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Helping people realize their Potential.
Empowering people to move to their Next Level and build a better tomorrow with no limits.. 


This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the methodology (neurocoaching model and tools) that enhances productivity, creativity, greater resilience, well-being and helps people create a desired future.  


By gaining a limited place in this special course, you will:
 Understand the role of the brain in creating and maintaining behavioral habits and how to change it!.
Learn how to use proven, validated neuro change models to best-fit the particular situational needs of a person that will achieve sustainable, measurable change.
Learn how to help a person maintain positive change that leads to greater life satisfaction.

Neurocoaching is a third wave psychological approach (looking forward and not backward) to achieving sustainable change in a short time frame.

  The Emotional, Alienating, Depressing Pain of living today -and the market opportunity for our course graduates.

The modern world is in the grip of a crisis. We are busy building some level of security and sacrificing our present for the future in an increasingly complex world.

More and more people are questioning the meaning of their life and what difference they are going to make. Life is difficult, so it’s easy to be swamped by doubts and existential angst.

Today’s profound cultural, social changes and political polarization continue to provoke widespread malaise and ultimately prompt a reconstructed view of what it means to be human.

Scientific findings are undermining many traditional notions that previously gave people a sense of specialness, a feeling that who they are matters, and that the self is real. The new, alternate view of humanity makes some people feel lost and alone, leading them to conclude that a meaningful life is impossible.

Quantum physics concludes that time doesn’t exist and neither do we physically. So, how can a life matter on a personal and human scale and what hopes do we have for finding a higher purpose or meaning in the universe?

The KEY = Developing The Right State of Mind

We know that mental attitudes affect our emotional wellbeing at any age. A number of recent global studies have confirmed that the happiest and healthiest people possess a positive state of mind focused on the now and what they can do.

As these studies make it quite clear, developing the right mindset is the key to a long, happy meaningful life.

Our unique Neurocoaching course teaches our students how to use the latest evidence-based, proven scientific tools and techniques to help their clients reset their mindset empowering them to fulfill their potential and live a life on purpose and with greater meaning.

Our course also teaches students how to increase their client's energy levels, resilience and ability to deal with pain, stress and mental clarity. As a by-product, decision making capabilities, focus, productivity, competency and IQ are also enhanced.

Other Benefits
Among other things, the courses tools and techniques help improve mental and physical performance, EQ, intuition, stamina, creativity, relationship satisfaction, and happiness.




The Foundational Neuroscience of the Courses Self-
Transformational Model and Tools

You will acquire easy-to-use, practical, neuropsychological tools that change and redirect the client’s neural patterns to meet their learning and performance goals.

Neurocoaching Interventions are designed not only to shape and build new neural pathways, but also change the areas of our brain associated with emotions and memories such as the pre-frontal cortex, the amygdala, and the hippocampus which like our brains are not hard-wired (they are ‘plastic’).

Brain's Limbic System
Harnessing the principle of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself) the course’s techniques and tools focus on accessing the subconscious mind and the limbic section of the brain that is the critical link to the brain-mind union and how we can affect neural changes.

The targeted behavioral intervention's objective is to have your client achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, brain-mind change techniques for peak performance, rejuvenation, well-being, health and happiness.

The Self-Transformational
Cognitive Neuroplasticity Models are experiential in nature and also integrate components of:
- Behavioral change therapy
- Mindfulness based cognitive restructuring
- Emotional realignment therapy
- Neural shaping
- Gestalt therapy
- Transpersonal discovery
- The Psychology of Selves
- Positive Memory Reconstitution
.And the following key psychological principles and techniques : Self-actualization, Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Self Identity and Working in the Conscious, Unconscious and Super Consciousness Zone, Direct Visualization.

There is a “new alliance” between neuroscience, psychotherapy and coaching that is now taking place. We place our students at the forefront in the coaching world marketplace by providing them with world-best-class, cutting-edge, proven change models and tools.

Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences).

One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists / Neuropsychologists, which is a focus of our course, is understanding how deep perception (accessing the subconscious mind's theta brainwaves) through experiential, perceptual meta-self-awareness exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates sustainable, measurable change.

The Courses cutting-edge, approach is at the forefront of mainstream neuropsychological cognitive therapies.

Harnessing the principles of Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system).

The objective of the targeted interventions is to have your client achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, brain-mind change techniques to meet their Need Goals.

You will be taught easy-to-use, practical, self-empowering neuropsychological techniques to give to your clients (to practice once a day for 15 mins) that change and redirect associated neural patterns. The experiential mental exercise also helps boost their endorphin levels that stimulate and balance the Immune system and promotes the repair of cells and tissues to build a healthier, stronger younger version of their brain.

