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" Your atomic self and the invisible elements that
connect you to everything else including the past,
 present and future in the universe "
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 Quantum Energy Coaching Course
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Welcome to the Quantum World!
Quantum physics is changing the way we think about reality, existence and what it means to be human. We are standing at the edge of a precipice where the next leaps in science and technology will make so many beliefs about our life obsolete and ridiculous. The question is: Are you prepared to be a part of tomorrow's success stories?



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“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.” – Eckhart Tolle


Here are some
Key Principles to Quantum Consciousness:

1. The physical element, “matter”—what we see, hear, touch, observe, measure, and experience. It is the physical existence. It consists of what one can observe and measure, such as frequency, mass, spin, charge, relationship, finance, career, body, electrons, gravity, electromagnetic field, etc.

2. Energy—is what moves and changes matter, such as momentum.

3. Information—what gives form and shape to the matter and energy

  The basic constituent of everything is the quantum vibrational field, which carries matter, energy, and information.

  Quantum energy vibrations extend over spacetime. They are the basic constituents of everything. They exist by themselves and are not carried by anything.

  The universal vibrational energy quantum field exists not only within the brain, but also encompasses the whole body and indeed the entire universe. Everything is part of this field and can access it. 

Consciousness is a quantum phenomenon.
Our conscious internal experience can be viewed as a kind of quantum reality.

Quantum physics shows us that everything arises from a vibrational field carrying matter, energy, and information, which can be mathematically described in terms of wavefunction. Conscious experience occurs through the activation and application of body that can receive vibrations via resonance or information, energy, and matter.


Consciousness relates to awareness. It is a subjective, nonpredictable experience of internal and external worlds. Consciousness is associated with a sense of self, feelings, choice, free will, control of voluntary behavior, memory, thought, language, and imagination.

Our conscious thoughts and emotions directly affect our physical world while our higher levels of consciousness and intentions actively interact with and shape the Quantum Field. Our superconsciousness (our 'Higher Self') has the potential to influence the fabric of reality in ways we're only beginning to grasp.


Note: Our Brain’s Neural Network is a Quantum Information System which quantum computers are being designed to replicate. That said, there are still many aspects to consciousness that still remains a mystery.



We are all connected and a part of the timeless Quantum Universe through our consciousness providing a bridge to:
a) flashes of energy we sometimes receive in the form of ideas, Deja vu, synchronicity, inspiration, knowledge, awareness, sensations and,
b) energy we can learn to shape with the course's Q Energy Codes to design desired future events.

The Quantum Field doesn't just give you access to ideas, knowledge and the means to shape your future, it gives you access to answers to deep questions. There is a teacher within and about us, waiting to be asked.

Through this unique course you will learn the underlying science to Quantum Energy Coaching (in basic language) and be provided with easy-to-use change models and tools to empower clients how to direct Energy Fields, in and around themselves. Some of the unlimited number of client benefits include:

  Creating a new, desired reality. Self Knowledge. Potential fulfilment. Sustainable High Performance. Reduced Stress, Anxiety. Better Health, Well-being. Self-Healing. Becoming the best person you can be.





"There is no limit to the range of client needs that Quantum Energy Coaching is effective for, from healing ourselves to creating the life we would prefer."
- R. Johansson (Graduate)




As Albert Einstein, (famous physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1921), once said: “There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.” 


Thus, we entered the domain of Quantum Physics.  

Our Brain has two Energy Networks - the Electromagnetic Field (EM) and Quantum (Cosmos) Field (QF).

Working in the Electromagnetic Energy Field to clear our current state of mind of any maladaptive emotions, fear. anxiety and insecurity.

We are all least insightful when we are held down by negative emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitude. To connect to our superconsciousness / Higher Self and access the Quantum Field of possibilities and knowledge we first need to have a positive, clear state of mind.

Background Notes:
The Human Body produces a limited (4-5 feet/1.5m)
Electromagnetic field

Our “bodies” are actually made up of four distinct energy parts— emotional, mental, spiritual and of course physical.
It's the electromagnetic vibrational phenomena that moves our muscles and powers our heart and brain.

Electromagnetic energy in the brain enables brain matter to create our consciousness and our ability to be aware and think. When feel emotions, think or do any action which is connected with our mind, our mind and heart gives off EM waves. The bio-magnetic fields of the body, though extremely tiny, can be measured. The study of the body's biofield is an active area of research with potential applications in fields such as biofeedback.

