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 Executive Coach Training Course
   A unique opportunity for in-depth development of people developers seeking to be at the top of their field in the application of advanced behavioral change coaching best-practices.  

   "From Toyota to the Bank of New York, to Motorola to the many universities
                          and government agencies..this internationally recognized Master Coach course
                          has been selected by the world's top organizations for elite training and
                          certification of their key personnel involved in executive development
-HR News





 Certified Master Coach Course
            - Course for select individuals  (campus, distance learning or self-study format)

   -.Acquire powerful behavioral change tools for coaching leaders and executives.
  - Advanced behavioral and professional skills development and current professional practice issues are all key aspects of training to be a top internal or external coach or coach-manager.
 - This elite course is for busy people developers who wish to formalize their learning and acquire advanced skill-sets enabling them to design, build and manage world best-standard coaching programs.
  - Acquire cutting-edge world-class coaching practices to transform your organizational learning and change programs.


The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches:

Statement of Purpose.

Established in 1994 the Institute's coach training school was foundered with the aim of becoming the world's leading learning centre of excellence specializing in professional development of people developers using advanced behavioral change coaching models.

Learn with International Experts:
Today, our Faculty Team of international experts are acknowledged providers of the highest quality in learning and support in the field of organizational coaching. The Faculty members are world renowned authorities on organizational coaching, acclaimed educators, behavioral scientists and best-selling authors. Their real-world international business expertise as long term successful, practicing Master Coaches increase the relevance and quality of the learning experience.

BCI's  Master Coach Course (ICC accredited) is preferred by 100's of the world's leading people development savvy organizations:
-Lloyd's Bank, McKinsey & Co., Sony, Mt Sinai Hospital, Walt Disney World, GE, Ernst & Young, Daimler Chrysler, CitiBank, Motorola, Mass Mutual Financial Group, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, Vodaphone, Abu Dhabai Marine Operating Co, Saatchi & Saatchi NY, ANZ etc.. Course participants have also included executives in not-for-profits such as the Red Cross and various government agencies e.g; the Education Department, the Defence Dept., Singapore Civil Service College, Hong Kong Civil Service, Royal Australian Air Force, National Health Service UK etc and many higher learning institutions e.g: University of Westminster (Business School), University of W.I. - Mgt. Development., University Hospital Birmingham, Liverpool Hope University, University of Pretoria etc.

Description:  (See: Course Content)
An Accelerated, intensive, tailored course for qualified individuals. The customized Certified Course provides market intelligence, professional analysis and insight, data, business models, tools and resources for coaching practitioners and leaders of coaching programs. Key content includes: skills for Coaching Program Developers; a critical checklist for establishing an executive/leadership coaching program; coaching readiness; best-industry or world standard program design; how to build coaching programs that integrate with and support an organization's learning, cultural alignment and address relevant OD challenges; best practice operational management standards; selection of appropriate program measurement criteria, coaching technology and staff and technical program support etc., are just some of the key areas that are addressed in the course.

This accredited state-of-the-profession coaching certificate equips graduates to design and deliver behaviorally sophisticated coaching programs. Selected participants examine current thinking on how to best coach leaders and managers and learn how to help executives set and achieve their individual, team and organizational goals.

The Approach:
The customized course is designed around relevant, action-oriented learning experiences. Participants (as agents of change) examine and explore current coaching outcome research, frameworks for coaching work and the relevant challenges they face in their workplace. The personal involvement of participants is a foundation stone of the program: they are enrolled in role-plays, discussing case studies and open debate and reflection on how some of the examined change interventions can be best applied to their workplace.

The 'Hands-On' Master Coach Course's emphasis is on real-world practice and experiences.
In this master class, participants will also find a safe testing ground and an opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired coaching skill sets and competencies. Feedback from facilitators during a coaching interaction session clarifies strengths and identifies areas that require continued practice.

The invitational workshops are also a means for graduates to keep up-to-date with new coaching techniques, trends and issues and benchmark their own continuing development with a group of like-minded, experienced professionals..

Course Overview:
- Learn the requirements of coaching within a complex system.
- Learn how to identify coaching opportunities.
- Learn techniques to leverage your professional background to serve the coaching partnership
- Examine the ethical and practical challenges of serving both the coachee and the organization
- Examine the specifics of contracts with the employee and the organization.
- Learn how to become aware of how your background may impose limits to your own coaching efforts
- Explore how to change behavioral influences that affect productivity, organizational effectiveness, and efficiency.
- Discover how psychologically-based coaching techniques and processes can be used to leverage leadership development, employee productivity and enhance teamwork
- Identify the critical steps for building a professional coaching program
- Experiment with new skills and assumptions and explore the challenges to becoming an effective coach-manager.
- Master key skills that allow you to access untapped human resources through evidenced-based coaching
- Participate in group and individual exercises and analyze case studies, applying real-world problems.
- Engage in role-plays focusing on actual workplace scenarios of each participant. 
- Master the coaching skills of diagnosis, assessment and developmental planning
- Study the benefits of a range of assessment tools
- Learn how to define Return on Investment (ROI) for a program, including how to position coaching alongside other people development initiatives.
- Acquire a Master Coach Practice Library containing an extensive toolkit, resources and other invaluable practice materials/forms etc
- As part of our commitment to support the ongoing professional development of our graduates, this elite program will also enhance the invitee's career by providing an environment for networking, benchmarking and dialogue with their peers from some of the world's leading organizations.

Some Course Content includes:
How to use the various 
seminal Models of Change with a behavioral-science basis
- the Behavioral Coaching Model 
- the Seven Step Coaching Process :client education, data collection, planning, behavioral change, measurement, evaluation and maintenance   
- the Five Forms of Coaching: coaching education, skills coaching, rehearsal coaching, performance coaching and self-coaching
- a Three-stage Transformational Model for deep organizational change
- a Coaching Development Model for Leaders
- Change Models for establishing a Coaching Culture in an Organization
- Cross-Cultural / Intercultural Global Leadership Development Coaching Models
- other industry proven, validated models and methodologies
- the Critical Factors required for successful behavioral change
- behavioral assessment instruments and follow-on data interpretation.


Student Selection Process: (See: Course Registration Form details)
Program selection criteria includes the applicant's:
  • Statement of Intent
  • Learning Goals and Professional Profile matching the other selected participants of the program
  • Commitment to their ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Relevant work experience and level of job responsibility -including people development/training experience, full-time external or internal consultancy work, etc.
  • Ability to contribute insights and understandings etc to the cross-learning workshop table (campus course format)
  • Level of education including professional memberships, professional recognition, publication and awards etc.
  • Note: Individuals may also be selected based on the opportunity within their workplace to successfully apply the course's advanced skills and provide leadership (in this regard) within their organization.



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