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Dr Perry Zeus's  


Online, internationally accredited,
High Performance Coaching Course 




  Over the last few years, there has been an explosive growth of scientific research in mental skills development. The Institute's unique, comprehensive courses provide an easy-to-follow, PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM that incorporates the latest, proven, scientific methodology detailing, step-by-step, how to:
- help clients meet specific Performance Goal Needs,
- overcome any mental skills / performance blocks,
- how to consistently operate at the BEST SELF level and
- continuously grow, succeed and be more happier, healthier and confident.
Coach: entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, finance professionals, managers, students, high potentials… anyone who wants to improve their lives and achieve their performance goals faster. (You can also use this proven process to coach individuals or virtual groups!)



with the latest Neuro-Behavioral Science/methodology  
  The Psychological Demands for high performance.

Today's growing trend of high-performing professionals hiring their own personal performance coach to provide them an edge over their competition and to continue pushing their performance envelope even further.

In today’s highly competitive, skilled marketplace what separates out the good from the top and the top from the best is more often the psychological component.

It is standard practice for performance coaches to sign confidentiality agreements with their clients not to disclose the work they are engaged in together. However, there are numerous research studies published in leading scientific journals (cited in our course) confirming the significant, sustainable results generated by the evidence-based, techniques provided in our unique program.

The Need for Competitive Success -and the need to develop superior mental skills.

The importance and nature of performance or mental skills coaching varies markedly across different professional vocations. A number of recent research studies have confirmed that many of today’s high performing individuals are really struggling to consistently perform in a challenging, new world economy.

Most professionals are well aware of level one (foundation) mental skills (positive attitude, concentration, self-motivation, goal setting etc). Unfortunately most professionals still do not receive personalized training in the critical Psychosomatic Skills (level 2) and Cognitive Skills (level 3) relative to the demands of their position and their mental profile.







Self-made 'High Performers' tend to have high rates of burnout with short career spans.
Neuroscience research has confirmed that elite level performance requires some extreme mental abilities such as; attention, sensorimotor skills and faster than normal brain processing speeds. The research also found that a 'high level performer's' mental reaction times typically start to decline from just 24 years old.

Every Professional needs to acquire the advanced, high-level mental skills necessary to reach their highest potential.

Mental skills and psychological performance is all about empowering people to improve their performances while also enriching their lives. People who aspire to high levels of achievement need to pay attention and train their mental skills as they would train their technical position skills and tactical abilities.
One of the most obvious psychological demands for high performers is the continuos pressure to perform at an optimal level.

Managing emotions is a significant demand that all professionals need to address -but don't.
Established performers with higher ranks tend to have higher levels of mental toughness.
All persons who have a need to perform well need to understand their mental strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve them.
High levels of self-awareness, mindset management, mental toughness / resilience, emotional control, focus /staying in the moment, stress management and acceptance coping are just some of the many primary mental skills acknowledged as the key psychological factors that determine success.

The Bottom Line:
Mental Strength – Creating the mental capacity to transform potential into a process of being.

The need for ALL PERSONS DESIRING SUCCESS to: identify how their mental strengths and weaknesses impact their performance and well-being; obtain new mental capabilities and, learn how to boost their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses.

As the world around us continues to quicken its pace, a person (no matter how naturally talented) will be left behind if they're not continually developing their mental capacity to succeed.




The importance of mental skills development coaching >getting a power boosted edge on the competition.
A number of performance coaches specialize in assisting the development of their clients to reach a professional standard, some help clients obtain even higher, consistent levels of performance whilst the majority of performance coaches focus on helping the average performer continue to raise to their next level of performance.

The Performance Bottom-Line
The latest research confirms that people who engage in advance level mental skills / performance coaching significantly enhance their results and well-being.


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Some Definitions:

Technical Skills - similar to the "Motor Skill Competence" -are the particular execution skills required to be successful in a task.

Physical Skills - this set of skills are the raw action skills that are needed to perform the technical skills.

Domain Skills - these are the knowledge-set skills required to be competent in the pursued activity.

Mental Skills are tools for the mind and fall under the umbrella of Personal and Professional Development. They can also be viewed as internal capabilities that help a person control their minds efficiently and consistently as they execute performance-related goals. Mental skills coaching provides an advanced toolkit (the methods and techniques) to not only develop skills, but to also generate positive, goal-producing behaviors. Many of these skills are in tune with the human brain-mind-body union that affect performance.

Mental Skills also incorporate:
a) Psychological Skills (often used to describe mental skills). Psychological skills training refers to consistent practice of mental skills.
b) Tactical Skills - like "decision-making ability" -these are the "in-game" abilities to choose the right thing to do in different scenarios.

A mental skill enables you to regulate thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions/results.

The nature of the relationship between a person’s state of mind and their performance depends on three prime factors:
1. the strength of mind / mental skills and character / personality of the individual performer,
2. the specific task at hand, and
3. the wider task environment.

Just as physical skills training is addressed on a regular basis -mental skills coaching also needs to be practiced regularly.

Next-Generation, Mental Skills Techniques
Research has confirmed that increased use of advanced, neuro-behavioral mental skill techniques generate significantly enhanced performance.

NOTE: "Mental Skills high performance coaching programs must be tailored to the specific needs of individual relative to the activity they are engaged in". Generic, computer-based cognitive-training software are simply low level brain games that provide little proven benefit. The false promise is that if you adhere to a prescribed regimen of the one-size-fits-all, cognitive exercises, you will fundamentally improve your mind and brain. A recent study by Stanford University objects to the exaggerated and misleading claims about the benefits of brain games.



High Potentials vs. High Performers:

High performers consistently exceed expectations and are the go-to people for difficult projects because they have a track record of success. However, they may not have the potential (or lack the drive) to succeed in a higher-level role or to tackle more advanced work.

High potentials have demonstrated strong technical abilities and have future potential for success. A high potential employee provides nearly double the value to an organization, and they’re three times more likely to be successful in the future, according to Gartner research. 

Each of these categories requires a specific approach to their development. The good news is that the Institute's High Performance Coaching Course provides the blueprint, tools and guidelines how to build and manage a customized high performance development coaching program that will put them on the path to success.





Very few existing corporate trainers or coaches today have had the benefit of advanced mental skills training. The great majority of trainers / coaches will readily admit they have little or no understanding or special training how to implement a structured, customized, high performance, mental skills program specifically designed to fit the user's needs.

High Performance Mental Skills Development has been previously, predominately provided by licensed general registered Psychologists trained in the traditional, academic field of psychology. Most psychologists still struggle with using a therapeutic model of development with their corporate clients. Research has indicted that business clients typically find this counseling process too lengthy, remedial focused and uninspiring.

For the great majority of people getting regular access to a psychologist can be a difficult and expensive process. For those without the resources working with a high performance mental skills development expert is viewed as an impossible dream.

In the last few years advanced, Mental Skills Coaching has become equal partners with technical skills training.

The current trend in the professionalization of high performance practitioners has even begun to trickle down to universities, high schools, and middle schools eg; a growing number of schools, with the guidance from accredited high performance coaches, are now launching their own scientific based high performance programs.

Students may not possess the same mature abilities as the high performers in the business or sporting arena, as they require a far broader range of elite mental skills to produce superior results.  To accomplish this unique set of mental challenges in the classroom, building mental fitness has become a top priority for many learning institutions.

Today, there is a huge, ever growing, global demand from professionals and students alike to boost their "soft skills" / mental or personal skills and gain that edge to enter the winner's circle. Another key factor in the popularization of mental skills coaching is that the skills learnt can also be successfully applied to other areas of life.

The Institute's unique, accredited High Performance Course.
A new breed of high performance coaches trained by BCI are now able to apply cutting-edge, knowledge, skill sets and tools from today’s evidence-based, neuroscientific technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience.

High Performance Development Coaches
The specialist field of Advance Level, Performance Coaching is a user-friendly service delivery model that presents a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ career opportunity for qualified individuals to establish a highly rewarding, part-time or full-time private practice / career (1-to-1 or teams via telecoaching and in-person).

High Performance Coaches:
- take a teaching, 'directive coaching' approach versus a counseling style.
- focus on the now and future time space (and not the past) in helping a person achieve their Performance Needs Goals.
- employ today’s advanced, science-based, proven techniques.
- use accelerated learning (typically 2 or 3 brief sessions only) to empower a person to easily self-coach themselves and practice selected, customized mental exercises to fit specific Performance Needs.

The overwhelming corporate and public demand for today's game-changing, power-boosting, neuro-behavioral science.

