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       Corporate Education
-On-site, Group, Customized Master Coach Course for Professional
       People  Developers
          -Ensuring your people developers are one the same page and using the same accountable, world best-
           practice behavioral change/coaching methodology:

"Last year, with BCI's guidance, we spent half a million dollars on a behavior based
coaching program focusing on key leadership behavioral aspects. As a direct result,
our company realised a net ROI, in real money, of over 2 million dollars. Our leadership
development program has now become a profit unit -a proven means to generate bottom
line value."
 -HRD of one of BCI's private institutional clients

  BCI's Depth of Experience:
The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) over the last decade has gathered unparalleled expertise in assisting organizations drive behavior change. Our propriety coaching technology and change tools are backed by a proven global team of experienced facilitators, consultants and change agents. In fact, our team of experts are equipped to work with companies and organizations wherever they are located around the world. For example, we work with multi-national and trans-national clients in the oil and gas, financial services, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, educational, engineering and construction, call center, retail and consumer products industries etc.

Understanding human behavior in today’s changed economy is now the primary task for
any leader!

Human Behavior  –why people do the things they do.
The primary task for today's leader is to develop human capabilities, not just to oversee the numbers or plan a sound strategic direction. In today's turbo-charged competitive world and sometimes stressful workplace the leader's job is to increase the organization’s capacity to be focused, agile and resilient. Therefore the primary task must be on creating, harnessing and leveraging intellectual capital rather than deploying other assets. And that requires superb people skills. A leader's technical prowess will not enable them to build an organizational culture of respect, accountability and innovation and nothing of any great consequence can ever be achieved without leadership that inspires people to truly make a difference.  

-Coaching as a Profit Making Unit in Your Organization!
Traditionally, professional development is viewed as an expense.
BCI can help your business maximise all your developmental efforts by building an effective, efficient internal coaching capability that generates real bottom-line business results (ROI).

Behavior based coaching can uniquely affect positive behavioral change impacting business results.
Only behavior based coaching can have a positive effect on valued behaviors e.g; leadership behaviors which positively influence outcomes such as employee commitment, engagement and organizational climate, which directly affect performance and productivity levels associated with superior business performance.

History has taught companies to 'survive and thrive' during all economic/market conditions it is essential for them to develop high-performing leaders across the entire organization.
Poor development choices eventually convert to poor strategic and bottom-line decision making, loss of revenue and market share, competitive disadvantage, higher production costs, brand risk etc. BCI's world best-class Internal Coach Training allows your selected personnel to also use their organizational knowledge, personal and professional interest and technical expertise to help develop others and to extend the reach of coaching into an ongoing, organization-wide effort available for all personnel.

BCI designs a customized coach training program –that prepares internal professionals to coach by providing them with the processes, practices, toolkit, insights, and skills required for success. We incorporate your organization’s goals, values, mission and guiding principles with the BCI's "know-how" and best practices (drawn from over 15-plus years of global coaching and training experience), to help you determine the best approach for your coach training needs.

        The breadth and depth of training and deliver format is tailored to your circumstances;
“train-the-coach trainer”, train “coaches to-be”, or consult with you to design
        customized training that can incorporate aspects of both.

              Your team is a busy group of professionals involved in people development and doesn't have time to spend on things that don't work. You've probably tried different coaching courses and seminars over the years, picked up a few useful ideas but none of it was really "new" or substantial. In fact, most of what you found was basic stuff that oversimplifies human behavior, personality, motivation, change and learning.

Any Coach Training/Learning for your group must be supported by evidence, have a scientific basis that isn't theoretical and doesn't require lengthy training, be accessible and provides a solid expandable platform and it must be cost-effective.

       The Institute's Expert Faculty members have delivered the customized MASTER COACH
             course to hundreds of organizations around the world:

                    -As a Learning Partner with our Corporate Clients -we don’t offer “training”;
                                       we offer customized learning programs...

                 " The Behavioral Coaching Institute is internationally recognized as the leading developer and supplier
                    of coaching methodology and coach training courses to the world's top companies and largest

                    government agencies. It is in the uniquely highly qualified position to not only confirm best practice
                    standards but also industry trends
"   -HR Today

         BCI's global team of consultants, coaches and Faculty members are some of the world’s most accomplished and most in-demand coach educators, practitioners and subject-matter experts on workplace coaching. The Institute's expert staff personally deliver customized, 'world-best standard' coach training courses to many of the world's top organizations. 
       Some example Coaching Development Needs:
  • My people development team requires formal coaching credentials, best practice coaching change models and validated scientific coaching tools, techniques and processes, and a standard, accountable coaching methodology/platform to build upon.

  • I am a leader for a new coaching initiative and I and other nominated key personnel require support re: the design, building and management of 'world-best-standard' coaching programs (and expert back-up and support).

  • I manage an already successful coaching program -however, I and my team wish to take the 'next step' in our own professional development and acquire the latest proven methodologies, best-practices etc 

  • I require a customized, in-house coaching course delivering specialist knowledge and practices to our senior management group.

  • My organization is developing their internal coaching capabilities and they also desire their Managers to act as coaches to their colleagues. I therefore wish: 1) to first become a coaching 'subject-matter' expert by completing the Master Coach Course and,
    then license the Institute's level 1 coaching course the 'Manager/Leader as Coach' CourseWare -and deliver the course

      Note: -
    For a customized In-House CMC Course and/or Consulting/Advisory Services          See: In-House Course and/or Consulting Services

    For the supply of Executive Coaching Services
      See: The Institute's International Coaching Panel of Expert Coaches


 Some Recent Corporate Clients include: Toyota, GE, Singapore Civil Service College, NY Life., Walt Disney World
  - Disney University, The Bank of New York, Estee Lauder, TeleWest-UK, BHP, Defence Dept.



  -Steps to requesting a 3 Day, Tailored Master Coach
      Workshop -
In-House (min. 7 persons) o
r via Distance
      Learning for
a Small Group of your associates (3-6
Note: All participants receive the world-recognized Certified Master Coach 
                   designation -which is also accredited by the ICC.

Submission of Interest Form. To obtain more information about a personalized, intensive workshop simply submit
                 the online
In-House Course and/or Consulting Services Form

           Note: a) The Institute normally prefers that a Group's In-House Course Sponsor/s or Driver/s first complete the
                            Master Coach Course
(via one of our public, regional courses) to first verify the course's advanced knowledge
                            and skills and also be better qualified to work with us in customizing a follow-on In-house CMC course.
Registration of Interest Form for Public Courses

                        b) Each graduate receives 'Master Coach' Certification (provided by our parent organization the Behavioral
                            Coaching Institute) and a comprehensive, tailor-made Library of Coaching Best Practices and Tools...


    Exclusively compiled for each participant  -by the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent
    organization and the acknowledged world leading developer of coaching technology /
    knowledge) and, the Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching (the Institute's global research
    and publications Center) 

          Our elite courses contain sets of up-to-the-minute, cutting edge, comprehensive resource manuals that are meant to be used
          as an ongoing learning program/library of information beyond the course. Course participants are shown how to use actual
          check sheets, forms, and procedures developed over several years by some of the world’s leading coaching practitioners who
          work with our Institute. Graduates can customize and re-brand these valuable tools, techniques and templates to build a solid
          'world best-standard' structure for their own in-house coaching needs.

           If you are looking to develop an internal coaching capability or strengthen the coaching skills you already have,
               BCI can customize a learning platform that best fits your needs.


BCI's Corporate Learning Partner Program
    The Coaching System Template (CST)
    -BCI's Proven People Development Solution for Companies:

BCI's Coaching System Template (CST) uses proprietary coaching processes and tools that gives organizations the ability to not only build world-class coaching programs but also an army of internal coaches equipped to increase performance, productivity and profits, improve communication, and foster happy, loyal and engaged employees.

Developing and Engaging Employees and Increasing Performance!
Although behavior change is the ultimate desired result of any leadership or talent development program, most organizations only provide coaching to their senior managers. When coaching is provided throughout an organization many recent studies have clearly shown that great results and significant bottom-line benefits quickly follow.

Achieving high performance depends upon: personal and professional skill development, strengths enhancement and a psychologically healthy and a supportive culture of continuous development. However, most organizations struggle with each of these areas at different points in time.

BCI's Coaching System Template (CST)  is a fully-integrated process that addresses the key aspects required to ensure sustainable results. BCI's team of experts also train and guide your coaching program managers to ensure continuous results.

 > For More on BCI's Coaching Program Design Framework

 How to use the 10:20:30:40 Coaching Program Budget/Framework

1) Enrol the Sponsor/s or Driver/s of your coaching in one of the Institute's Public or Distance Learning CMC Courses
 2) Contact BCI's Corporate Education Division
to find out more about the above Coaching System Template, our
        range of Corporate Services and how we can help you achieve your organization's developmental goals.

In-House Course and/or Consulting Services Form
         -We look forward to hearing about your people development/coaching needs

- CMC Course Registration of Interest Form

- Master Coach Certification Course Content 



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