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How to obtain internationally recognized Accreditation for
your coaching or learning and development course



This fact sheet explains the process to have your course (as the course owner) internationally accredited by the International Coaching Council (one of only 3 recognized global coaching accreditation bodies).

Note: In the last few years there has been an explosion in the number of professional and personal development courses offered over the internet. Many of which are a low standard or just generic cut-outs of other courses and carry little value in the Learning and Development Industry.

In response to the increasing proliferation of training providers in a crowded global marketplace the ICC and BCI have formed a special partnership. As a Founding Board Member of the ICC and given the Behavioral Coaching Institute's (BCI) position as the world's leading developer of coaching technology (for over 20 years) -the ICC has formed
a unique arrangement with BCI enabling it to assign ICC accreditation to quality-rated training programs. This special accreditation program helps meet the need for prospective students around the world confirm the value and international standing of coaching
courses offered to them. 


Firstly, what is an accredited course? 

 - Accreditation of a course is confirmation that your course:

• meets your national quality assurance requirements,

• meets established industry, enterprise, educational, community need -as verified by a recognized international industry expert/authority or organization (eg; BCI), and

• provides appropriate competency outcomes and a basis for assessment. 

 - Your course can be:

• a short course with a Statement of Attainment or Completion ‘Course in’ outcome, or

• a long form course that provides a qualification recognised by your national educational Qualifications Framework, for example, a Diploma.  

Note: Accredited courses can also be delivered by a training provider if the provider has entered into a partnering arrangement with an Accredited Course Developer (ACD)  (eg; Behavioral Coaching Institute) to deliver a ICC Accredited course developed by the ACD (eg; BCI’s courses via our Licensing/Partnering Program). 

Timeframe for course accreditation / processing of your application.
 - Typically within 10 days. However, timeframes may vary according to the quality of the submission.

 - Accreditation Certificate issued by ICC upon receipt of Accreditation fee

Accreditation Fee
 - Varies according to course type/audience/student fee/frequency held/location/local currency etc.

Qualification Required
 - The course owner and any other course facilitator are required to be subject matter experts in the subject field they work/teach in. To ensure there is a minimum standard level of knowledge of all facilitators delivering ICC accredited courses only graduates of the Institute's ICC Accredited Master Coach Course (MCC) are eligible to apply. Note: 1. The invitational Master Coach course is available via Campus, Distance Learning or Self-Study Format. 2. Special Scholarships are available. 3. The Master Coach Course can be completed within a week and there is no requirement for further training/mentoring etc.  See: Master Coach Course Registration Details




Application Form for Accreditation of your Course

-Yes!  -I would like to learn more how my course can be internationally recognized / accredited:

I note to to obtain Accreditation for my course I will also need to enroll in the Institute's Master Coach Course.
-I have already completed the Institute's Master Coach Course and are therefore qualified to apply.
-My organization has had some of our personnel already trained by your Institute



Full Name :


Company :


Address :


Tel. #'s :


Email Addresses:

-Your Position :    
  - and/or Title :    Owner         President/CEO   Vice President
   Director      Manager            Advisor 
  -Decision Making
   Process :
   I am the final decision maker.
   I have influence in the decision making process.
   I may make a recommendation to proceed.
    - The Name of the Final Decision Maker is: 
As the course owner are you also the developer of the course? - Yes   -No
-If not who developed the course and how did you acquire the course?
What is your professional background -and qualifications?
How long have you worked within the industry sector your course is designed for?
Course Name and type:
What need is there for the course?

Brief Course Description
  -List of Course Modules

Do you intend to share or license the course to other parties?  - Yes   -No
What is the typical targeted student profile?
Course Duration and Cost in USD per student?   
Number of courses to be conducted in per year?
Class size? 

As the owner of the course are you also its sole facilitator?  - Yes    -No
-If not, please describe a brief statement of qualifications of other facilitator/s



Please Note: BCI will contact you within 48 hours of you sending this Form!




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