Time and attention. Neuro-behavoral performance coaching is an accelerated method of achieving enhanced performance compared to traditional training efforts.

Neuro-behavioral performance coaching falls under the umbrellas of natural health (including physical health – as our physiology can be re shaped by our thoughts) and mental / emotional fitness.

Neuro-behavioral coaching interventions are designed to open “windows of plasticity” and target specific domains of the brain’s structure and reset them to form greater connectivity and oversight. The objective of the targeted interventions is to have the user achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, state of mind techniques for self-improvement.

Neuro-behavioral coaching allows users to explore the critical impact of energy on motivation and willpower. Inefficient thinking helps cause stress and lowers energy levels. Our brain uses about 20% of the body’s energy.


   Dr Perry Zeus
( BCI Founder, Faculty Head and Course Designer )


  Publications: “12 works in 56 publications in 4 languages and 721 library holdings”
-World Library Catalog

"Dr Perry Zeus established the world's first professional coach training institution in 1994"
Training Industry

"..regarded as t
he 'Father of Behavioral Coaching', Perry first published his now-classic book, 'Behavioral Coaching' 15 years ago which transformed the psychology of coaching."
-Psych News

“…For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading coach training courses..."
-Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘The Neuroscience of Great Leaders’, ‘Life Unlocked’.






Off-the-shelf, brain / mind training games / programs focus on one-size-fits-all cognitive training and completely ignore the brain-mind-body union. This generic approach is not individualized, only provides a modest boost to routine mental activities, cannot affect physiology and does not provide knowledge about yourself nor how to self-coach yourself to higher levels of mental performance and well-being.

    Bottom Line:
Numerous research studies published in leading scientific journals (cited in our course) confirm the significant, sustainable
performance gains generated in just 2 to 3 weeks by the High Performance, Neuro-Practice Steps as detailed in our unique program.



The Behavioral Coaching Institute pioneered behavioral coaching and performance coaching over 30 years ago and today is still the world’s leading developer and supplier of cutting edge performance coaching methodology.

In line with today’s new challenges and opportunities, we provide unique, world-best-class, coach training courses with a high performance, neuro-behavioral coaching focus for individual and team development.

Today's Behavioral Sciences have been significantly updated by powerful, life-changing contributions from brain-mind-body medicine, emerging neuroscientific technologies and the latest, evidence-based methodologies from Neuropsychology and Applied Cognitive Neuroscience.

Note: Our Global Faculty Team spans all continents and has supplied our specialist Master Coach and Diploma Courses to thousands of students and many of the world’s leading teams in over 60 countries.

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  Institute's Accredited, High Performance Coaching Course Methodology:
Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences).
  One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists, which is a focus of our course, is understanding how deep perception (accessing the subconscious mind's theta brainwaves) through experiential, perceptual meta-self-awareness exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates bottom-line, sustainable, measurable performance gain.

The cutting-edge, approach of the course is at the forefront of high performance, psychological, development methodology.

Note: The course's proprietary, evidence-based techniques also helps boost endorphin levels that stimulate and balance the Immune system and promotes the repair of cells and tissues to build a healthier and stronger version of the brain and body.

Latest studies also confirm benefits such as : decreased impulsivity and anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved mood, and a host of other side benefits.

The course's 3 Easy Steps employ cutting edge, evidence-based, neuro-behavioral change models that generate significant, positive, lasting performance results that can be measured.

Students learn easy-to-use, deep level (subconscious) Metacognition skill building steps that incorporate subconscious Metacognition Role-playing using Direct  Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Positive Memory Reconstitution and Mindfulness.

Harnessing the power of the Brain, Mind and Body union to effect sustainable changes in performance and well-being.
→ The process of developing deep, self-awareness and learning from one’s past, present, and future.
→ The ability to self-assess, self-change and consistently perform at best levels.

In short, this advanced neuro-behavioral toolkit (in easy to follow steps) will help your clients (no matter their current performance level) significantly enhance their success and transform their personal life to a bigger, brighter future.







Each of the comprehensive Course Modules contain
Exercises, Summaries and Case Studies plus Scores of Coaching Forms and Templates -and as a bonus (this month only), students also receive A Supplementary Professional Coach Practice Resources Library (over 300 pages) jammed packed with professional practice Tools, Assessments and Practice Templates and Forms
Value: $us1,295.00












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