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- This unique, in-demand Parent Training Program can only be delivered by select graduates of the Institute's  Child Behavior Coach Courses..





Providing solutions for parents who want to take responsibility and take proven action that will transform their child's behavior.



  "Invest in the whole child.
The need to develop a child’s cognitive and character skills.

Without resources such as
parent-coaching, many children miss the developmental growth that is the foundation for success. They will suffer for the rest of their lives."
Nobel Prize winning University of Chicago Economics Professor J Heckman






  Note: The Institute's Certified Child Behavior Coaches can only apply for a license to deliver this special parent training program.
Our graduate coaches can now provide 2 distinct services -  Coaching Children and Training Parents how to best coach their kids!!

The Coach as an Educator training Parents to coach.

These are stressful, challenging, unprecedented times. We understand that parents can get overwhelmed. That is why we developed the PARENT as COACH MASTERCLASS.

Children today need all the help they can get to springboard themselves into an uncharted, challenging future.

This unique training program provides parents the blueprint and behavioral building blocks their child needs to be their best, today and tomorrow.

Numerous studies confirm that it’s extremely beneficial that the child’s development progress continue beyond any regular coaching sessions with their coach. Not doing so, could compromise the behavioral coaching development process.

Further research also confirms that having parent-as-coach training as part of an overall family coaching strategy makes it easier for the child to retain positive behaviors.

This special coach partnering process can help parents':

  • improve communication with their children

  • build closer bonds

  • enhance the child's well-being and mental health

  • lessen the worry or concern they may have about their children engaging in negative behaviors in various environments.

This powerful form of parents as coach training isn’t exclusive to parents as the principles apply to all caregivers, such as grandparents, siblings, or teachers.

Note: A few parents may choose not to share the coaching role with a non-family member coach (usually for budget reasons), whilst other families may hire a certified child behavior coach to exclusively provide coaching. That said, the great majority of families prefer the family development strategy of learning child behavior coaching and then sharing some of coaching roles as taught and guided by their coach.

About the Behavioral Coaching Institute:
For over 25 years the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has established a worldwide reputation for training the world's top Behavior Coaches. In fact, the Institute was the world’s first professional coach training school.

How to become a Licensed Parent Educator:
-About the Institute's Qualifying Child Behavior Coach Courses (Master Coach or Diploma levels):

The Institute's  comprehensive, child behavior coaching courses are internationally recognized as the world's premier child coach certification programs.

The behavioral science-based courses focus on achieving rapid, sustainable behavior change, unlike lengthy, traditional coaching practices and are not to be confused with generalist, child life coaching courses that focus on life skills.

The Institute's advanced, child behavior coach certification courses equips our graduates with: a world-best-practice, child behavior change toolkit; evidence-based methodology; knowledge as referenced from the latest behavioral sciences studies (including neuropsychology and neuroscience) and; neurocoaching as a user-friendly delivery model.






  Family Future Building Program
 -Helping parents to help their children to flourish and grow up confident to live an authentic, happy and successful life.

An Institute trained and certified child behavior coach (Master Coach or Diploma graduate) can now also learn how to teach parents to coach and undertake some coaching roles as a partner coach or exclusively provide the child coaching themselves (while being mentored by the coach).

License use of the Institute's Parent as Coach Training Program

Step 1.
Parents Self-Study Course (10-15 hours) with optional in-person, tutor support or via video by the family coach.
Note: The course is a condensed, lighter version of our basic level Master Coach Course with additional parenting notes and support material. Hence why our course graduates are qualified to teach the modified version of the coach training course.

As directed by their coach, parents first focus on learning the coaching basics, why behavioral focused coaching works and an overview of the advanced, proven behavioral change tools available to best fit their child's needs / goals.

Parents also learn: parenting skills; how to create a solid development foundation for children; the use of a powerful range of evidence-based coaching strategies and; how to exchange all types of unwanted and unhelpful behavior into positive, sustainable behavior.

Step 2. The coach reviews (in-person or via video calls) the Course with the parents.

Step 3. As guided by the coach, the two coaching partners / parties may then choose to co-develop the child's behavioral development plan including deciding upon the specific behavioral change models and steps to meet the child’s needs and goals.

Step 4. The coach typically conducts 1-to-1 coaching sessions with the child while the parents undertake a supportive role by re-enforcing the development plan via the coaching model of mentoring the child.


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..rapidly building sustainable, positive behavior changes..




  "All my family clients have significantly improved their quality of life from participating in my coaching sessions using the tools and best practices from your invaluable program!"
- H. Jenson (Graduate Practitioner)
  NOTE: Establishing fidelity processes is an important step in the continuing development of child behavior interventions.

Accurate referencing, naming of interventions, theories, methods, outcome measurement and terminology underpinning the coaching interventions is required to gain the support and confidence of the family.

Ensuring fidelity in the delivery of advanced behavioral interventions is also essential to gain confidence in the interpretation of program results. Hence why it is important for practitioners and parents working together in this specialist behavioral sciences field to be taught not only how to use the latest intervention models, tools and techniques etc but also to understand the underlying science so they can clearly and simply articulate to children and family members why and how the neuro-behavioral coaching interventions work so effectively.

For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading behavior coach training programs. If you are looking for the best available source of coaching knowledge, tools and certification then his Institute’s international recognized, accredited courses are for you….Thanks again for inviting me into the Program Perry!

Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘Life Unlocked’.

 Dr Perry Zeus
- Behavioral Coaching Institute Founder and Faculty Head.
Dr Perry Zeus has published more than 2,000 pages, advancing and defining the modern understanding of the coaching discipline. His now-classic book, Behavioral Coaching (first published 15 years ago) help transform the coaching profession into how we know it today.

Dr Zeus has developed neuro-behavioral interventions and tools that are used in over 60 countries; taught coaching psychology to psychologists, clinicians, physicians, educators and to people in business; worked with CEO’s of major companies; helped his clinical clients manage the triumphs and lows of life; served as an advisor to senior management in major hospitals, learning institutions and government departments; and, facilitated courses to more than 5,000 people across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.










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Disclaimer: This children coaching certificate is an educational program - not a licensing program. Successful completion is based on completion of required course material and exercises. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate confirming such. Successful completion does imply the meeting any country or state licensing or regulatory requirements and does not entail any special status, rights, duties, or privileges.


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