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How to obtain internationally recognized Accreditation for
your coaching or learning and development course



For courses developed and conducted by; Training Providers, Organizations or Professional Vocational Agencies/Bodies.


This fact sheet explains the process to have your course (as the course developer and /or owner) internationally accredited by the International Coaching Council.

Foundered in 1998, the ICC is one of only 3 internationally recognized coaching accreditation bodies. Not to be confused with the mass-market coach training marketplace, the ICC has a long-standing reputation as the premier coaching body representing the higher end of the professional learning and development global market.

The ICC has exclusively authorized the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) to act as its international agent and assign the international stamp of coaching and training excellence (ICC's elite Accreditation stamp) to world best standard training programs.

What types of courses does the ICC accredit?

The ICC accredits a range of people development training and coaching courses including those delivered in various formats such as; face-to-face, online or by distance -some of which may be provided over one or more sessions or over a fixed or flexible period.

What is ICC course accreditation?

ICC course accreditation is a process by which professional development course activities are peer-reviewed by expert members of the profession and validated against specific principles and current world-best standards. Through course accreditation, ICC recognize best practice adult learning within the context and scope of courses delivered inside organizations or by independent providers/training groups. Students undertaking ICC accredited courses can be confident that they are industry best-practice, professionally delivered and are recognized.

Why have your course accredited?

ICC accredited courses ensures prospective international students that they will receive quality activities which meet specific local and world-best available relevant content, principles and Standards demanded by the professional market. To have a course accredited by ICC you must be committed to ongoing research and development in the domain areas presented in the course/s and support the learning needs of your students with a minimum requirement to understand best practice vocational training standards in your region of practice.

ICC provides use of the ICC course accreditation logo for course marketing purposes by way of a licensing agreement.

The aims of ICC course accreditation are:

To encourage providers to adopt best practice educational principles when developing their courses.

To encourage ICC membersí commitment to EXCELLENCE in the development of their course content, in the delivery of the course and in student support.

To provide the opportunity for ICC members to stand above their competitorís and position themselves as best in what they do.

What courses can ICC accredit?

Any personal or professional development course may be submitted for accreditation.

How much does it cost?

ICC will provide a quotation for course accreditation (licensing use of ICC Accreditation logo) based on the information submitted by the provider and verified through research by the ICC Accreditation Panel. The licensing fee will be relevant to the regional or international market that the course is delivered in. The fee varies according to course type, audience, student fee, frequency held, location, local currency etc.

Use of the ICC Accreditation logo stamp for marketing and sales purposes.
Typically the fee is payable twice a year, reviewed per year (based on the Licensed Member providing end of year course statistics) and with an agreement period of 2 or 5 years. The ICC maintains the right to revoke any membership if set agreements, as stipulated in the Member/Licensing Agreement Form governing the conditions to use the ICC name and Accreditation logo, are not met.








  Application Form for Accreditation of your Course  

-Yes!  - I would like to learn how my course can be
internationally recognized / accredited by the ICC:

I also wish to learn about:
-How I can become a Accredited Course Developer and have
 multiple courses accredited
-How my course facilitator/s can become an ICC Accredited
 Course Facilitator.



Full Name:






Tel. #'s:


Email Addresses:

-Your Position:    
  - and/or Title:    Owner         President/CEO   Vice President
Director      Manager            Advisor 
   Process :
   I am the final decision maker.
I have influence in the decision making process.
I may make a recommendation to proceed.
    - The Name of the Final Decision Maker is: 

As the course/s owner are you also the developer of the course/s?
- Yes   -No
-If not who developed the course/s and how did you
 acquire the course?


What is your professional background
 -and qualifications?


How long have you worked within the industry sector
your course/s are designed for?


Your Course/s Name and type:


What need is there for the course/s?


Your Course/s Outline -Description
  -List of Course Modules


Do you intend to share or license the course/s to other parties?
- Yes   -No


What is the typical targeted student profile?


Course/s Duration and Cost in USD per student? 


Estimated number of times the course/s will be
conducted per year?


Class size? 


As the owner of the course/s are you also its sole facilitator?
- Yes    -No
-If not, please describe a brief statement of qualifications
 of other facilitator/s



Please Note: BCI will contact you within 48 hours of you sending this Form!




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