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“Dr Perry Zeus is internationally acknowledged
as an elder statesman and authority in the coaching
 and mentoring disciplines.”

‘Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching.'
- International University of Professional Studies.






“..Everyone has as purpose, a destiny.  
Life is about trying to fulfil the potential
— the destiny that exists in each of us.."

- Dr Perry Zeus


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    Dr Perry Zeus (Faculty Head and Institute's Founder)
  - Author of several best-selling books (on personal and professional development, organizational change and how to build successful people development programs) translated in 12 languages.
- Acknowledged as one of the Founders of the modern coaching discipline.
-Internationally recognized as the Father of Behavioral (Change) Coaching.
- Founder of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (1994).


Mentorship allows you to fast-track your success by enhancing the knowledge and business acumen that you already possess. But finding a mentor can be a challenge." 
-'Coaching at Work Toolkit' by Zeus and Skiffington

A good coach or mentor is more than just a successful business person and knowledge maker. To be a great coach and mentor, they must also be a teacher who is driven to help you succeed.

My extensive mentoring credentials were gained along the path that took me to get to where I am and who I am today.

Over the last 40 years I managed to use what free time I had available to coach and mentor a few, select number of high profile private clients in demanding positions to either overcome some case-situation bumps or just power boost their career and/or business forward.

Today, I am less focused on my own career and professional self and able to share more time with a small number of disparate, international clients what I know to help them in their journey and success.

For over 30 years I have helped individuals, on a 1to1 basis (hence the domain name of this website), who want to take the next step to unlock their full potential and bypass any roadblocks in their path.

If you are committed to taking action then let's have a conversation about where you are at, where you want to be and how I can help.

As part of my Private, One-to-One, Tele-Sessions you will:
Receive private counsel, guidance and teaching.
Gain personal positioning and leverage: the development of ‘what’s next’ in your personal development, business area, career path or enterprise and the tools to drive success.
Accountability and Encouragement: resources to support and reinforce learning; a personal guide to help walk you through, step-by-step, how to build a desired future, set new strategic directions and plans etc.

1. Private 1to1 Sessions are limited for professionals who: are committed to being the best they can be in what they do and desire a customized, confidential development program.

2. Some VIP 1to1 Private (in-person) weekends are available during the course of the year (individually or with a small team -2 to 4 persons). VIP days are held at my private rainforest holiday home/retreat on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Meeting yourself where you truly are..and see life problems as hidden messages.

My coaching sessions focus on facilitating a client’s process to discover the life directions he/she needs to move in.

I help clients uncover the meaning and purpose of their concerns and use this awareness for growth. I don’t use a there’s something “wrong” and needs to be “fixed” approach.  And, I do not view clients to be carrying some kind of problematic mental or emotional disorder as might be subscribed by traditional counseling. I consider life problems simply about the process of  personal growth.

I look forward to meeting you!

If you are committed and serious about yourself and what you do, fill out the form below. Once I have checked your personal and professional details, and know a little about you, we can can schedule a time to talk about where you are at, your needs and wants, and see if we both agree this is a good fit and if I have the available time for us to work together.


Perry Zeus










 Every person faces a time they need a Coach or Mentor!
Want to Work Together?


This Semester Only -closes shortly!!





A 60 minute power session - the perfect sounding board !


The perfect development program for exploration and discovering what's next !


Providing the insight, processes, tools, platform and connections to shift momentum and own your success.

  1 x 60 minute Discovery Session
kick-off session


  Private Mentoring Sessions


1 x 60 minute session


4 x 60 minute sessions

  6 x 60 minute sessions
  Signed Copy of Perry's book - "Behavioral Coaching" in your name.  



  Action Plan      


  6 Month Personal Action Plan          

  Email Access Throughout the Program      




Standard: $us560
This Month: $us360


This Month: $us1250


This Month: $us1750


Register for private, customized,
1to1 Power Coaching or Mentoring Sessions
 with Dr Perry Zeus today!


 Coaching / Mentoring Application Form

All fields are required.

-Yes!  I wish to speak to Dr Perry Zeus regards
 private coaching / mentoring and what that entails!




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Type of Coaching:
Executive / Business
  Quantum Energy Life Coaching
What are you looking to achieve though coaching?
  Tell me briefly about your career and/or practice, specialization and what you’ve achieved up until now ..  
  Why do you think Dr Zeus can help you move forward?
  What are your 2 biggest priorities?
  What are your targets for success?
  I’m most interested in:

Mentoring Coaching
This Month's Limited Special Rates: 

1 Introductory Power Session @ $us360
4 Ignite Sessions @ $us1250
6 Unleash Sessions @ $us1750

Your private in-company group coaching / mentoring (price on application).

Asia-Pacific VIP intensive coaching / mentoring weekend at Private Rainforest Retreat in the Gold Coast, Australia (25 mins from international airport. Price on application.).

Other (explain) 
  On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to fulfilling your potential and overcoming any limitations?

Additional Notes: 



Please Note: The Institute's Office will contact you within 24 hours of
receiving your Application Form and set a telephone appointment
with Dr Zeus to confirm your booking request.




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