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- Our Institute established the world's first professional coach training course in 1994.




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Coaching Specialties -in the workplace
#1. High Performance Behavioral Coaching



  The Institute's Fast-tracked E-Learning (50-60 hours) Course with Full Certification.

 As this is an invitational course -there is:

No required Add-on coach training or mentoring hours
No assessment
No set Starting or Completion time
    Difference between behavioral health and mental health  
It is important to note that behavioral health is a blanket term incorporating whole brain, mind, body approach. Whereas mental health focuses on the mind only. It follows that behavioral health incorporates mental health.  

  The Need for Behavioral Health Coaching -in the not so good times...and good times.

UPDATE: COVID-19 pandemic and recession:
People everywhere are afraid -their health, wellbeing, financial future and life is under threat. One of the biggest concerns identified in recent surveys is that people are very worried and troubled about mental health support services not being readily available.

Many studies have consistently shown that people suffering financial stress have higher rates of mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

We are living in an unprecedented situation – one that requires not just government agencies -but also employers and schools alike - to step up, be there for their people and give those who need it the support, guidance and reassurance to get through difficult times.

1. Behavior Health Coaches
provide a critical frontline role inside organizations, businesses, schools providing behavioral health support -and also guidance regards pandemics, infectious risks and a referral service to specialist external medical and psychological services.


  2.TeleCOACH provider.
Many of our graduates are using a telehealth service delivery model to best meet the huge demand for High Performance Behavioral Coaching services from local and international corporate and private clients.
  3. People “working remotely” at their home or in small groups at different remote locations.
Behavior Health Coaches via telehealth / video become an important line of communication providing personal and professional support and care.




Empowering people to be more productive, creative, healthier and happier!

This unique, easy to follow, accelerated credentialing course provides you the scientifically proven, intervention models and tools that enhances the individual and group performance, IQ, EQ, creativity, intuition, resilience and well-being.

What is High Performance Behavioral Coaching?

Mainstream / generic workplace coaches are trained to be goal and skill focused. Whereas, High Performance Behavioral Coaches (in the workplace, educational institutions, healthcare and government agencies etc) are focused on the person's environment affecting their performance, happiness and well-being. Both work successfully together, however, the High Performance Behavioral Coach uses a brain-mind-body approach to address developmental needs whereas the generic coach must stay away from the mental / physical domains and the psychological issues they are not trained in. From the client's point of view, it's simply about the kind of assistance they need eg; brain-mind-body or positional skills coaching or both.

This exciting course also complements qualifications / experience in: Education, Exercise Physiology / Sport Science / Physiotherapy / Exercise Science, Health / Medicine, Nutrition or Injury Prevention and Safety.

  The Behavior Health Coaching Course takes a holistic (Brain-Mind-Body) approach. Students are taught to understand the connection of the brain mind and body and how to best stimulate healthy growth as part of that union.

Behavior Health Coaching falls under the umbrellas of natural health. It provides unique insights into the brain-mind-body connection, brain plasticity, emotion, attention, peak performance and physical health.

The need to understand the relationship between brain, mind and body.
The three aren’t just connected, but rather a single unit, integrated at the cellular level. This knowledge is crucial to our immunity, our well-being, our future. The Behavioral Health field has been significantly updated by powerful, life-changing contributions from brain-mind-body medicine and emerging neuroscientific technologies.

The course's proven, brain-mind-body intervention models incorporate the latest, evidence-based technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

Holistic Approach providing Total Personal Care and Support.
Yesterdays dated definition of occupational health was focused on physical health and safety and aligning people behind a clear vision, strategy, and culture. The missing corporate key for success was ensuring people were provided the brain-mind-body care and support they required to be their healthy (mentally and physically) best.

Modern Behavioral Health Coaching teaches people skills that prepare them to weather challenging stressful days and work changes. It stress-proofs them. Skills learned via a user-friendly, coaching model protect people from anxiety, stress, fatigue, emotional unbalance and other attacks to their health status. It also helps those who are affected and down to quickly and effectively recover. The cost savings are huge plus it builds incredible trust and loyalty.

The growing message to people today is now; “We know there are taxing, dangers to our health everywhere, so we will help protect you by providing you the latest, scientific coaching as a diagnostic and self-management tool.”

Behavior Health Coaching is not about working with an executive or health coach who isn't trained in the use of modern, intervention tools that have a basis in the neuro-behavioral sciences. Today’s organizational coaching specialist is both a social scientist and specialist organizational change and prevention agent employing advance, scientifically proven methodology for healthy change.