Emotions and follow on thoughts carry energetic frequencies / vibrations. 
houghts and Emotions have waves and produce electromagnetic effects. Emotions are energy. Thoughts are energy. Energy has weight and movement. Emotions and thoughts have weight and movement.


Using positive emotions helps the brain release chemicals that support healing and well-being.
By increasing awareness of what we are “feeding” the command center, we can be intentional about what we allow in, what we give permission to spread to the rest of the body,


To upgrade our potential and get different results, we must change the emotional drivers for our thoughts and our view of ourselves. To ask ourself  - ‘What Energy Field is driving my thinking and actions? "

The human body is also made entirely of quantum (cosmos) fields, just as everything else is made entirely of quantum fields. Humans are made of “quanta” (highly unified energy bundles) with the EM field  holding things together.






  Quantum (Cosmos) Energy Field.

Background Notes:
The Quantum Field (QF) is
the underlying fabric of reality.
the heart of quantum physics lies the concept of the Quantum Field. This is not merely a theoretical construct but a foundational aspect of our universe. Recent research suggests there are 24 or more fundamental quantum fields (depending how they are grouped).

What is the Quantum Energy Field?
- A sub-atomic world full of endless potential states; multiple dimensional subspaces spinning in synchronicity that hold an infinite number of possible representations of alternate, reality actions / events / results including powerful, seemingly better versions of ourselves in desired future outcomes. In the timeless Quantum Space all possible, alternate future space capsules / moments of a person's life exist. Each of us has the power through our super consciousness and associated actions to acuate a desired future.


Our basic physical reality is in fact an illusion.
Through Quantum Physics we are able to see behind the curtain of the physical world, our reality. Space and time are a singular construct.
It’s space x time. Quantum space time is a superposition: a quantum superposition of an infinite number of space times, all happening at the same time.


Quantum superposition shows us that our single universe, on a super sub-atomic level, is actually part of an infinite number of universes (in the past, present and future) which exist at the same. Each one of them has different things that are happening at some microscopic level. If we were are able to zoom out from our microscopic human perspective and view the infinite quantum world we would see certain patterns like space and time and matter emerge.
Superposition is a fundamental attribute of the quantum energy field that allows for the possibility of quantum parallelism -the condition in which an object can exist in multiple states / subspaces or configurations simultaneously.
Interference can be used to amplify certain states and thereby suppress others.
When an object is in a superposition of multiple states, these states can interfere with each other leading to constructive or destructive interference. This interference can be caused when a particular state /outcome is observed.

For example: Interference can be caused when our super or quantum consciousness is used in various ways to observe/access a particular desired future / subspace from alternate parallel related subspaces.
Quantum Law:
At any point in earth time, an object exists in an unlimited number of multiple, parallel quantum states / subspaces.

Steps to using Quantum Consciousness (our super consciousness) to energize a desired future:
  1. Clearing space in our electromagnetic field to provide a path to the infinite Quantum Field of possibilities
  2. Using a systematic, fast-tracked process to move in and out of the layers of our consciousness
  3. Using visualization, metacognition and our perception along with our super consciousness to open a gate to the Quantum Field in and around us.
  4. Selectively observing, say; a desired future snapshot of yourself in a particular time zone / situation / outcome to actualize
  5. Supporting the successful collapse of your desired future snapshot into reality by associated physical actions
  6. Repeating the above process until the chosen subspace / desired future collapses into reality and all other alternate subspaces / outcomes end.


In the quantum realm space and time just doesn't operate the same way as in the visible, physical world.

Human beings have very specific points of view ie; a singular point of view when they observe the superposition. We reside in just one of an infinite number of subspaces that hold all possible alternate moments of our life

It's about perspectives.

Humans share the same perspective, the same view on reality, how we see the world.  But you wouldn’t know other perspectives / alternate realities exist unless you’re able to flick between different realities. It's like reading a book with multiple endings, where in this case, you can choose the ending. Our perspective or point of view subsequently changes as we learn to unfold a desired subspace into our physical world.

The singular, perspective frame by frame rate of the human mind is so low in speed compared to the manifold frame rate contained in the infinite Quantum Space where all possible equations reside in the quanta/atomic invisible world. The universe is operating at like 100 million billion frames — while we watch our life movie at say; 100 frames per second. 

The world is fundamentally governed by quantum rules. Such as;
Reality is an infinite field of possibilities, potentialities and probabilities.
Quantum biology explains how the mind affects matter,
Our bodies and minds are governed by a confluence of classic and quantum laws of physics. 
Consciousness originates at the quantum level inside neurons, rather than the conventional view that it is a product of connections between neurons.

Recent research confirms that our conscious experience first has its origins in quantum phenomena in our brains.
According to
quantum physics, only fields are real. You and I are made up entirely of quantum fields. Our brain's quantum–light waves are part of a foundational energy matrix that permeates every corner of the universe (one field/oneness/infinite wavy energy, in tally with the string theory of the universe). From this vibrating sea of potentialities, every particle, every wave, and, indeed, all known and unknown facets of our reality emerge and interact. Whereas the electromagnetic field or electric field our body generates corresponds to a limited or finite projected wave (finite wavy energy).

One’s vibrational field—which is mathematically described by the wavefunction—determines all of one’s qualities and behaviors, including its detectors and processors of information, energy, and matter.


We are the creators of our own destiny.
Quantum science also demonstrates that the most fundamental substratum of reality is an infinite field of possibilities, a kind of giant attractor field that is both the source of all that is and the “glue,” that holds all potentialities together. Everything is potentiality in movement, even the objects within space and time that seem to be solid, fixed and stationary.

Everything in the universe emanates vibrations, is frequency specific, whether high or low

We’re interconnected with everything at a quantum level.

Thoughts are vibrational phenomena. Light is vibration in radiant friction. Sound, waves, all vibrational phenomena. Atoms are not solid, they are merely coherent patterns of vibration and spin. Electrons don't "exist", they blink in and out of existence continually.

When we experience a moment of 'Collective Unconscious' or the 'Universal Mind', time is simultaneous, not linear. All information is expressed (and available for access) in each and every quantum location. 
If time is simultaneous, all exists Now, past, present, future all "knowable" in the Quantum (cosmos) Field.

The intersection between quantum theory, metaphysical spirituality and philosophy has an established place in literature and science. Some of the terms used to describe the invisible world of the Quantum Field include; “Akasha”, “ether”, “Alayavijnana” to name a few. Nikola Tesla labelled it the; "..luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena.”  Quantum mechanics was developed after Nikola Tesla's time (1856-1943) -but the prolific inventor often acknowledged what he learned by tapping into the "Ether" / Quantum Field.
    Elon Musk studied quantum physics at university and openly acknowledges that he has applied elements of quantum mechanics in all of his endeavours. Many other scientists, artists and musicians also acknowledge this powerful, all knowing, timeless field as a source of knowledge and a connection of the 'Self' to the universe.   

The connection between our consciousness and the holistic realm, referred to as Quantum Reality by Quantum physicists.

The Greater Spark of Mind/Energy Flash, "predictive dreams", Synchronicity, Déjà vu. It's all available through the portal of our consciousness that can connect us to the Quantum Field (QF). Now, if we tune in properly...

This unique course provides easy-to-follow steps and easy-to-use tools how to best align our unique frequency to interact with the frequency of the greater Whole / Quantum (Cosmos) Field, to see our true personal shape, level of development and all possibilities and knowledge available to us. 


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Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >



Message from Dr Perry Zeus (Institute's Founder and author of several best-selling books on Behavior-based Coaching)..


Recognition and Awards:
- Acknowledged by the International Coaching Council (ICC) and International Coach Federation (ICF) as one of the founders and pioneers of the modern coaching disciple and top Master Trainers in Coaching in the world.

- Recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to the coaching profession, including the ICF Lifetime Achievement Award.

- Featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Coaches in the World."

   " Quantum Energy Coaching is the culmination of a lifetime of searching for the most effective way to help a client find who they are and reach their potential.

When I established the Institute in 1994 my goal was to develop an elite coach training school providing world best-class behavioral change coaching methodology. Today, my Faculty Team and I are proud to be the acknowledged world leaders in our field.

Through the ongoing extensive research and development program of our Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching Department (together with our global Global Partners and Faculty) we are able to provide a Quantum Energy Coaching Toolkit for our students containing the most current, scientifically proven set of powerful tools, techniques and best-practices available."





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Some Course Notes:
→Some Takeaways from the Energy Psychology Course
→What is QEC - Quantum Energy Signature ?
What is the Conscious Mind, Higher Self, Super-Conscious and Quantum Knowing?
→What is Quantum Reality ?
→What is Quantum Transcendence ?
→What is Quantum Shifting ?














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