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Advance Coach Training Certification




Diploma & Master Coach
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Certified Master Coach
  -Business / Executive Coaching 


Accelerated, 3 Day, Small Group, Peer Group Course

The Simgapore Regional Peer Group is for qualified,
individual' practitioners with a similar 'professional profile and intent in coaching' looking to participate in group training with their peers at the "highest practice level".  ..more

                    Master Coach -Singapore Course Details
             Master Coach Course Overview
 Master Coach Course Alternate Delivery Formats
  (Self-Study, Videoconference, other Campus locations)

Overview of the Advanced, ICC Accredited Course in Singapore.

An Accelerated, intensive, tailored course for qualified individuals.

The 'Hands-On', customized Certified Course provides market intelligence, professional analysis and insight, data, business models, tools and resources for leaders of coaching programs and coaches. Issues such as
: best coaching staff training options; skills for Coaching Program Developers; a critical checklist for establishing an executive / leadership coaching program; coaching readiness; best-industry or world standard program design; how to build coaching programs that integrate with and support an organization's learning, cultural alignment and address relevant OD challenges; best practice operational management standards; selection of appropriate program measurement criteria, coaching technology and staff and technical program support etc., are just some of the key areas that are addressed in the course... more

The Institute's Elite Master Coach Training Courses in Singapore.

The Dr Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization) is internationally recognized as the leader in building the next generation of behavioral change coaching models and tools.

 "The behavioral coaching model, pioneered over the last decade by Zeus and Skiffington, which integrates the most advanced research on adult development and human systems theory into an elegantly simple and highly effective validated coaching process is taught to her select students so they can effectively apply it in their work." 
-ICAA -Center for International Education -Report.

 "The Behavioral Coaching Institute is without doubt the world's leading supplier of coaching technology and has produced a body of knowledge far greater than anyone in the industry."
 -HR Monthly

- Master Coach Certification Course -Content .. more

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