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-World's first professional coach training course. Established 1994.

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   "The Behavioral Coaching Institute for over twenty years has, without doubt, established itself
     as the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced behavioral change coaching
and has produced a body of knowledge far greater than anyone in the industry."
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  emotion focused coaching course,  emotion coaching, emotion course, emotion coaching,  

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emotion focused coaching course,  emotion coaching, emotion course, emotion coaching, emotion, emotion coaching course
24-2, 2017:
Emotion Focused Coaching

Learn how to help people Maximize their Potential & Love their Life!
(Course developed by Dr Perry Zeus, World’s Leading Authority in Behavioral Coaching with an Emotion Focus)

Emotion Focused Coaching
-For: - Developing Resilient, Fearless Leaders.
         - Helping people manage personal and professional pressures.

- Used in: Unlimited areas of application. Primarily used to help already successful people fulfil their potential. Used also as a remedial intervention.

Whether in the workplace or in our private lives- we all need to quickly learn from failure and adversity and use the opportunity to further master our emotional control panel.

Successful people have learnt how to excel in replacing negative emotional drivers in a stressful / challenging situation and replace them with appropriate positive emotional drivers that have worked well for them in the past.


Behavioral Coaching with an Emotion Focus.
- Teaching our clients to recognize their maladaptive emotional triggers and how to permanently exchange them with more positive ones

This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the latest scientific evidence and toolkit to help people move to a higher level of functioning that enhances their well-being, ability to better relate to people, creativity, greater resilience, health, performance and productivity etc.. In fact, our ability to regulate our emotions dictates the state of our lives.

Emotion Focused Coaching is a third wave psychological approach (looking forward and not backward) to achieving sustainable, positive behavioral change in a short time frame.

The operating principles of Emotion Focused Coaching have been developed over recent years primarily from the field of evidence based psychology, neuroscience and brain-based learning.

Enhancing our client’s ability to control their emotions.
Today, with the advances in neuroscience, using tangible, testable metrics, we can better explain the workings of the brain as it relates to behavior change and emotional regulation.

For over 20 years, Dr Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization) has been internationally recognized as the leader in building the next generation of coaching change models and tools.  


Being able to control emotions is the key to our happiness, relationships, career success, well-being and health.

Course Objectives:
Learn how to use proven Emotion Change Models and Transform the lives of people!

By gaining a limited place in this special course, you will:
Learn how to use evidence-based and research-tested change models to: regulate and exchange emotional drivers, change unwanted behaviors, and stabilize positive behaviors.
 - Learn how to help a person maintain positive change that leads to greater life satisfaction.

- No one has mastered all the skills of successful living and each of us has habits, certain performance levels and behavioral traits we wish to modify. Over the last several years ground-breaking research points to key ways to promote a person’s fulfillment of their potential.

- You will learn how use (in easy to follow steps) an advanced behavioral toolkit that can help all people (no matter their age or position) transform their life by building a better future for themselves.  

In short, this course covers ways to enhance adaptive emotional drivers, decrease maladaptive emotional drivers, and tackle many other simple, yet confounding daily life challenges we all face.

Note: Here are some causes of emotional stress in our day-to-day lives that is marginalized and often dismissed in our society:

  • Heartbreak from break-up of relationship (even if it was not a long-term relationship).
  • The loss of a family member, close friend or beloved pet.
  • Baby-related issues, including the pain of infertility, early miscarriage, pre/post-natal anxiety, and gender issues.
  • Suffering and/or Recovery from sickness or injury.
  • Suffering from invisible chronic physical pain.
  • When a celebrity or public figure or role model you follow dies
  • When people you are close to at your company leave or are laid off.
  • Some other examples include fear of being sick/dying, when you get burgled, involved or witness to a serious accident etc etc..



  "My clients range from 7 to 70 and come from all walks of life. All have significantly improved their quality of life from participating in my coaching programs using the tools and best practices from your course!"
J Alexander (Master Coach Graduate)
Learn, step-by-step..