There is a “new alliance” between neuro-behavioral sciences and coaching that is now taking place. We place our students at the forefront in the world health marketplace by providing them with world-best-class, cutting-edge, proven neuro-behavioral health interventions and tools.



High Performance Behavioral Coach conducting Group Training
 / Coaching Program via Videoconference.

  Who is the course for?
High Performance Behavioral Coaching is an applied specialty that draws from neuro-behavioral coaching, neuroscience, neuropsychology, medicine and other health fields.
Practitioners can: have their own existing practice, be part of a group practice, plan to start-up a practice or practice inside organizations.

Entry into training has been, historically, via many different routes. Usually, practitioners entering training have already completed a level of general professional training, as a minimum, and many students have completed specialist training in other disciplines.

Recruitment from a heterogeneous pool of applicants has been a strength of behavioral-based coaching given its broad base within the field of employment. It also addresses the need for diversity in recruitment from a variety of backgrounds.

What will I learn?
The aim of the Graduate Diploma of
High Performance Behavioral Coaching is to prepare you to provide services in advanced aspects of performance and general well-being.

NOTE: Establishing fidelity processes is an important step in the continuing development of performance coaching interventions. Accurate referencing, naming of interventions, theories, methods, outcome measurement and terminology underpinning the coaching interventions is required to gain the support and confidence of the organizational client sponsor and end-user / coachee.

Ensuring fidelity in the delivery of performance focused interventions is essential to gain confidence in the interpretation of program results / outcome. Hence why it is important for practitioners working in this specialist behavioral sciences field to be taught not only how to use the latest intervention models, tools and techniques etc but also to understand the underlying science so they can clearly articulate to their clients why and how their interventions work so effectively.

All students will have an opportunity to complete authentic learning tasks via case study examination, practical exercises and support when required (during or post-course).

You are required to complete four core units. Read More>>

Professional Recognition
The accredited, Diploma course is recognized world-wide plus graduates automatically become members of the International Coaching Council (the world's leading workplace coaching accreditation body). Read More>>

Partial Scholarships
The Institute understands that some people may need a helping hand and are proud to offer regional scholarship programs that can help them pay for some of their course fee. Read More>>

In the Graduate Diploma Course,  you will undertake core subjects in the areas of: professional and personal skills required to be a successful practitioner; understand the underlying science to the advanced intervention and health change models, tools and techniques and, learn best-practice intervention planning and skills. This will you enhance your career advancement opportunities as a highly employable specialist across both the private and public sectors. Read More>>

Which department am I in?
School of Health and Applied Sciences

Study options
-Casual / part-time study (aprox’ 50-60 hours).
-As this is an invitational, Fast-track course for qualified professionals there is with no assessment and no set starting or completion time. Read More>>

Full Course fee
US$2,840.00 (corporate payment)
US$2,340.00 (individual payment)
Some regional, support Scholarships (maximum value of $us500) provided to individuals who can confirm their need for financial assistance. Read More>>

How to Apply
See below page link...Read More>>


  "All my clients have significantly improved their quality of life from participating in my coaching programs using the high performance behavioral tools and best practices from your invaluable course!"
H. Jenson (Graduate)
Dr Perry Zeus
- Behavioral Coaching Institute Founder and Faculty Head.
Dr Perry Zeus has published more than 2,000 pages, advancing and defining the modern understanding of the coaching discipline. His now-classic book, Behavioral Coaching -How to build personal and organizational strength (first published 15 years ago) transformed the psychology of organizational coaching.

Dr Zeus has developed neuro-behavioral interventions and tools that are used in over 60 countries; taught coaching psychology to psychologists, clinicians, physicians, lawyers, government officers, politicians, and to people in business; worked with CEO’s of major companies; helped his clinical clients manage the triumphs and lows of life; served as an advisor to senior management in major hospitals, learning institutions, law firms and government departments; and, facilitated courses to more than 5,000 people across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.






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  Other Coaching Specialties -in the workplace  
  Regardless of the type of workplace coach all coaches share one goal: equipping people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities that they need to develop their capabilities and achieve success. However, each of the below types of coaching varies in the specialist business knowledge and training required by the coach to perform effectively. In particular, coaches working in an organizational environment require greater business acumen, a broader understanding of the organizational context in which an individual works, and more rigorous training in professional skills development, group dynamics, behavioural change and organizational culture and performance.

