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Child Behavior Coach

Accredited Credentialing Courses



Guiding big kids, teens and emerging adults (aged 6 to 25*)


Recommended by World leading Authorities in Child Development, Professionals, Parents & Caregivers alike...




Helping ALL young people be their best Self!


Child Behavior Coach Training Course


Future Building









Making positive, transformative life change..






The advanced program is organized in modular, manualized, knowledge sets, tools and practices.

The program combines scores of procedures into a flexible learning and reference system and uses expert-designed, easy-to-follow, case-studies and skill application notes to help design intervention plans to fit a child’s needs.

The extensive study pack provides clear step-by-step instructions, activities, example scripts, time-saving tips, forms, client explanatory handouts and practice worksheets for sessional work with children and their parents/caregivers.

The world recognized, fully Accredited, Credentialing, Self-Study Program includes:
  Comprehensive E-Course Professional Reference Library (See below page) - plus Video References / catalogue of coaching, discussion and analysis with world leading behavior change experts and practitioners.

Course Modules (See below page) contain Summaries and Exercises (plus answers).
Coaching Tool Kit includes; Change Methodology, Forms, Sample Intervention Forms, Practice templates, Checklists etc)
Certificate, Certified Graduate Coach Logo, ICC membership logo & Gold Seal Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More

Dynamic Lessons, Coaching Inventories, Checklists, and Assessments,
Coach Checklists, Coaching Tips, Coach Starter Kit and Professional Coach Kit, Client Inventories and Checklists, Case Studies,
Resources - invaluable child behavior coaching, personal development and scientific resources and readings to draw from, Available Back-Up Support and Access to world’s leading coaching experts -these sessions support any practice needs...





Program Format Options:

Fast-tracked E-Learning for individual practitioners (15 to 50 hours -depending on course) with Full Certification.


For professionals working inside large organizations / learning institutions: Bi-Annual. 2 Day, Very Small Group, Campus Practicum Program. Training practitioners to deliver the course inside organizations to: a) support, retain and progress their working parents or, b) train staff who work with children.
As both of these Programs are invitational there is:
No required Add-on coach training or mentoring hours
No assessment
No set Starting or Completion time -For Self-paced E-Learning
***Note: this Semester is about to close Full..

NOTE: This is not an open program to all people. As an invitation only behavior coach training course, Dr Zeus and his Student Selection Panel carefully select individuals who share the same caring values to children and can work at the highest level as specialist child behavior health advocates. 

See LINKS (below Curriculum) for Invitation..

This comprehensive Program combines scores of behavior change procedures into a flexible learning and reference system and uses expert-designed, easy-to-follow, case-studies and skill application notes to help design intervention plans to fit a child’s needs.

The program manuals provide clear step-by-step instructions, activities, example scripts, time-saving tips, forms, client explanatory handouts and practice worksheets for sessional work with children and their parents/caregivers.

Plus Video Catalogue of coaching, discussion and analysis with world leading behavior change experts and practitioners.

LEVEL 1 Course. Master Certified Child Coach Certification:

The SKILLS required to be a Master Certified Coach
→ Professional Behavior Coaching
→ Coaching young children
→ Coaching teens / youth
→ Parent Training and Coaching
→ Family Coaching
→ Individual versus Group Coaching
→ Becoming a Behavioral Change Agent
→ Some Core Identities and Competencies of the Behavioral Master Coach
→ Your Coaching Style
→ Planning the Coaching Session
→ Dialogue, Questioning and Listening Skills
→ Establishing an environment of Trust
→ Dealing with Transference and Counter-transference
→ Steps to building a Child / Youth Coaching Program for an individual, family or group.
→ How to prepare, design and conduct a coaching session
→ Skills Intervention Coaching Model of Practice
→ Behavioral Coaching Structure and Program Map
→ The Behavioral intervention CYCLE
→ Types of Evaluation
→ Follow-up and Reporting

