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Becoming a Quantum Energy Practitioner!


Quantum Energy Coaching for Everyone!!





- At the subatomic level, we are energy waves shaped by vibrational forces.   

- When it comes to the mind, emotions, and behaviors, quantum physics is part of what determines how we think, feel, and behave.


- Recently, neuroscientists and physicists have begun to explore ways that our brains, at least in part, function as quantum machines.

- Today, quantum mechanics plays an important role in understanding what human consciousness is.  

Quantum Energy Coaching combines principles of quantum physics with neuroscience, psychology and consciousness studies.





At its core, Quantum Energy Coaching is about recognizing that we are all capable of creating our own reality. By utilizing the courses transformational Quantum Energy Coaching Toolkit, we are provided the keys to unlock the power of anyone's true potential and create a life filled with joy, abundance, and success.  

Some Key Quantum Reality Coaching Principals and Implications:

  • Today mathematicians and physicists generally accept the fact that the world is fundamentally governed by quantum rules.
  • Our bodies and minds are governed by a confluence of classic and quantum laws of physics.
  • At the Quantum level we are energy waves
  • Quantum Physics explains how Consciousness shapes reality
  • Everything is interconnected through the Quantum Field
  • We are part of a universal quantum consciousness
  • The quantum cognition approach draws upon a mathematical framework originally developed for quantum mechanics.
  • We can consciously manifest desired outcomes through accessing the Quantum Field
  • We have the ability to choose from quantum potentials to create our desired reality
  • We can draw knowledge and experiences from the universal consciousness
  • Neuropsychological tools empower us to expand awareness of our quantum self
  • We can assure positive future outcomes through the use of powerful mental exercises
  • Quantum Consciousness overcomes uncertainty and limiting futures
  • Visualization, attention, presence solidifies a desired reality we choose
The Coaching Bottom Line: By enrolling in Dr Zeus's fast-track Quantum Energy Course you will be provided all the knowledge and tools necessary how to coach your clients to use their connectedness and free will in a quantum universe of potentials where they gain choice over fate -empowering them towards rapid, sustained growth and fulfilment.  
Some Final Truths to Ponder.. - We know that the mind can influence the state of the physical world. - We also know that the intentions, emotions, and desires of an experimenter may influence experimental outcomes, even in controlled and blinded experimental designs. - We have established that the brain acts as a transceiver of mental activity. - Other organs, tissues, and cells in the body, as well as energetic signals from the universe, contribute to what we call the mind. - When we sleep, we are not fully conscious, but we are also not fully unconscious, as, for example, lucid dreams prove. 


Learning how to make real, transformational shifts in consciousness, as part of a daily practice, strengthens our ability and progress that makes any new endeavor not just possible, but successful.



With the Quantum Energy Coaching Toolkit you can help clients and yourself access levels of consciousness to create a new reality and release the brain to FLY..


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