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Client List

To Dr Zeus
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We take our partnerships seriously, and evaluate each potential partner on a case-by-case basis to ensure we select only the most qualified individuals or training institutions.  

To become a BCI Partner you or your business must demonstrate the ability to:


Understand your regionís coach training needs

Develop public promotional campaigns based on a proven marketing plan

Access key stakeholders within the HR / training departments of targeted corporate clients

Provide expert course facilitation

Provide impeccable customer service to students, faculty, and other stakeholders involved

Fulfil financial and licensing obligations to BCI


Our below Specialist Partners have licensing rights to: -

    - Deliver select BCI first level Courses (MLC, CPC )     - Add BCI Course Content only in your own courses.     - Deliver all of BCI's Certified
  Courses Online
    -via campus or online -read more                      - and / or -                       -and-  
          - ICC Accreditation of your
  developed course.
-read more
    - BCI Course Certificates and


            - Use BCI brand and logo

           -read more


  Open Your Own Coach Training School
  As.an intending Alliance or Strategic Partner, at the conclusion of the qualifying Certified Master Coach Course, you will be awarded both the Master Coach and the ICC Accredited Coach Trainer designations. The internationally recognized, prestigious ACT designation, allows you to train others as coaches in whatever niche you choose. Example; you can (according to your expertise and background training) conduct courses to become a Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Career Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach etc...  
BONUS: The Master Coach Course also teaches you how to market and build your own business.



Just complete the below CONTACT FORM and our partnership team will contact you to process your application.

Note: We will contact you if further support material or references are required to support your application.

Upon completion of the qualifying Master Coach Course we will arrange a telephone interview call with Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Founder and Faculty Head) before presenting your application to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval (see below Form).

  -Note: If you have not already completed the Institute's Master Coach Course (the qualification to become a Partner) simply enroll in the Course (in the below Application Form) and receive the discounted E-Learning Format Scholarship Rate.

Once your application has been approved and payment made, the Master Coach Course Manuals (to read and complete), the
Strategic Partners License and Licensed Courses will be forwarded.


.Partner Application Form

        1. - Firstly, have you completed the Institute's Master Coach Course?  
-Yes!   Details/Graduate Year
- Not yet, but I now wish to enrol and receive the discounted E-Learning Format -Scholarship Rate
                    of $us895 (Normal Standard Individual Rate is $us1,495.
SAVE $us600.)


2.    I wish to apply for the below license Partner category!
  -  Currently I/we do not provide any professional or personal development courses
              -  I am an existing Educational Provider
A) Training Partner
     - Yes! I wish to apply for a license to deliver (online or/and campus format) the:-
             -   Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC)
 Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
             -   Both Courses
(15% discount off below standard rates for each course)
      Per Course: 
-Solo -2 years (1 license holder) -$us2,950  or  4 Year License: $us3,950
 Educational, Business or Corporate License -(P.O.A) -from $us5,950

 B)  Alliance Partner
- Yes! I wish to license :-
             -   Course Content -Modules 1 and 2 of the Master Coach Course to use in own course
-2 years (1 license holder) -$us2,950  -4 Year License: $us3,950
   ICC Accreditation of own developed course (Price on Application -varies
                       according to type of course, market size, student fees etc)


  Strategic Territorial Partner  
- Yes!  I wish to apply for a 3 Year License which exclusively provides me (within my
                          designated territory) sole use of the BCI brand and logo and BCI Course/s.
USD$19,985 (less 5% payable in full by bank wire/transfer) .

Payment Plan: $4,985 (4 times x 3 months -payable by bank wire)

Course Licensing Rights include:  
                              - Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
                              - Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC)

                              - The Certified Master Coach Course (level 1 -Online/Self-Study)

I understand that to conduct live Master Coach Classes, Level 2 (Campus or
                               videoconference format versus offering them Online/Self-Study) I will need
                               need to complete
(in person) the Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Program
                               and be taught 1-to-1 by Dr Zeus (in-person) how to facilitate Master Coach Classes.

         -Nominated Country/State/Region/City and Business Sector etc looking to operate in:


Full Name:


Business Name:




State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :

Profession /  Position :

    Your Professional / Educational Background / 'People Development Experience':


Your Annual Revenue is approx' :  


<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25-50 million $50> million

Number of employees :                 Years in Business:  

 Brief description of your business
-for example: history, organizational structure, type of services/products provided,
  geography covered, marketing expertise and any other appropriate profile information etc .



What are your business goals in providing coach training courses?


Any further Information etc?:



Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to support your application: