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Quantum superposition shows us that our single universe, on a super sub-atomic level, is actually part of an infinite number of universes (in the past, present and future) which exist at the same. Each one of them has different things that are happening at some microscopic level. If we were are able to zoom out from our microscopic human perspective and view the infinite quantum world we would see certain patterns like space and time and matter emerge.
Superposition is a fundamental attribute of the quantum energy field that allows for the possibility of quantum parallelism -the condition in which an object can exist in multiple states / subspaces or configurations simultaneously.
Interference can be used to amplify certain states and thereby suppress others.
When an object is in a superposition of multiple states, these states can interfere with each other leading to constructive or destructive interference. This interference can be caused when a particular state /outcome is observed.

For example: Interference can be caused when our super or quantum consciousness is used in various ways to observe/access a particular desired future / subspace from alternate parallel related subspaces.
Quantum Law:
At any point in earth time, an object exists in an unlimited number of multiple, parallel quantum states / subspaces.
Steps to using Quantum Consciousness (our super consciousness) to energize a desired future

Clearing space in our electromagnetic field to provide a path to the infinite Quantum Field of possibilities.

Using a systematic, fast-tracked process to move in and out of the layers of our consciousness.

Using visualization, metacognition and our perception along with our super consciousness to open a gate to the Quantum Field in and around us.

Selectively observing, say; a desired future snapshot of yourself in a particular time zone / situation / outcome to actualize.

Supporting the successful collapse of your desired future snapshot into reality by associated physical actions.

Repeating the above process until the chosen subspace / desired future collapses into reality and all other alternate subspaces / outcomes end.



What is the Quantum Energy Field?
- A sub-atomic world full of endless potential states; multiple
dimensional subspaces spinning in synchronicity that hold an infinite number of possible representations of alternate, reality actions / events / results including powerful, seemingly better versions of ourselves in desired future outcomes. In the timeless Quantum Space all possible, alternate future space capsules / moments of a person's life exist. Each of us has the power through our super consciousness and associated actions to acuate a desired future.

Our basic physical reality is in fact an illusion.
Through Quantum Physics we are able to see behind the curtain of the physical world, our reality.

Space and time are a singular construct. It’s space x time. Quantum space time is a superposition: a quantum superposition of an infinite number of space times, all happening at the same time.
In the quantum realm space and time just doesn't operate the same way as in the visible, physical world.
Human beings have very specific points of view ie; a singular point of view when they observe the superposition. We reside in just one of an infinite number of subspaces that hold all possible alternate moments of our life.

It's about perspectives.

Humans share the same perspective, the same view on reality, how we see the world. But you wouldn’t know other perspectives / alternate realities exist unless you’re able to flick between different realities. It's like reading a book with multiple endings, where in this case, you can choose the ending. Our perspective or point of view subsequently changes as we learn to unfold a desired subspace into our physical world.

The singular, perspective frame by frame rate of the human mind is so low in speed compared to the manifold frame rate contained in the infinite Quantum Space where all possible equations reside in the quanta/atomic invisible world. The universe is operating at like 100 million billion frames — while we watch our life movie at say; 100 frames per second. 

Today's cutting-edge fields of quantum physics, neuroscience and neuropsychology invites us to reconsider the very nature of reality and embrace the concept that consciousness plays a central role in our lives and the universe. 

This revolutionary course provides students an incredible opportunity for self-exploration and the development of new frontiers in coaching with ground-breaking change models, tools and knowledge.





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