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CHINA Graduates






Diploma & Master Coach

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  Master Coach Alumni Public Listing
  BCI Graduates in China

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   - By Location and Name


Graduates Worldwide: Graduates Worldwide: Since 1994, the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) and its Learning Partners has produced over 6,000 graduates (from over 60 countries) from our internationally recognized Master Coach certificate program.
Many of these graduates are now some of the corporate world's leading, successful coaching practitioners. As a private, specialist learning institution we are able to forge strong working relations with our graduates to bring more value to their professional careers.




Under the sanction of the International Coaching     Council (ICC)

Note: All Master Coach graduates automatically become full members  International of the Coaching Council (ICC -an internationally recognized coach accreditation body and a global workplace coaching industry group). As confirmed by Wikipedia (the world's largest and most respected online encyclopaedia) -the ICC is one of only two professional coach coach training accreditation bodies that are internationally recognized.



Note: - This is a listing of coaches and corporate clients who have graduated through BCI China. Click here to view BCI's Graduate Page.

- The below listed contact names are strictly to be used by individuals or organizations seeking to contact graduates who work in private practice regards supply of coaching services.
- The Institute takes client confidentiality very seriously. Information about our clients (individual graduates or organizational clients) is shared with no one. The Institute will not acknowledge requests for information about a client without their prior written consent.
- The Certified Coaches (working in private practice and within organizations) listed on this page have satisfactorily completed the Institute's Master Coach course and may also possess additional qualifications to provide specialist professional coaching services.


Individual Coaches Directory  (See below)

BCI's Corporate Client Directory   
The below Corporate Client Directory contains a few of the many leading organizations around the world that have had key personnel undertake the Institute's Master Coach Certification.

  Note:  -For Coach Referral Service see our: International Coaching Panel of Expert Coaches - For Consulting/Advisory Services to organizations see:  Other Services


A Master Coach Graduation photo from Shanghai




 - Graduates who have completed
Master Coach Courses conducted in CHINA


Graduate classification is also based on completion of past or current versions of BCI's Courses.

As coaching is an evolving discipline the course curriculum is significantly updated each year with the latest proven behavioral change techniques, methodologies, skill sets and case studies. It follows that the Institute encourages our graduates to update their knowledge, tools, techniques and best practices every 3 years by undertaking the latest Master Coach Course. 

The Coach Mastery / Accreditation Program
- 6 Tiered Designation Hierachy - Level of Practice
 1 through to 6
A Continuing Professional Development Program for our top graduates commitment to the principle of lifetime learning...
- Our members believe that not only their clients but their own professional development is a lifelong pursuit. They understand their certification course and follow-on mentoring and support program is just a beginning...  


            BCI China: Graduate classification -LEVEL 1* (Unless otherwise denoted)
Graduates who have completed the current advanced Master Coach Course that contains the latest third
             generation coaching technology and current case studies and best practices.  


Todd Montgomery
Amanda Van de Klundert


Peter J. Karlsson 
Tomas Gustafsson  
Jane Zheng
Matthew Chen

Wen Zhao
Michelle Dong
Cindy Wang

Gwyn Godfrey

Adrianna Sokal 
Evelyn Tian
Lee Chun
Wang Jie
Kim Jin
Walter Chan
Stephen Martin
Catherine Yin
Sonia Tan
Natacha Catalino
Christine Hu
Gebi Liang    


Siru Heino

Thierry Lambourg

Nadia Benz      

   Hong Kong
 Mickie Leong

Mascha Soonius 

           New Zealand
Roger Dutton   
Quin Thong
Loo Seoh-Ling
Choy Kiew Ho

Bengt Hermansson 

Reid Tolley 
Michelle Cai
Victoria Tucker

Tony Vaughan
Mark Lawrence

         *** Note: - For Coach Referral Service see our : International Coaching Panel of Expert Coaches
                      - Some of the Coaching Specialties of our Graduates



BCI's  Partial Corporate Client List -CLICK here for latest list

         Abu Dhabai Marine Operating Co.
         ABN Amro
         American Express
         American Medical Systems
         Antares Corporation
         Bae Systems
         Baytec Institute
         Benz Technology International
         BHP Billiton
         Cathay Hotels
         Citibank Global
         Coal and Allied
         Co-operative Financial Services
         Credit Suisse
         CNL Financial Group
         Daimler Chrysler Services Academy
         Dubai World
         Edward Jones Financial Group

         Eide Bailey
         Empowering Lantinas
         Ernst & Young
         Estée Lauder Companies
         Federal Express
         Ferro Corporation
         Howard Hughes Medical Institute
         Hong Kong RealStar Property
         Intel Semiconductor
         Jane's Information Group
         Japan International Business Recruitment
         Kiewit Corporation  
         Lao Telecommunications
         L J Hooker Real Estate
         Lloyds TSB Bank
         Logos Business Solutions
         Lux South Korea
         Maritime Life Assurance Co.

         Mass Mutual Financial Group
         McKinsey & Company
         Morgan Bay Management
         Motor Insurers' Bureau -UK
         Nortel Networks
         Oil India
         Parexel International
         Performance Development Partners
         Petroleo Brasileiro
         Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals
         PT Dima Indonesia
         RasGas Qatar
         Red Cross
         Rickett Benckiser
         Rockwell Automation
         Saatchi & Saatchi, NY
         Saudia Aramco
         Schroders Investment Management
         Seaboard Energy
         Seagate Technology
         Shell Global Solutions
         Siemens Medical Solutions
         SingHealth Polyclinics
         Silkroad Corporation
         Sony Corporation
         Starcom UK

         Synoprise SA
         Telecom Directories
         Telewest UK
         The Bank of New York
         The Sherwin-Williams Co.
         Walt Disney World
         Wells Frago
         Whitbread UK
         Wichita Company Limited
         Wm Wrigley Jr. & Co.
         Woolworths Group
         World Vision

         Government and Educational Clients...
         Australian Defence Organization
         Brazilian Coaching Society
         Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
         Clear Channel University
         Department of Defence
         Educational Comm. for Foreign Medical Students
         Hong Kong Civil Service Bureau
         Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
         Lower Colorado River Authority
 MBA Empresarial
         Ministry of Defense Singapore
         Mount Royal University
         National Health Service UK
         NSW Department of Education
         NSW Secondary Principals' Council
         Performance University (USA)
         PNG Education Department
         Queensland Government Corporate Solutions
         Royal Australian Air Force
         Rural Ambulance Victoria
         Singapore Civil Service College
         Liverpool Hope University
         University of Pretoria
         University of Westminster (Business School)
         University of W.I., Centre of Mgt. Development
         University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust
         U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

         US Department of Natural Resources & Environment        
         Water Corporation, WA








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