The Models and Tools underlying Science -Why it works!
→ Neuropsychology and the Brain
→ Achieving, sustainable, desirable Healthy Change
→ Building the Neuropsychological Change Bridge
→ Managing the Fear of Change
→ Building towards SELF-Integration
→ The Study of Personality
→ Personality Development
→ Function of Behavior
→ The evolution of the Brain
→ The Brain's Limbic System
→ How to establish new cells in the Brain
→ High Performance Brain Training
→ How to coach children to function in a zone of optimal well-being
→ How to replace negative, repressed Emotions
→ How to achieve Emotional Competence
→ How to release entrapped Energy in the Body
→ Heart and Brain relationship
→ Managing Emotions and Feelings
→ Health and individual performance
→ How to establish an enhanced Mental Fitness Program
→ Body and Brain connection
→ The Need to use the Observer-Self
→ Deliberative Thinking and Witnessing Awareness
→ Changing Brain through Meditation and Mindfulness
→ Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
→ Difficulty of Changing Beliefs
→ Cognitive Restructuring
→ How to Anchor States of Mind
→ Becoming a Child Development Change Practitioner.
LEVEL 2 Course. Diploma in Child Behavior Coaching and Parent Coaching:
 -combines content of above Level 1 Course
Next Generation Coaching V
he Coaching Framework, Change Models, Neuro X-ercises and Case Studies
Wellness, Child Development Psychology
→ Biohacking
→ Desired Future Change Model
→ How to build Emotional Fitness Programs for all
How to change our brain to become who you want to be
→ How to fulfil our Potential
→ How to replace Fearful, Negative Emotions
→ Optimum Wellbeing Coaching -Boosting health & productivity
→ How to use advanced Visualization techniques to build a healthier, brighter future
Working with Energy Renewal, Stress and Pain
How to help children overcome Anxiety
- the most destabilizing, negative force.
How to enhance Intuition
- the key intelligence factor for great success
How to work with the Past Self & Present Self to build a better tomorrow
How to help children attain true self-realization
   -"the secret of our life."

How to build Strong Neural Pathways
   - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills and Intelligence

How to increase mental acuity, IQ and EQ
→ Consciousness is in the Driver’s Seat
→ Methods of altering Consciousness
→ How to build and manage a thriving practice


LEVEL 3 Course. Dual Certificate Program for PROFESSIONALS
combines content of above 2 Courses PLUS

  Special May BONUS. If offered a place, you will also receive, at no extra cost, the below additional Professional Business Practice Services Resources Library (over 300 pages).
Value $us395.00

Steps to building a Corporate In-House Parenting Support Coaching Program.
proven marketing strategies (for practices and in-house programs)
- reference materials (important case studies, articles, papers) 

- practice guides, study materials and resource listings
Specialties and how to find yours
Developing a Practice Philosophy
Why you don't necessarily need university degrees in psychology, counselling or medicine
How to build a successful practice using the telehealth (video) service delivery model
How to use foundation seminars and workshops
How to respond to the most common client situations
How to refer clients to specialist medical and psychological practitioners if need be
How to establish commitment, trust and intimacy with your clients
Drafting and Proposing the Contract of Services
Preparing efficient and effective results based sessions
How to design, implement and measure successful programs
How to prepare, design and conduct individual, group and peer-to-peer coaching sessions
Starting the Session
Do’s and Don’ts
The structure of the client conversation
How to develop your Practitioner Style with your clients
Producing Measurable Results and How to measure the results
...and Guide Notes, Case Studies, Example Interventions and Exercises..

  See below Course Rates links..
Professional Recognition
The accredited, Master Coach and Diploma courses are recognized world-wide plus graduates automatically become members of the International Coaching Council (the world's leading professional coaching accreditation body).

Career Opportunities and Outcomes
Students undertake core subjects in the areas of: professional and personal skills required to be a successful practitioner; understand the underlying science to the advanced behavior change models, tools and techniques and; learn best-practice intervention planning and sessional skills. For professionals, this will you enhance your career advancement opportunities as a highly employable specialist across both the private and public sectors.

