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Becoming a Quantum Energy Practitioner!

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Today we are seeing a progressively deeper understanding of the nature of reality.
A tree? A flower? This computer? All things in existence are being held together in space in the form of an object. But. what is the force that is keeping them together?
We are part of the universe in that we are made up of atoms created in and by the universe.

Everything in the Solar System - including our bodies - was made from the debris of very large older stars.

When we’re done with our body, those atoms move on and create something else.

Atoms and molecules operate the invisible world but are not in control and nor are the mindless laws of nature.

Atoms themselves are lifeless and without consciousness.

Our brains are made of a large number of neurons. The universe has no neurons.
When you look up to the night sky, you are really the universe looking at itself. The subject/object is an arbitrary mental illusion. There is only one thing looking at itself. 
A view proposed by an ever-growing number of quantum researchers is that the Universe is a neural network, a living, evolving entity, and we are not mere passengers on this revolving rock, but form part of the Universe’s consciousness through our interconnected consciousness.
We use our mind to operate in the physical world and our consciousness, harboured in our brain, to connect to the universe's cosmos consciousness which we are a part of.


"Your situation isn't what decides what you are -it's your consciousness / state of mind!"

From where you are now to where you want to be, who you want to be..

Shifting is real, and we all do it. We are not talking about some TikTok explanation or pseudoscience blurb!

Making real, transformational shifts in consciousness, as part of a daily practice, can strengthen our ability and progress that makes any new endeavor possible.

A Quantum Shift is all about obtaining self-awareness and managing our life differently.


" What are some of the beneficial side-affects reported by clients from Quantum Energy Shifting and accessing the Quantum Field? Here are just a few:  

Clearer understanding of their life's Purpose and Intentions

Clearer thinking Great Self Knowledge

Inner Peace

Greater Insight and access to Higher levels of Knowledge

More Motivated More Sympathetic and better able to relate to others

Higher Sense of Intuition Better Health and a greater understanding of the Body



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Dr Perry Zeus is internationally acknowledged as a founder of the modern coaching discipline, best-selling author of several coaching text books and today’s foremost developer of science-based, human behavior coaching methodology. He is also the Founder of BCI and Primary Course Developer of the Quantum Energy Coaching Course.

Recognition and Awards:
- Acknowledged by the ICC and ICF as one of top Master Trainers in Coaching in the world.
- Recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to the coaching profession, including the ICF Lifetime Achievement Award.
- Featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Coaches in the World."









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