behavior coaching business.

* You want to add advanced, child behavior coaching skills to your current role, whether as a teacher, a coach, a counsellor, medical professional, a TA, or something else.

* You're a parent / caregiver and want to learn scientifically proven youth / child behavior coaching techniques.

* You want to separate yourself from others by gaining only the best science-based, child coach certification.










 " With faculty members from respected universities,
such as Harvard and Oxford
anyone who doesn’t
 have this certification is not providing the best
 available coaching to their client
Dr. Greg Roper (Graduate)

For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading behavior coach training courses. If you are looking for the best available source of coaching knowledge, tools and certification then his Institute’s international recognized, accredited courses are for you….Thanks again for inviting me into the Program Perry!

Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘Life Unlocked’.


  All my clients have significantly improved their quality of life from participating in my coaching sessions using the tools and best practices from your invaluable program!
- H. Jenson (Graduate Practitioner)


The Institute’s 'whole child future program' provided our family team a powerful framework to build an open, trusting, caring relationship with our clients that provided deep foundations for their wellness, psychological safety and a brighter more secure future.
- Pat Evans, ICM Coaching Group


  This invaluable credentialing and toolkit behavior program throws open the doors to the latest, scientifically proven ways of working with families. The course takes an integrative approach providing an overarching umbrella of intervention possibilities. For those already working with families, this program is rich with new tools and methodology. For those about to establish a career in child and parent coaching it will become the bedrock of your practice.
-  J. Peters. Health Services

"Thanks for letting our corporation deliver your vital program as an ongoing, in-house course for our working parents around the globe. The hugely popular course is consistently rated, by both management and staff, the most valuable training program they attend."
Chee. Global Head HR








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Please Note: All of our Faculty Members are first and foremost a parent, have a PhD ( published behavior coaching articles) and extensive, international child coaching/practice experience.










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