Dual Certificate Partial Scholarships
The Institute understands that people, in some regions of the world, may need a helping hand and are proud to offer regional scholarship programs that can help them pay for the Dual Certificate course fee.




  BONUS: Dual Certificate Graduates are qualified to:
1. become a
Certified Parent Educator and use the Institute's parenting support training courseware to conduct parenting classes (1to1 or group) and;
2. apply for regional licensing rights to deliver the above child behavior certification courses in their region/market.


How to Apply for an Invitation into a Course..
& Course Fees:


  Places are strictly limited!
This is NOT an open program to all!

Note: Admission selection is administered by the Institute’s International Student Selection Panel (chaired by Dr Zeus).
- The Panel may request to speak with an applicant by phone and/or ask for additional references or support material to confirm their suitability.
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Master Certified Child Coach Certification
(10-15 hours)


Diploma in Child Behavior Coaching


Dual Certificate
- MCC & Diploma Courses

(30-40 hours)


(40-50 hours)








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  NOTE: Establishing fidelity processes is an important step in the continuing development of child behavior interventions.

Accurate referencing, naming of interventions, theories, methods, outcome measurement and terminology underpinning the coaching interventions is required to gain the support and confidence of the family.

Ensuring fidelity in the delivery of advanced behavioral interventions is also essential to gain confidence in the interpretation of program results. Hence why it is important for practitioners working in this specialist behavioral sciences field to be taught not only how to use the latest intervention models, tools and techniques etc but also to understand the underlying science so they can clearly and simply articulate to children and parents why and how their interventions work so effectively.





 Dr Perry Zeus
- Behavioral Coaching Institute Founder and Faculty Head.
Dr Perry Zeus has published more than 2,000 pages, advancing and defining the modern understanding of the coaching discipline. His now-classic book, Behavioral Coaching (first published 15 years ago) help transform the coaching profession into how we know it today.

Dr Zeus has developed neuro-behavioral interventions and tools that are used in over 60 countries; taught coaching psychology to psychologists, clinicians, physicians, educators and to people in business; worked with CEO’s of major companies; helped his clinical clients manage the triumphs and lows of life; served as an advisor to senior management in major hospitals, learning institutions and government departments; and, facilitated courses to more than 5,000 people across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.





Request Tel. Interview for Licensing Rights
 to deliver this Coach Training Course
 in-house or to clients in your region




New Graduate Referral Service to begin next semester:
All new, Level 3, Dual Certificate graduates will now have the option to be exclusively listed on a special Dual Certificate Child Coach Public Referral Service to be provided on our global website.

Because of the Institute's Coach Training Schools world-renowned, reputation in producing the world's top behavior coaches, we are frequently asked by prospective clients to recommend graduates. This has always put our Faculty Staff in the difficult position of recommending one graduate deemed to be the “right fit” above others. In fact, this last year's increased demand for referrals has just got too big a distraction for our Faculty. Henceforth we have decided that all new Dual Certificate holders will have the option to have their name and contact details featured on our global .com website that receives 500,000+ visitors a year. A listing on the Institute's educational website can publicly confirm a graduate's training/credentials and also serve as an invaluable marketing tool.

For a nominal listing fee, a graduate will be able to have their picture (with an optional link to their website), email address, location and, any age speciality in coaching children placed on a high-profile International Child Coach Referral webpage.








  Recommended by course graduates  

Recommended by organizations who trained their staff to be child behavior coaches and/or parent educators..















  We value transformation, therefore we provide courses and tools to facilitate transformations in the lives of children, improving their quality of life and success.   We value innovation, therefore we seek out new ways to add value to the lives of our graduates and their clients.   We value holistic care, therefore we tailor our intervention models for the whole person, taking brain, mind, body and heart into consideration.   We value excellence, therefore we provide our students with gold-standard courses and strive towards continual improvement.  




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Disclaimer: This children coaching certificate is an educational program - not a licensing program. Successful completion is based on completion of required course material and exercises. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate confirming such. Successful completion does imply the meeting any country or state licensing or regulatory requirements and does not entail any special status, rights, duties, or privileges.


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