The Limbic System (as mentioned above) is a key component of the bodies neurocircuity.

Another key component is the
vagus nerve (the longest cranial nerve) which is the key to our well-being. The vagus nerve is a fibre network that provides an interface between the brain and the gut (our “second brain”). Students learn how increase the 'vagal tone index' that directly affects our psychological and physical well-being.

Course Methodology

The Tools / Our Clinic's Xperiential X-ercises:
The courses cutting edge, proven neuro coaching techniques, tools and neuro-behavioral change models of change are all evidence-based and can generate positive, lasting results that can be measured.

Powerful visualization techniques (mental imagery) are used to activate brain regions to affect desired changes and learning.

Students learn how to train their client’s brain (in easy to follow steps) via deep level (subconscious) Metacognition Role-playing skills training that facilitates and encourages neural plasticity in the brain.

Clinic's proprietary Neuro Xperiential X-ercises ™ -for the Brain and Mind.
Utilizing Neuro Metacognition X-ercises ™
(Deep level / subconscious Metacognition Role-playing incorporating Direct Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Positive Memory Reconstitution and Mindfulness).

Harnessing the power of your client’s Brain and Mind to effect sustainable changes.
The process of developing deep, self-awareness and learning from one’s past, present, and future.
The ability to self-assess and self-change.

In short, you will learn how use (in easy to follow steps) an advanced neuroscientific toolkit that can help all people (no matter their age or position) transform their life by building a better future for themselves.



We all face confounding daily life challenges in our world around us..

This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the latest scientific evidence and advanced toolkit how to change behavioral drivers that enhance productivity, creativity, greater resilience, well-being and help people move to their next level.



  "Your invaluable tools have provided my clients (from all walks of life) healthier, happy and more successful lives!
H. Jenson (Master Coach Graduate)
→ Diploma in Neurocoaching Graduates receive the Neuro Coach Diploma and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip. NC."
→ Master Certified Coach Graduates receive MCC Certification and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "M.C.C."
(Some Example Tools, Techniques and Knowledge content):

Module -1
 -Coaching Skills
→ Coaching and other related disciplines
→ Professional Coaching
→ Change Agent
→ Some Core Identities/Competencies of a Master Coach
→ Your Coaching Style -and Exercise
→ The Coaching Session
→ Dialogue
→ Questioning
→ Listening Skills
→ Trust and the ‘Holding Environment’
→ Transference and Counter-transference

Module -2
NeuroCoaching PROCESS
Skills Coaching Model & Forms and Stages of Coaching
Coaching Structure/Program Map
Coaching CYCLE –Assessment
Goal Setting
Developing an Action Plan

Module -3
The NEUROSCIENCE -Why it works!
Neuroscience and Train the Brain
The High-Performance Mind
Emotions, Feelings
Establishing a Well-Being / Neuro Fitness Program
Maslow, Self-actualization, and Transformation
Physiology or Psycho-physical (Mind and Body)
The Need to use the Observer-Self
Deliberative Thinking and Witnessing Awareness
How to Anchor States of Mind
Putting it all Together

Module -4
The Coaching Framework, MODELS,
Neuro Xperiential X-ercises and Case Studies
Desired Future Change Model
How to change our brain to become who you want to be
→ How to fulfil your Potential
→ Peak Performance Coaching
→ How to enhance Intuition

    -the key intelligence factor for great success
How to help people attain true self-realization
   -"the secret of our life."

How to build Strong Neural Pathways
   - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills and Intelligence

How to increase mental acuity, IQ and EQ



  • proven marketing strategies (for practices and in-house programs)
    - reference materials (important case studies, articles, papers) 
    - practice guides, study materials and resource listings

  • Specialties and how to find yours

  • Developing a Practice Philosophy

  • Why an Anti-Aging Therapist doesn't need university degrees in psychology, counselling or medicine. 

  • How to use foundation seminars and workshops

  • How to respond to the most common client situations

  • How to establish commitment, trust and intimacy with your clients

  • Drafting and Proposing the Contract of Services

  • Preparing efficient and effective results based sessions

  • How to design, implement and measure successful programs

  • How to prepare, design and conduct a session

  • Starting the Session

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • The structure of the client conversation

  • How to develop your Practitioner Style with your clients

  • Producing Measurable Results and How to measure the results

  • ...and Guide Notes, Case Studies, Example Interventions and Exercises..



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