Successful workplace coaches who have been trained to work with human behavior in an organizational context, understand what it takes to change and know how to separate core problems from the rest. The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Certified Master Coaches are specifically trained in understanding, assessing and developing individuals in the context of their particular situation.

Some Workplace Coaching specialties: 
    -where our graduates employ the behavioral change and learning coaching model..

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coach works in the specialist area of executive professional development -to help develop executives by increasing their self-awareness and building and changing their personal and professional skills to ultimately drive long-term organizational success. Executive coaches focus on individual strengths and liabilities, developing strategic thinking skills, broadening emotional competencies, expanding coalitions and networks, and building organizational culture through living the corporate values etc. 


Global Executive Coaching

The Global Executive Coach focuses on intercultural issues that support the globally oriented executive.


Leadership Coaching

The Leadership coach focuses on developing the leadership skills of an organization’s high potential talent (the next generation of organizational leaders) at every level of the organization, to become capable leaders.


Management Coaching

The Management Coach assists managers and other leaders develop and refine their management practices and strategies for increased performance, teamwork, quality, service, and financial results.


Internal Corporate/Organizational Coaching

The Internal Corporate Coach is employed by organizations engaged in the task of individual and organizational change and learning.


CEO/Directors Coaching

The CEO and/or Directors Coach works with the senior management group in leadership and organizational development issues.


Position Coaching
The Position Coach (typically a mature-aged or semi-retired professional with a successful, specialist, positional track record) works to hone specific position/job skills, procedures and tasks to more advanced levels. These skills or competencies are typically those that are most critical to the individual’s career success. For example; aspiring IT managers would work with a seasoned existing or ex- IT manager to develop attributes critical to success in this setting. Position Coaching involves helping individuals move forward by providing specific direction by telling, instructing, making suggestions and advising. Note: Position Coaches are not to be confused with mentors. Mentors typically do not design and deliver a one-to-one personal and professional development plan.

Position coaches understand that the individuals they coach do not have the answers to their development questions and as such the coach is more of an expert than a resource person (which the Executive Coach is). The instructional style coaching can even involve managing. It follows that Position Coaching is also suitable for time-pressured Line Managers and Team Managers who wish to go beyond the 'informal coaching' model, but only have time to develop and deliver a small number of individual 'formal one-to-one' coaching programs.

Position specific coaches not only work with individuals via one-on-one coaching sessions, but they also observe/shadow them in real-time as they perform their day-to-day functions and benchmark and analyse their results and performance.


Business Services Coaching

The Business Services Coach (Real Estate Agents, CPA's, Financial Advisors, Attorneys and other service providers) - as an add-on to their traditional services acts as a trusted specialist advisor and guides their clients and/or other practitioners through strategic planning and related personal management issues.


Business Development Coaching

The Small Business Development Coach works with the busy owner/manager/entrepreneur trying to better manage and grow his/her business enterprise.


Sales Coaching

The Sales Coach assists Sales Managers and sales professionals to enhance their performance levels, personal skills and client relationship capabilities.


Career Coaching

The Career Coach assist clients in working on areas such as: finding career/job development and direction, life purpose, personal satisfaction, life/work balance, job search strategies etc.


Communication Coaching

The Communication Coach works with individuals, groups, and organizations in the areas related to preparing and communicating effective public/media presentations by increasing communication effectiveness through a variety of methods including improved listening, presentations, leading and participating in dialogs, writing, and non-verbal communication etc.


Fitness Coaching

The Personal Fitness Coach helps busy professionals assess their health and fitness levels that impacts the execution of their professional business skills. A personalized behavioral, exercise and nutrition program is designed that will help them enhance or reclaim their personal health, fitness and leader effectiveness.


HealthCare Coaching

The HealthCare Coach works with healthcare administrators, Physicians and staff to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives and hospital system or practice.


Nurse Coaching

Nurse coaching provides a practice framework that complements patient teaching and supportive therapy as a method for enhancing self-care and self-management behavior for patients and their family members. The Nurse as Coach uses proven behavioral-based coaching models to teach patients self-care skills and cognitive control.


Coaching Educators

The Coaching Educator works with Teachers and Administrators in schools and tertiary institutions engaged in building a better learning environment and curriculum.


Tertiary Coaching

The Tertiary Coach works with university/college students, staff, and faculty members to navigate through their learning workplace and develop their career.


Political Leadership Coaching

The Political Leadership Coach helps aspiring and existing political leaders as they work through the culture of politics and instigating change

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