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 Diploma & Master Coach



  Esports Mental Skills Coaching Courses
Master Coach and Diploma Cert for Coaches and Pro Gamers (existing and aspiring).






"Global Esports market projected to double in size every 2 years" News Commentary. 

/PRNewswire/ -- While esports may have once stood for a subset of sports culture, it has grown into a full industry in its own right. Total esports viewership is expected to grow at a 9% compound annual growth rate per Insider Intelligence estimates. The pop-culturization of esports has helped power the explosions in esports investment and revenue. Esports has hit this stratosphere in large part because of the social component of live streaming and gaming. Video gaming-specific streaming platforms give fans a direct connection to the players and teams, while more mainstream socials have allowed those connections to flourish.


Can you market and supply
the world's # 1 Esports
Certification Course in
your region?



A safe, highly profitable, low cost
 business model.. especially

“Supply the Self-Study, ESPORTS Mental
Skills Manuals online with no student
mentoring or assessment required!
 Students obtain internationally
recognized Accredited Certification
upon completion of course!
It's the perfect, hands-free business model!"

  *About to Close ! NEW round of License Territories now being assigned! Request an interview today or have your name placed on the Future Wait List!  



Dr Perry Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches was the world’s first professional performance coach training school (established 1994).

  Dr. Perry Zeus (Founder of BCI and the discipline of modern-day professional coaching; author of multiple, best selling, performance and well-being coaching text books published in 12 languages and; developer of courses and performance focused behavioral change methodology used by many of the world's top coaches and organizations.)

The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) is experiencing unprecedented demand for its Esports Course due to the explosive growth of the global esports market. Fact is, we cannot possibly service such a huge, rapidly expanding, diverse marketplace so we have established a Global Regional Partner Program.

To continue the successful migration of our courses around the world our preference now is to establish an ongoing, strong business relationship with a few select highly qualified and well-positioned 'Strategic Partners' in various key regions.

We are presently prioritizing our next phase of global expansion. Some Regional Partner Licenses are now available.

Note: There are no hidden add-on financial costs or royalties to pay! -Just an affordable license fee which is negotiated according to the size of the region assigned.


Over 6,000 graduates in over 60 countries


This is how it works:​


* The Institute acts as a product Supplier to your local online distribution business (established or new).

* Your running costs are your local marketing efforts. You use your existing local database / social media gaming contacts or engage in online targeted marketing to contact local coaches (prospective, new and existing) and gamers in your region.

* We do not use a franchise business model. We prefer a straight-forward licensing arrangement for the rights of use to sell/market our world-recognized, esports product and branding in your region. 

* You market/sell the course via a local website (mirroring content from BCI's Esports web pages) and local online advertising. You handle your own business sales and set your own local prices for the courses. You can even include your own local course material, edit and translate the course (subject to approval).

* Best of all, you can do all your work online and have limited client contact ie; when the student enrols and later confirms they have completed the course and wish to receive their certification. No client support is required as the course is in Self-Study format with comprehensive student notes provided. Client contact is typically via email. However, if you are a recognized, subject-matter expert, you have the option to also conduct the courses via telecoaching or in-person class/seminar format.

* This is a 100% location independent business opportunity. 

* Work from home, or anywhere overseas, while managing a rewarding and profitable business.

Becoming an Educational Provider is a Truly Life-Changing Decision!  

No add-on, franchise type fees or royalties and no overheads, except your time (which will typically amount to less than one hour per day processing online orders).

To arrange a no-obligation interview:


- Just complete the below online form (to request a telephone interview) and we will arrange a call for you with Dr Perry Zeus (Institute’s Founder).  

- This will not be a sales call. You will simply have the opportunity to speak personally with Perry to ask any questions and go over the program to make sure this is a both a good fit for you and us. 

- Perry will also inform you what your chances are of becoming a Partner and what the next steps are for moving forward. 


NOTE: Naturally we are selective about who represents our brand/name in the global marketplace.
In order to keep our long, established reputation as the world’s best in what we do we naturally only award licenses to the best qualified people. 

This is a highly profitable, unique licensing opportunity in the hottest, business sector in the world. Given the world's challenging business environment this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take control of your financial destiny and enjoy a lifestyle others could only dream of! 

There are only so many designated territories in the world to be assigned! If you think you qualify for a license -don't hesitate to contact us and book an interview. The world's fastest, biggest growing market is powering forward -are you?


                              Brazil event with a regional license holder








 1-2 Hours a
day work


Start now

  Your online business operating 24 hours every day marketing Self-Study Courses   Client contact by email and/or message. Have lots of free leisure hours   We are currently assigning a new batch of territorial Licenses!

The E-Business Package Investment Required

  • E-Business Total Investment: *Varies depending upon size of region assigned. Typically around USD$9,980 for renewable 3 year license. No further costs!
  •  Number Of Licenses Strictly Limited:


What Next?
  •  Complete the below interview request form.
  •  Book a 30-minute call with our Dr Perry Zeus. Only upon a mutually successful interview is an application for a license submitted to the Institute's Selection Panel. 
  •  We review all applications and award licenses to suitable candidates.

    Becoming a Strategic Regional Partner
  •  If awarded a License -the prospective license holder has 7 days to remit the license fee or the strictly limited license can be offered to the next qualified person in line.
      For those prospective applicants who have not enrolled in the Esports Course this is achieved by simply first completing the Course before submitting your license application or if you have successfully been assigned a license you can complete the course then.

    Note, all License Holders are assigned the ICC Accredited Coach Trainer designation (see below) which can be used as a valuable, marketing tool.

    As soon as you inform our office that you have completed the Course (no assessment required) -your name is registered on the online, international Master Coach Registry; your Master Esports Coach Certificate, Master Esports Coach logo and ACT logo is forwarded plus you are registered as a member of the ICC. You will also be assigned rights to assign your students the same Esports Coach Certificate/s, Master Esports Coach logo and ICC membership.




Operate Your Own Esports Coach and Gamers School providing an internationally recognized certificate course!!





  >>  Licensing Steps:

Step 1. Submission of your application to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval.
The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.

Step 2. Immediately upon our receipt of the licensing payment and signed licensing agreement we will forward your License and Courseware.



1. - Firstly, have you completed the Esports Coach Course?  

-Yes!   Details/Graduate Year
- Not yet, but if granted a License, I will enrol, and if I do, I will be eligible to receive the discounted Scholarship Course Fee.

2.    The territory I am interested in reserving is in:

Define your preferred Region (Small Country or City or State or Geographic region of larger Country etc):


3.            - I currently I do not provide any professional or personal development courses
               -  I am an existing Educational Provider

        Strategic Territorial Partner  - Telephone Interview

- Yes!  If I have a successful interview, I wish to apply for a renewable 3 Year License which exclusively provides me (within my designated territory) sole use of the BCI brand, logo and the below INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED Course.

Negotiated Course License Fee (less 10% payable by bank wire/transfer).

 - Select the below Course Licensing Rights of Use to apply for:
- Master ESports Coach Course Only
- Dual Certificate Diploma ESports Coach Course
              (includes Master Coach Course).




Full Name:


Business Name:




State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :

Profession /  Position :

    Your Professional / Educational Background :
  Established Business Details 


Your Business Annual Revenue
is approx' :  


<$us250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25
million >

Number of employees :                 Years in Business:  

 Brief description of your business
-for example: history, organizational structure, type of services/products provided,
  geography covered, marketing expertise and any other appropriate profile information etc .

Proposed New Venture / Business Details



What are your goals in providing esports coach training courses?


Any further Information etc?:



Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to support your application: