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"Course participants learn how to guide clients move through their levels of consciousness to make rapid, lasting, transformation!"


Emerging research shows that quantum mechanical processes take place in our cells.
This new world is the missing link that you’re searching for, whether you’re a health practitioner, or someone trying to optimize your own health and your family’s.

According to quantum physics, only energy fields are real as all matter is energy.

The human body is 99.999999.% made of quantum (cosmos) energy fields, just as everything else is made entirely of quantum fields. Humans are made of “quanta” (highly unified energy bundles) with our bodies electromagnetic field holding things together.

Our brain's quantum–light waves are part of a foundational energy matrix that permeates every corner of the universe (one field/oneness/infinite wavy energy.


Quantum medicine is considered energy medicine.

Our body is not only matter but also vital energy. At the quantum level, all matter consists of energy — the smallest particle dissolves into just energy. This is profound because it means that if you can influence energy, you can change matter and reality. It also follows that If that vital energy is disturbed or blocked, it not only causes mental and physical discomfort but it can also bring diseases into the body.

Traditional medicine is based on a biochemical exchange. In quantum medicine, it is the communication of electromagnetic information between the cells that can determine our health.


A growing number of researchers agree that for biochemical healing to take place, the electromagnetic must precede the biochemical. I.e. the functioning of the electric impulses in the body must be corrected for any biochemical work to be effective and this is why many people don’t heal despite trying many things.

Our bodies energies are part of a bio-informational system needed for the body to function properly and survive. Energy supply is a necessary condition for the complexity of life (order, organization, compartmentalization), and any disturbance in energy metabolism may increase the likelihood of pathological outcomes by disturbing the physiological balance that sustains the healthy state.

Humans are more than our physical field of organs and tissues, we have the capacity to reconnect with our bodies vibrating electromagnetic field (read below) where our physical information resides, so we can maintain homeostasis (body equilibrium and stability).

Quantum Bioenergetics entails working with the quantum and electromagnetic energy fields in and around the body to help restore health. Most energy-related therapies cannot be explained by conventional physical, chemical, biochemical, or physiological mechanisms. Quantum physics however provides a paradigm to explain the Quantum Bioenergetics therapeutic approach.
Ancient Functional Energy Healing
Ancient scholars came to understand that everything is composed of the same energetic substance that vibrates at different frequencies. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, is based on the understanding of the transformation of universal Qi throughout the human body. According to this ancient theory, energy or Qi flows along energy channels or meridians that run throughout the body. When the flow of Qi is disrupted or blocked, it can be released by stimulating specific points along each channel.
Qi itself does not flow down the nerve but instead surrounds the electrical flow with an intangible field that can be manipulated to some degree. This is reminiscent of an electron flow in a magnetic field and also congruent with the concept of the chakras (Energy vortices) and nadis (as described in yoga as energy meridians or channels). Correcting the flow of energy is considered necessary to ensure restoration or maintenance of health. Acupuncture also deals with the body’s own energy.
The term quantum functional energy medicine refers to the biofield the field of energy and information that surrounds and penetrates the human body). It is composed of electromagnetic energy and subtle energy.  The bodies energy field maintains the integrity of the whole organism; regulates its physiologic and biochemical responses; and is integral to development, healing, and regeneration.
The concept of life force is ancient and common to many traditional healing systems that consider life energy flows throughout the body and that illness arises as a result of blockages, excesses, or irregularities in its flow. 
Many energy focused healing systems, such as Reiki and Qigong, postulate that an individual’s life force is connected with a universal life energy. Quantum physics  informs us that we need to consider, both a particle view and a wave view to fully describe and understand the true nature of matter at the atomic level.
Life Energy - Harmony 
Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. At the quantum level, all matter consists of vibrational energy fields. 
Frequencies, Dimensions, and Consciousness
In the human brain, alpha waves are a gateway to deeper states of consciousness. They promote mental coordination, calmness, alertness, inner awareness, mind–body integration, and learning.
An individual’s bio-frequency can directly correlate with their state of health. Electromagnetic energy imbalance can negatively affect the specific vibrational frequencies of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs within the body. This energetic alteration often manifests as chemical imbalances that are associated with many diseases and illnesses.
Quantum Resonance - the need to restore an organ's vibrational frequency in harmony with rest of the body.
Every organ and every cell in the body has its own resonant energy frequency. Together, they make up the bodies composite frequency. When one organ in the body is out of tune, it can affect the whole body. The bodies electromagnetic rejuvenation energy resonates at many different cellular frequencies and can tune each cell (by resonance) back to its original cellular frequency. 
Consciousness is one form of energy.
Consciousness refers to a state of total awareness or perception -the highest level of energy. Consciousness as a physical process is caused by the organization of energy in the brain. Consciousness is the vehicle to direct our attention to whatever is important for our survival.  Quantum Consciousness is in an entangled state with the physical universe where information exists outside the body.

QUANTUM PHYSICS -Quantum regeneration
Quantum physics informs us that all matter is composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Underlying these vibrations is an absolute Quantum energy medium that can be everywhere at once. This energy meridian exists throughout the entire Universe and our bodies.
Quantum physic's wave-particle duality concept states that the movement of a particle through the absolute energy medium creates waves that can electro stimulate living tissue at the subcellular level and thereby energize the life force. This has huge implications for the healing of our bodies.
The right directed energy wavelength has now been proven in multiple studies to be capable of performing a specific therapeutic action. 
The human body is a quantum bio-physic phenomenon.
It is an interplay of frequencies with molecules to provide the appropriate information to sustain  “homeostasis,” or health. Quantum physics describes our universe and all matter as fluctuating fields of energy. 
When our brain-mind-body continuum is unable to reproduce the necessary equilibrium to sustain health, the resulting deficiency in electronic energy produces imbalance, often throughout the system, which can develop into injury or disease. 
Quantum Bioenergetics is a holistic energy intervention paradigm to maximize the state of our health.


Quantum Physics informs us that all matter is energy.

- Our bodies two Energy Networks -The Electromagnetic Field and Quantum (Cosmos) Field


Energy, the driving force behind good and ill health
"Lack of energy is a typical symptom for most major diseases, like heart disease, many types of cancer, autoimmune diseases.." -Harvard Medical School. It follows that a growing body of scientific research is beginning to confirm that “​all disease is lowering of one’s energy.” A low psycho-emotional state affected by negative emotions actually causes our life energy to shrink​.

If our bodies vital energy is disturbed or blocked, it will not only cause mental and physical discomfort but it can also bring diseases into the body.


Our “bodies” are actually made up of four distinct energy parts— emotional, mental, spiritual and of course physical. It's the electromagnetic (EM) vibrational phenomena that moves our muscles and powers our heart and brain.

The field of electromagnetic frequencies has been studied for over a century now and scientists have found that everything has its own vibrational frequency and it can be measured precisely (in hertzes).

Electromagnetic energy in the brain enables brain matter to create our consciousness and our ability to be aware and think. When we feel emotions, think or do any action which is connected with our mind, our mind and heart gives off EM energy waves.

Energy can convey information.
Much of our technology is based upon this scientific fact. Radio waves are an example. New groundbreaking research into quantum gravity now assumes that energy is information.


Information makes sense (to humans) of data carried by energy.

For instance, electromagnetic waves can carry tons of data ie; your favorite radio station broadcasts on frequency modulation (FM) which carries slightly different frequencies of radio waves.

We all get information by observing the property called ‘energy’ in various things. 

Energy is the conduit for information exchange. In fact a growing number of researchers are suggesting that very basis of the universe may not be energy or matter but information it transmits.

Quantum medicine implies that our vital energy carries information that can be potentially negative / harmful or positive / beneficial.

Quantum medicine shows us that disease is not only a biological problem anymore but also as a lack or blockage of energy information running through the body.

Emotions carry energy. It is well documented that using positive emotions helps remove energy blockage and negative energy Positive, adaptive emotions also prompt the brain to release chemicals that support healing and well-being.






Human beings have not consciously learned how to discharge negative traumatic energy. For many animals this process is autonomic but for the human being this negative energy remains lodged in the body forever until such a time it is actively discharged, even if that takes place decades later. Each type of negative emotion has its own electromagnetic frequency.
Note that a traumatic event doesn’t necessarily have to be something extreme. For example; a child being sent to the principal's office to be disciplined for something they didn’t do can be very traumatic. Many of our traumas stem from childhood as we don’t have the requisite skills to do deal with the trauma at the time.
That said, if the child may somehow find a way to reconcile the events taking place and console themself in thinking the principal is merely doing his job and he’s better off indoors instead of playing outside in a cold winter's day with the other kids. The chances of any negative energy lodging itself in the body are next to none. This is also why some people are emotionally paralysed by certain events while others are not.
Even if a person may have forgotten a traumatic event some time ago, their nervous system has not. They will continue to be disturbed by this trauma and present issues until the trauma is addressed and negative energy discharged.
How a person chooses to interpret the reality of a traumatic event is up to him. It is not trauma in of itself, it is the response to the trauma that matters.

Can we understand Our Self and heal it?


1. By exchanging key emotional drivers we can change the level and type of Electro Magnetic energy used. For example; the property of energy that contains positive information has the power to generate a preferred, desired future healthier outcome for the user. However, according to the existing quantum theories and knowledge we cannot change the health information related to our past but we can exchange the negative emotions / energy with positive energy through changing our viewpoint to the traumatic event.

2. By increasing "awareness" of what emotions we are “feeding” into our brain and mind (the command center), we need to be "intentional" about what type of local energy we producing and what energy we give permission to spread to the rest of the body,


Today, Quantum medicine shows us that disease is not only a biological problem anymore but also as a lack or blockage of energy information running through the body.

Q: So, how can we unblock the flow of harmful information attached to energy which may be causing or affecting a health issue?


A: By promoting profound energy healing of the mind and body by accessing and changing the energy types and levels of our being.

Quantum physics provides a scientific explanation for the manner in which deep transformations in consciousness can produce extraordinary forms of healing in the body.


Our superconsciousness / Higher Self provides us the means to try and understand what is going on inside our body to help heal it.

Consciousness through our thoughts, emotions, and intentions aren't just passive experiences; they actively interact with and shape our Energy Fields. Our mind has the power to influence our wellbeing and the fabric of reality in ways we're only beginning to grasp.

The quantum realm of energy is governed by a set of still formulating rules (quantum mechanics, quantum thinking) which are different than the set of rules that govern the classical physical realm.

In this new science / methodology, our consciousness enables a “transcendent function” through which a person can connect with and change their physical realities.

Consciousness is also a dimension..


Note; By changing a viewer's perspective they may observe it differently. So, the way of looking is very important and it should be looked from the "right" angle.

Observing the 'Self' from multiple perspectives provides us the doorway to using Quantum energy forces to create our desired reality.





Consciousness Expansion
Accessing our Energy Fields by our superconscious state (our highest level of consciousness) connects us to a higher state of being and physical functioning
. For instance, when you find yourself in a flow-state or “in the zone” you are tapping into the superconscious potential. This is the space where rapid personal growth and physical health transformation occurs. It is a guide/roadmap to our desired Future Self.


This very special course shows you how to customize easy-to-use, quantum-neuro experiential exercises to facilitate each client's connection with the quantum (cosmos) field (the matrix of all possibilities).

As the client raises their energy levels, they open the door to becoming one with the unified electromagnetic and quantum energy fields. This powerful 'aware' energy, in turn, attracts more of the same positive, health inducing energy.


How it Works!
Quantum-neuro decoding experiential coaching sessions.

Guided by the Quantum Energy Practitioner the client moves through different stages of consciousness enabling the brain and quantum information processing system to develop and anchor new neural internal connections empowering desired behavioral patterns / future outcomes.

Empowering the Client to Self-Coach / Self-Heal
Upon conclusion of the experiential sessions the client is taught how to easily reinforce and practice the new, stronger, healthier Future Self to actuate the desired Future Outcomes / Health Goals.


In Quantum Medicine a change in consciousness can produce a profound healing of the body, such as spontaneous remissions. These extraordinary forms of healing are related to understandings of quantum physics and of consciousness.



  CASE EXAMPLE: REMISSION and working with maladaptive emotions at play in a person's electromagnetic field and using the superconsciousness to actuate a desired future outcome..  


A complementary approach to existing medical treatment.
A growing number of people who are fighting cancer or a wide range of other health issues with a conventional medical treatment program are also using Quantum Energy healing as part of a holistic mind-body approach.

Understanding the molecular biology of cancer is already revolutionizing the way that cancer is treated and how people respond to treatment.

Some Background Notes:

All oncologists' report seeing spontaneous remissions and have a number of patients who have done very much better than expected.

There are many testimonies on the internet and in the media of people whose cancer went away by itself once they decided to change their mindset, diet and lifestyle.

Many medical practitioners regularly note that spontaneous remissions almost certainly result from the immune system's balance shifting toward less inhibition and more aggression with respect to the cancer. There's always inhibition against attacking one's own cells. There are also triggers for recognizing when cells have become cancerous, so that those cells can be destroyed. Sometimes something “wakes up” an immune system.

So, how can we help bring about deliberate spontaneous remission of the cancer?

From the Quantum medicine perspective one of the most important things to do is address any and all life issues so that any emotional reactivity ceases. Other noted key factors can include; radically changing the diet, embracing social support and developing strong reasons for living.

The 2 key steps in taking control of our health is:

  1. Increasing positive emotions and exchanging or releasing maladaptive or suppressed negative emotions. 
  2. Observing the 'Self' from multiple perspectives and accessing the Quantum Energy Field to create a desired reality.


Another key to any successful transformation is for the person under treatment to distance themselves from any people looking to adversely affect; removing offending persons from their life who have negative power / a toxic influence over them.

Note: A number of recent Studies have confirmed that persons with a categorized low in emotional acceptance, awareness, clarity, or strategies to manage emotion were less likely to be fully remitted. This underscores the importance of a person’s positive reactions to new viewpoints/ideas versus fixed perceptions. Further studies have also found that persons who have difficulty managing stress, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, anger will have a lower chance of remission. Hence the need for those persons to first engage in emotion regulation exercises ie; working in the electromagnetic energy field.

Today, Quantum Medicine is very real.
Therapeutic actions of biophotons, redox molecules are part of effective medicine. A large part of modern medical treatments and imaging techniques are based on quantum physics eg; MRI. Thanks to the advent of nanotechnology, which is used to create quantum dots, there are new ways to detect diseases and treat them.

Meanwhile, science is bringing more and more quantum elements to our lives. Thanks to quantum physics, we now have the use of products like iPhone, smart televisions, quantum super computers, quantum energy generators, space navigation and many more. There is a worldwide revolution taking place as more and more people learn how to tune into the quantum universe of infinite knowledge.

This unique coaching course translates the latest science research in quantum energy into simple, actionable strategies for achieving individual fulfilment, peak performance, creativity, optimum mental health and enhanced wellbeing.

Working with Quantum Energy is a third wave psychological approach (looking forward and not backward) to achieving sustainable, positive change in a short time frame.

The operating principles of Quantum Energy Health Science have been developed over recent years primarily from the field of evidence based psychology, neuroscience and quantum science.


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