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Dr Perry Zeus established BCI (the world's first professional coach training school) in 1994.






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Re: Coach Referral Services
To: Prospective Students,
       Businesses wishing to hire our Diploma graduates
From: Dr Perry Zeus (Faculty Head and Institute's Founder)

Subject: POST-COURSE PRACTICE SUPPORT PROGRAM for graduates in our Diploma courses.

Graduates of The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Diploma Courses are automatically eligible to receive
business coaching referral leads generated from the 500 +  visits each day from prospective clients searching for qualified graduates on our websites.


  • The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) does not charge a coaching referral fee.

  • We have an ethics clause in our policy not to compete with our graduates in the supply of coaching services.

  • BCI is strictly an educator and prides itself as a global leader in learning and development education for over 25 years with graduates in over 65 countries.

Our Diploma graduates obtain free lifetime listing on our internal Diploma Graduate Coach Registry which we use to match a client's needs and country location / language requirements with a graduate's profile and location.

To maintain our long-standing reputation as a learning center of excellence our highly valued, diploma coach credentialing programs are not open-programs -but strictly invitational for suitably qualified professionals only.

There are two student Diploma intakes each year in:

The number of available spots are strictly limited. The small number of places are typically assigned in the first few weeks at the beginning of a semester. Some Scholarships (limited financial assistance) are available each intake on a regional and financial needs basis.

Prospective Students: Enrolment (Request for an Invitation) Process.

Prospective Corporate / Business Clients: See Below Coach Services Referral Request Form.



Dr. Perry Zeus




 Coach Services Request Form


Yes, please refer me to a suitably trained graduate/s from one of your specialist, internationally recognized, Coach Diploma credentialing courses..


Business Name:

Contact Name:



Tel #'s: Direct Line

     Cell #' :




   Website : 


COACHING NEEDS (Including Budget details): 




Please Note: The Institute will contact you within 24 hours of receiving this Message.






  'The State of the Executive Coaching Profession':

Workplace Coaching today is a demanding discipline.
The professional coaching discipline has evolved dramatically over the last few years and bears little resemblance to its earlier predecessor. Today's organization needs to be assured they are employing advanced-level, best-practice standards and evidence-based, validated coaching tools and resources.

Coaching, by nature, is in a continual process of development and draws from a wide range of behavioral sciences and psychological disciplines. Achieving measurable, sustainable outcomes isn't a matter of simplistic goal setting and cheerleading but requires the skilful use of validated, proven behavioral change methodology and learning tools grounded in the behavioral sciences. The success of any modern day coaching program is also dictated by the scientific validity and measurability of outcome results..

For over two decades the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI -acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities in organizational coaching) has been teaching, developing and delivering proven behavioral-based coaching practices that are replicable and codifiable. These "world-best" standard practices and business models have validity of use because of their known, measurable, sustainable success.

Recent studies have revealed the greatest challenge to any organization is to change people's behavior. Of recent years, in the new world economy, there has been a growing demand from coaches and their clients for an industry-proven, modern day, coaching best-practice based on scientifically validated methodologies.

  For the last twenty years, the Institute has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations engaged in coaching to realize outstanding business outcomes through successful validated, world-best-class initiatives. Our trained and certified professional coaches have produced real solutions and real results and continue to be ahead of the rest of the coaching marketplace.

Dr Perry Zeus's best-selling, coaching text books (published and distributed in multiple languages by McGraw-Hill International -Education), contain input from our clients worldwide, and document many outstanding success stories of our students.

By working with hundreds of American, UK , European, Australian and Asian organizations, our team of expert facilitators understand the unique regional organizational coaching challenges and support requirements faced by our corporate, government and private clients. Equally, as the world's leading researcher and developer of coaching technology and after training and certifying thousands of coaches around the world, we intimately understand the personal and technical needs and ongoing support necessary for organizations and coaches to achieve continued coaching success.

Today, the behavioral coaching model, pioneered over the last decade Dr Zeus and Dr. Skiffington (The Institute's Founders), integrates the most advanced research on adult development and human systems theory into an elegantly simple and highly effective validated coaching model of practice. This industry-proven process is taught to the Institute's select students so they can effectively apply it in their practice to achieve sustainable, measurable, world best-standard results.




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