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World's first professional coach training course. Established 1994.




Diploma & Master Coach

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Worldwide -On-Site or Videoconference
GROUP Coach Training Sessions



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Training available in English or your own language and in your own comfortable environment.

You organise the group training via Videoconference or In-House at your location/s!
With this highly successful course delivery model, we come to you to conduct a training session either via videoconference or in-person at your location.

You organise the training logistics ie; you:
• ensure there are at least six participants enrolled (the greater number of participants reduces the course fee Max: 24)
• provide a suitable, in-house, group videoconference platform eg; Zoom or in-house, training venue, facilities -including food.
• For in-house training you organise local transport (from and to airport) and suitable overnight accommodation for the Institute’s course trainer

Contact us now to speak with a Faculty Member and arrange a no-obligation quote (price per participant).




Group Coach Training with persons in one location.


 Group Coach Training with persons in remote locations in different time zones.


Group Coach Training Course Selection
Choose the course you are interesting to host from our course menu (see below form). If unsure, you can discuss with our Faculty member which course best fits your needs.

Customized Approach
We can tailor-fit the course to meet your group’s specific learning goals/focus and select our best available/suitable facilitator to work with you.

Training Experience abroad
The Institute has a been conducting international training sessions for over 25 years.

Optional use of an Interpreter
In the event that not all participants are able to understand English, you have the option to hire a suitable interpreter or even use someone from within your training group to provide translation. From our experience, we don’t see this as a problem.

For more information..
Simply submit this Group Coach Training Enquiry Form and we will reply within the day to set-up a telephone call with a relevant Faculty Member to discuss your hosting a course.

Note: All our Faculty Team have PhD's, have published papers on coaching and extensive international coaching experience.


ENQUIRY FORM for Group Coach Training Courses
To speak to a Facilitator of the Course you are interested in conducting for your group -please confirm the below:  
    - Preferred delivery format:

- Approximate Group Size and Profile:




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