(Some Example Key Tools, Techniques and Knowledge content)

Why people don't change their behavior by just being aware (or even told) of why they should. 

Why is it so hard to be Self-Aware? 

How to help people "wake up" in time to release their potential by recognizing their emotional conditioned response/behavior 

The Steps to help someone easily find out who they really are. 

How to help a person change their Brain to drive new, sustainable Behavior and become who they want to be.  

How to build Strong Neural Pathways - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills and Intelligence 

Why our brains and emotions are programmed to ignore facts that contradict what we believe. 

Why Emotions are the key underlying energizing and motivating force for change and growth.

How to teach people to Self- Regulate their Negative Emotions.

How to use the Most Powerful Emotional Behavioral Driver in a Group Setting to enhance performance and group cohesiveness. 

Workplace Emotions -and how to work with them.

Steps to creating a Positive Emotions / Engagement Program.

The opportunity and need to build an 'Emotional Fitness' Program 

Why we need to replace traditional models of reward and recognition.

How to empower people to work in a zone of peak performance. 

The Steps for all persons to transform into a higher version of him/her self 

How to replace a maladaptive emotional driver for a more positive one to generate a better behavioral and productive outcome.

How to Control Fear (fear of failure / fear of success) -the greatest saboteur.

How to enhance a person's mental skills.

How to enhance Intuition -the key intelligence factor for great success


 Master Coach Certification Course
 -Below 4 MODULES


-Behavioral Change Coaching using an Emotion Approach
- This unique course translates the latest brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for achieving peak performance, creativity, optimum mental health and enhanced wellbeing.


Each of the below page Four Course Modules contain
Exercises, Summaries and Case Studies plus Scores of Coaching Forms and Templates -and as a bonus (this month only), students also receive A Supplementary Professional Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library (over 300 pages) - Value $us1,295.00


  The Behavioral Change Road Map
  By Exchanging Emotions
  -we also change Beliefs and Values (Attitude) and, install a different Behavior Driver
  - which generates Insight / Awareness
  - which changes Thinking

- which changes Decision-Making

  - which changes Actions
- which changes Outcomes
  - which leads to Sustainable Positive Behavioral Change..

-Zeus’s Behavioral Road Map.                                               Copyright © Perry Zeus 2010-2018



    Message from Dr Perry Zeus(BCI Faculty Head, one of the acknowledged Founders of the coaching discipline and author of several books on Behavior-based Coaching)..
- When I established the Institute in 1994 my goal was to develop an elite training school providing world best-class behavioral change coaching methodology. Today, my Faculty Team and I are proud to be the acknowledged world leaders in our field. Through the ongoing extensive research and development program of our Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching Department (together with our global Corporate Partners) we are able to provide a coaching toolkit for our students containing the most current, scientifically proven set of tools, techniques and best-practices available.

How you will Benefit:

  • Obtain the most valued, industry-recognized certification by the world's elite professional coach educational institution (Dr Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute -established 1994).
  • Learn the specialized competencies and frameworks for world best practice coaching.
  • Learn how to employ the latest: evidence-based behavioral change technology (personal, group and organizational).
  • Master the skills of behavioral diagnosis, assessment and developmental planning.
  • Identify the critical steps for building a professional behavioral change coaching program


- Course Fees and Format (Self-Study / Distance E-Learning) details  -read more.

                                             Course Modules -Summary
Module 1 and 2:

-Contains 300 instructional pages, guide notes, case studies and exercises..Includes Templates and Forms

   Module 3:
- that provides the mechanism for sustainable, measurable behavioral change in a short- time frame. This material
is also used by the coach, before coaching begins, to educate the client on the coaching process and why it works.

 - Contains 150 instructional pages, guide notes, case studies and exercises..  
  Module 4:
BEHAVIORAL CHANGE MODELS (not available elsewhere except via this course)

 - Contains over 200 instructional pages, guide notes, case studies, example interventions and exercises..

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