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  Behavioral Healthcare Coaching. 1.
COVID-19 NOVEL CORONAVIRUS and the need to improve mental health offerings into the
workplace and places of study

The current COVID-19 outbreak is spurring fear on a societal level. On an individual level, it may differentially exacerbate anxiety and psychosis-like symptoms as well as lead to non-specific mental issues.

COVID-19, Organizational Holistic Approach to providing Total Personal Care and Support... .Read More..

  Behavioral Health Coaching. 2.
COVID-19 NOVEL CORONAVIRUS and the need to take a Brain-Mind-Body approach with preventative health management in the
workplace and schools.

COVID-19 and mental / behavioral health coaching interventions

The current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) crisis is spreading quickly and is causing many workplaces and learning institutions to ...Read More...



Behavior Health Coaches and the increasing demand for their specialist services..
Given the global, COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic many of our graduates who have a nursing background are establishing successful practices using a telehealth service delivery model to best meet the ever increasing demand for Behavioral Health services from local and international corporate and private clients.

Working Remotely and Self-Isolation
Many people are now “working remotely” at their home or in small groups at different remote locations. People who are based in their homes are dealing with fear, loneliness and a constant barrage of bad news from news outlets and social media. Behavior Health Coaching via telehealth / video has become an important communication channel providing professional support and care.



  Nurses as Coaches
- Background

Today's modern healthcare system strives to place the patient at the centre of healthcare services. Many recent studies have now validated how behavioral-based coaching best practices can be used to develop the skills of both patients and nurses. Nurses are increasingly required to use the behavioral-based coaching model to help patients make informed choices and take ownership of their health, while receiving healthcare support.

Today's nurses need to operationalize an evidence-based change and educational coaching model that can assist in the behavioral management of the client's general healthcare issues -right through to working with individuals through the documented stages of death and dying.

Nurses require validated methodologies, reliable tools and techniques that they can use to teach patients self-care skills and cognitive control.

Validated Behavioral Change through the use of Evidence-based Coaching:
Nurses are frequently required to design a validated, proven behavioral-based program to facilitate the cognitive emotional processing of the patient's experience and to add to the patient and family members' repertoire of behavioral self-care and self-management skills. Professional Nurse coaching also requires a practice framework that complements patient teaching and supportive therapy as a method for enhancing self-care and self-management behavior for patients and their family members.

'Evidence-based’ is a scientific approach whereby nursing coaching practice is capable of being justified in terms of sound evidence based upon a process of methodical clinical and industry research, evaluation, and the utilisation of up-to-date systematic research findings to support decisions about practice. Evidence-based coaching is a way of distinguishing professional practice grounded in proven science versus the simplistic, unproven coaching approach popularized by the many coaching associations and coach training providers engaged in mass-marketing to a primarily uneducated marketplace.

Evidence based coaching with industry best practice invalidates previously accepted approaches and replaces them with new ones that are more powerful, more accurate, more efficacious, and safer.

Evidence based coaching allows the practitioner to provide his/her client more effective and accurate assessment, more informed program planning and selection of the appropriate coaching technology.

In summary, Nurses as Coaches:

 - apply a holistic and integrative health perspective in an ongoing partnership designed to help people make healthy changes that impact them personally and collectively.
 - see people as whole and support them as they access their natural ability to heal.
 - value the whole person and understand how health and wellbeing are created through everyday choices and behaviors.
 - know how to employ psychological-based coaching to guide and support others in their healing journey.
 - provide a validated, reliable structure and approach to custom fit attainable, measurable behavioral change.

The Behavioral Institute's Certified Master Coach Course also shows nurses how to establish and successfully manage a professional health coaching practice. Invited course participants also learn the importance of engaging in their own personal growth and healing in order to work successfully with others. Nurse coaching includes several core processes, including; Education, Data Collection, Planning, Behavioral Change, Measurement, Evaluation and Maintenance.

Nurse Managers / Healthcare Administrators:
The conventional wisdom has been that career coaching is an important part of the nurse manager's role. In the current stressful healthcare environment, nurse managers seem more than ever in need of direction in this area. Behavioral-based coaching is able to significantly enhance the nurse manager's traditional role as a career coach and their aim to best support staff with their career development.

The transition from traditional management to patient-focused leadership has challenged many nurse managers to re-examine the usefulness of many traditional management skills. Patient-focused restructuring has changed the role of a traditional Nurse Manager to a leader/coach of empowered staff. Managers now maintain responsibility for managing multiple disciplines, self-directed work teams, and redeployed services. Behavioral-based coaching provides the manager the key for success in staff education, modeling coaching behaviors, staff empowerment and leading self-directed work teams etc.

A workplace coaching culture is the key to creating work environments with good retention, work satisfaction, and high-quality measures. In this learning and supportive environment nurses not only learn how as caregivers they can collaborate in providing the highest quality care but also learn how to self-coach, be more self-aware, control their emotions and develop themselves.

Nurse as Coach -the Certified Master Coach Course:
Many vital practice assessment and measurement instruments the nurse as coach requires are only available to coaches trained and mentored by a facilitator who is also a licensed clinical psychologist. Our Certified Master Coach Course is the only international coach training program that provides personal instruction in how-to-use the necessary validated tools for obtaining and measuring lasting behavioral coaching outcomes.

In the invitational Master Coach course, several valid scientific models of behavioral change (including the Solution Focused and Cognitive Models) are extensively reviewed. Only evidence-based, validated, behavioral scientific models, accelerated behavioral change tools and techniques etc are used in the award-winning course. Participants learn first-hand, how to best select and apply the appropriate model to best suit the intervention they would be working in.

The fast-tracked Certified Master Coach course has a limited number of Self-Study Scholarships available. Some recent clients who have had some key staff undertake the course include; University Hospital Birmingham, Mt Sinai Hospital, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Red Cross etc.



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 Contents: Nurses as Coaches, nursing and coaching, behavioral model, change, solution focused coaching tools and techniques, coaching and nurses, nurse coaches, nursing and coaching, career coaching, coaching tools and techniques, nurses solution focused coaching, career coaching, behavioral model, coaching and therapy, psychology, solution focused coaching, nurse coaches,