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For ESports Coaches & Gamers





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ESports Mental Skills Coaching Course
   for:  ESports Coaches and Gamers


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  To reduce the application processing time a small number of select applicants are now able to bypass the telephone interview process and have their course application directly submitted to the Institute's Section Panel for consideration. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to confirm their suitability for this unique esports course.  

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 FAST-TRACKED, Distance Learning Format
Diploma in ESports Psychology / Mental Skills Coaching
or ESports Master Coach Course

  Other Master Coach Course Formats

 -With ICC Membership*.

  - Learn to use proprietary, proven Neuro-Behavioral Intervention Models (employing the latest: evidence-based methodology from neuroscience and allied behavioral science fields).

→ Note: The proprietary Esports Pro Coaching Toolkit is only available through this program.


- Is a Dual Certificate Course (includes Master Coach Course)

   Group ESports Coach Course Rate:
          - Please forward quote for:
2 - 4 places 5 + places 
- l am also interested in licensing this course to use as an
          in-house coach training program.


       Individual Course Rate:
- Gamer @ $us995.00
- ESports Coach @ $us1,695.00
  - Less $350 Subsidy for persons who require financial assistance (see below)..


NOTE: This special Diploma Course also includes Master Coach Foundational Knowledge and Skills from the ESports Master Coach Course. Having a dual qualification stands you out in your field and opens more opportunities. Save upto $1,285 (MCC ESports Coach Course fee).

 - Optional. Telephone interview / call with Faculty Member -Yes!


  MASTER Certified ESports Coach Course ONLY
         - Gamer @ $us845.00
- ESports Coach @ $us1,285.00
    * Currently only 2 places left in this Semester's Intake!* .
 - Less $350 Subsidy for persons who require financial assistance (see below)..


    RECESSION BONUS: Yes!  I also wish to receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library (over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00.

.Plus please also include the easy-to-use Neuro-Bioenergetics (Energy) Change Model and tools with my Course. Energy Psychology has been called the Future Of Performance and Well-Being.        
  * Subsidized, REGIONAL, Scholarship Course Rate (Inclusive):
 BCI Foundation awards Open Scholarships (value up to $us350 depending upon region and financial status) to qualified persons who require financial assistance.

Diploma in E-Sports Psychology Coaching
̶$u̶s̶995̶.̶0̶0̶   $us645.00
E-Sports Coach: ̶$u̶s̶1̶,̶695̶.̶0̶0̶   $us1,345.00

E-Sports Master Coach Course
Gamer: ̶$u̶s̶845̶.̶0̶0̶   $us95.00
E-Sports Coach: ̶$u̶s̶1,285̶.̶0̶0̶   $us935.00

- Maximum 2 Scholarship Places per Country (including USA)
 per Semester
- Your Reasons for Scholarship Rate



*Note: Payment for this global course required to be made 
by Bank Transfer.






1. No set starting or completion time. Students can begin and end their Self Paced, Self-Study (Reading and Exercises) at their time of choosing. Duration: typically 4-6 weeks part-time home study. Certificate is automatically forwarded to the student when they notify the Institute that they have completed their Self-Study.
2. No assessment or post-course supervision / additional training hours is required as this is an invitational Program (via submission of this Form) for busy people developers who are time constraint, unable to attend a campus course for economic or distance reasons and already have a track-record of people development..
3. There is no renewal fee as the Certificate is perpetual (no expiry date).


Plus any optional 1-to-1 videoconference mentoring sessions focusing on your specific case study work.

-1 pre-course and 1 post-course 1-to-1 mentoring session ($us295.each) -with option of further.
*Note: -Mentors are all internationally recognized coaching experts with a PhD eg; Dr Tracy, Dr Lee, Dr Garcia, Dr Lawson.


    Yes! -Please submit my Esports Course Application
 to the Institute's Selection Panel

      - Firstly, how did you hear about the Institute's Courses  
         Google Search ,  Google Ad, Dr Perry Zeus's books, Facebook, Other

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  - As an E-Sports Coach
- Internally (inside an organization)
     - Externally (in private practice)
  - As a Gamer
1to1 Coaching
Team Coaching
- I also wish to learn more about Regional Course Licensing Opportunities.

Professional / Educational Background:

Your experience in E-Sports Coaching :

What are some of your primary Course Objectives?


Are you looking to specialize in any specific niche area?


Applying for a Scholarship?
- If so, please provide a statement as to the reason/s why..


     - Two References (Biz or Personal)
Name/Contact Details:


Yes, I understand that course payment
 is required to be paid by Bank Transfer / Wire.


     - Referral? eg; Graduate, BCI Faculty Member etc:





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