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Becoming a Quantum Energy Practitioner!






The multidimensional and omniscient higher self and its connection to the dimensionally-limited avatar (physical) self.

Our Higher Self immerses itself in the physical realm via our physical avatar.

An avatar (not to be confused with Digital Avatars -electronic representations of individuals) is a visible representation of a person. It comes from an ancient Sanskrit word “avatara” which means “descent” -when deities descend from heaven to earth in visible forms called “avatars”. Each human avatar / physical self is connected to an invisible higher self (super consciousness).



The higher self
can provide guidance to the avatar as it explores the physical world and experiences growth.

The vibrational energy of the higher self is at a much higher level than the physical self / avatar.

The Higher Self:

is a higher level of consciousness -the super consciousness
is connected to the Quantum Energy Field's invisible space where multiple versions of the past, present and future exist and an infinite source of knowledge and awareness can be accessed.
is the higher, wiser more peaceful expression of Self. 

Our higher self is there to guide us through life's journey. It is through the experiences and challenges faced by our avatar self that the higher self expands and grows -
gaining wisdom and understanding from our reality and when it is called upon providing awareness, knowledge and the ability to activate a desired future.

As we navigate through life, our higher self serves as our guiding force, allowing us to expand our perspectives and develop who we are and what we can be. 

The journey of the higher self and its avatar self is a profound and intricate process that continues to unfold throughout our aware, knowing and spiritual evolution.

Today's cutting-edge fields of quantum physics, neuroscience and neuropsychology invites us to reconsider the very nature of reality and embrace the concept that our Higher Self plays a central role in our lives and the universe. 

This revolutionary course provides students an incredible opportunity for self-exploration and the development of new frontiers in coaching with ground-breaking change models, tools and knowledge.



In the physical reality we are a composite of multiple forms of energies- body (gross) mind (subtle) and soul/spirit in which our core/presence is flowing in a state of ego-consciousness. In the quantum reality, you are not just a physical being, but a form of waves collapsing into actuality as particles (matter) under observation via individual consciousness flowing through life consciously, subconsciously or via our superconscious.


Unconscious is defined as the deep recesses of our past. Human’s conscious thoughts can’t examine this process because it occurs underneath the conscious awareness. Many view the unconscious and subconscious as two distinct phenomena. The subconscious, by contrast, is considered part of our consciousness process that is not actively in focal awareness.


The Subconscious (Lower Emotional Self) sometimes also labeled as the Unconscious -uses emotion, memory, and feelings. Examples of the subconscious are subconscious memory or automatic skills. The Subconscious can act as a bridge between the superconscious and conscious. The subconscious controls most of our life but draws from past actions and the habits we have created from them. Hence, ideas arising from the subconscious are not new. In comparison, the superconscious mind can provide us with novel and creative ideas.


The Conscious (Awareness – the Experiencer, Middle or Logical/Intellectual/Rational Self) -uses reasoning and inductive thinking.



is what we are aware with, what registers our impressions and perceptions and what we use to think with. Your conscious mind gives you your sense of identity, your feeling of being who you are. Below the surface, so to speak, there is an unconscious/subconscious mind which among many other functions, determines what our likes and dislikes and where new ideas and creative impulses come from. In our night dreams and daytime fantasies we see our unconscious mind at work as it sorts through our impressions, our past and also feeling out into the future.  Our conscious mind is only the “tip of the iceberg” and our unconscious mind is far more important than most people realize.

Consciousness is the experiencing factor in one’s mind. It is the state of being aware. Over time, as a person evolves, they learn that the answers to their questions are within them via their Higher Self or Observer Self.


THE HIGHER SELF is unencumbered by ego, the presence of total self-awareness and a link between the personal and the impersonal. It has a higher form of thinking and clarity and access to what is best labeled as "realization".

The Higher Self is seated within the super conscious section of the brain and contains total awareness of our 'Self'. Its role is that of witnessing the mind, to check and guide. Making us aware and conscious of all that the mind experiences/realizes. It remains absolute as it observes the mind. It is attached to the mind and enters into a subject-object relationship.




SUPERCONSCIOUS. a) This is when you are aware of something when the mind is absent. This is not a state of mind but pure awareness. This higher form of intelligence is finer than the mind, finer than the senses and is the means for rapid personal development and achievement.  

b) The Quantum Cosmic Field  - Cosmic Consciousness - Our graduate clients regularly report that when they access the Quantum Cosmos Field they feel connected to something greater than themselves and experience a sense of cosmic consciousness. Another common benefit cited is that they have become more selfless and compassionate because they are able to reach a higher purpose to their life.

This Super consciousness level is pure awareness/consciousness that transcends all boundaries when a person is instantly aware of something. There is no experience of body or thoughts; there is no experience, no 'experiencer', no self.  There is no self because when you are connected to the Quantum Cosmos Field you cannot experience a self.  

c) Universal consciousness or the universal mind. When you experience the mind as pure consciousness you experience 'knowingness', the very element of knowing. It’s as if space collapses -it is limitless. Only when you access this deeper sub-consciousness can you separate from your physical self.


'Knowing' versus rational knowing with direct knowing. -The discovery of presence. Knowledge transfer is via the experience of presence, being open and receptive. This clear state of being allows us to obtain a way of knowing (a source of infinite knowledge and guidance) that can transform our life by creating a bigger, brighter future.


When the sages and gurus said the answers are within us, they actually mean the answers are within us. We have our own personal google, our connection to the Quantum Cosmic Field / 'Universe' -the source for flashes of inspiration, ideas for books and movies and brilliant inventions. This Field doesn't just give you access to ideas, it gives you access to answers to deep questions. There is a teacher within and about us, waiting to be asked. But first we need to learn how to ask questions and seek guidance.


Note: Our Unconscious (Lower Self) cannot directly speak to the Super Consciousness (Higher Self). Only the Conscious (Middle Self) has the ability to communicate to the Super Consciousness (Higher Self) in the form of a mental picture. Hence the need for a Quantum Energy Coach to empower/guide their clients how to self-coach themselves by learning the language of Self-Dialogue and Visualization so they can submit their request to the Super Consciousness (Higher Self).

From where you are now to where you want to be, who you want to be..  

Quantum physics relates to the concept of consciousness and the role it plays in shaping who we are, who we can become and our reality. Consciousness plays a central role in our experiences and outcomes.  
In quantum physics, the concept of observer effect suggests that the act of observing and measuring a system can influence its behavior. This principle supports the idea that consciousness can influence reality.
Learning how to make real, transformational shifts in consciousness, as part of a daily practice, strengthens our ability and progress that makes any new endeavor not just possible, but successful.



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