-World's first professional coach training course.
                                    Established 1994.







  " For the last twenty years, the Institute has indisputably
   been at the forefront of behavioral change coaching

   As the world’s most recognized brand in behavioral change coach training
   their graduates receive instant kudos and respect. BCI has always attracted
   the best
students, they have the world's highest credentialed coach trainers,
   they develop proprietary behavioral change models and coaching tools (not
   source it) and they advise many of the
who are world leaders in
   the application of the coaching model of learning and change...AND, that
   means their
curriculum is always far more advanced, up-to-date and
   practice oriented than any other university or private coaching school
ICAA -Centre for International Education, Annual Report, 2016

  " Pioneers of the Coaching field".

   Dr Perry Zeus (BCI's Founder and current Chairman) and Dr Skiffington (BCI's
   Founding Director of Education) are internationally recognized as "Pioneers of
   the Coaching field". For example; 'Zeus and Skiffington' are cited as "originators
   and influencers" in the development of the coaching discipline in the first
   academic text book written on the History of Coaching.
   - 'Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching' by Dr. V Brock 2009. International
      University of Professional Studies.

    -As cited in
"When business professionals look at coaching from an analytical and investment
    perspective, they want theory-based, evidential criteria..such as provided by
    behavior based coaching, practiced and taught by Zeus and Skiffington (BCI).

       Over 5,000 graduates from over 60 countries

            Master Certified Coach
The Certification in Behavioral Change that says you’re The Best!

The Institute's Behavior Change Specialty Certification provides
    professionals from HR, Executive Development, healthcare, allied
    health, business, sport, fitness and a wide range of other fields the
    necessary skills and tools to coach people to sustainable,
    measurable behavior change



           The Institute's renowned ICC Accredited 1-to-1 (One student/
          one facilitator)
Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course
          and our Accelerated
Learning Master Coach Course

  Learn (via our Global Campuses or Distance Learning) the secrets
   of how to change people's behavior by acclaimed behavioral change
   and coaching experts! 

-"The Behavioral Coaching Institute's international Graduate School of Master Coaches
    consistently rates as the world's premier coach training school by far"
-HR Today

Established in 1998 -the Graduate School of Master Coaches was the world's first international professional coach training institution specializing in behavioral change

    -Some of the Institute's Achievements:
Today, it is estimated that our international graduates (from our global Learning Partners) provide well over 500,000
     coaching sessions a year. Meantime, the Institute's own expert faculty members have provided invitational trainings
     in the use of evidenced-based, best coaching practices to qualified persons involved in people development from
     over 60 countries. Today, the Institute has conducted advanced trainings for small groups at hundreds of
     universities, corporate institutions and government agencies and our best-selling coaching text books are published
     around the world in multiple languages




The Institute provides 6 specialist Master Coach Courses focusing on behavioral change in :
 - HR:
For Mid-to-Executive level HR Leaders      
 - Executive/Leadership Development
 - Health
 - Sport Performance
 - Career Development
                  - Wellness / Personal Development  


As the founding Board Member of the International Coaching Council, BCI helps set the global standards for professional coaching. Note: Today’s rapidly growing marketplace demands a recognized qualification. All Master Coach graduates automatically become full members of the International Coaching Council (ICC -an internationally accepted coach accreditation body and a global workplace coaching industry group). As confirmed by Wikipedia (the world's largest and most respected online encyclopedia) -the ICC is one of only three coach training accreditation bodies that are internationally recognized.   Certification

Learn the Secrets to Behavior Change -and become an internationally recognized Master Coach 



- Effectiveness of any coaching / change
  effort rests on human behavior!

- Change Behavior. Change Results!
Learn the science and art of changing people's

Course Content

  "How do I guarantee success?

 "My Master Coach certification!.. The one-to-one,
   tailor made course instantly provided me the
   specific coaching best practices and change tools I
  needed for my business coaching practice.. that would have
  taken a lifetime to accumulate
- Jill Stretton. Executive Coach and owner of  Next Level Business Coaching.

  Make an investment in yourself 

       -and join an elite, proven, private coach training program 
      -for executive or business coaches (internal or external) looking to practice at the
       highest international level!


The Science and Art of Behavioral Change Coaching
 -Whether you wish to learn the nuts and bolts of how to: 
1)  -build and manage a successful  -corporate, executive change program or private practice and/or, 
 2)  -design behavioral change coaching program with a standardized coaching practice platform/methodology
        that has scientific validity -and, at the same time obtain world-best-standard credentials / certification.
-Our Graduate School's elite Master Coach Training and Certification Program provides you:
      best business practices, templates/forms and marketing strategies/materials specifically
            tailored to meet your coaching needs
the highest caliber of personal instruction and practice in behavioral change techniques and tools
(proven psychological-based processes and techniques that produce measurable and sustainable
                behavioral change and knowledge acquisition)

      and...it's delivered by the world's leading professional experts in their field.

raining is one thing. However, being certified, taught and mentored at the highest international standard will distance you from others and guarantee your success.  
Course Content
What makes certification via the Graduate School of Master Coaches different - is: a) our commitment to teach you
world best practice, industry proven, psychological-based coaching techniques so your clients can achieve
genuine lasting behavioral change
, and b) we don't do "one size fits all" training. 
Our One-to-One method of learning
ensures the course is only focused on developing YOUR coaching skills and behavioral change tools at a world-class

Please note: This not an open-program. The few available courses available each year are by invitation (via the site's
Registration Form ) only and there is a strict criteria of selection.

      " this internationally recognized Master Coach course has been selected by
          the world's leading companies for elite training and certification of their
          key personnel involved in behavioral change and development
 -News of the World 2015


The elite Master Coach Course is preferred by 100's of the world's leading people development savvy organizations:
-Lloyd's Bank, McKinsey & Co., Sony, Mt Sinai Hospital, Walt Disney World, Singapore Civil Service College, GE, Ernst & Young, Daimler Chrysler, CitiBank, Motorola etc..

Many of the largest organizations in the world choose our Institute's Certified Master Coach Course over all other options. The decision is based on many factors, including: the very high standard of our graduates’ work in the global business community and, that our customized coaching course is designed to meet their specific personal and business coaching skill set needs instead of "one-size-fits-all" education.  

  More reasons why the "how-to" Master Coach Certification Course is unlike any other 

-The worldwide recognized Master Coach Certification Course is strictly designed for accomplished professionals who are seeking to be at the top of their profession. The content rich, tailor-made 'hands-on' course offers leading edge, practical, relevant knowledge to continue your own professional development at the highest levels.

- Learn with International Experts:
As a select course participant you are personally shown how to use the latest behavioral
change technology by acknowledged world coaching experts eg; Dr Perry Zeus (BCI's Founder) has written over 2,000 published pages on coaching and behavioral change.

  An Exceptional, Experienced Faculty
The Institute's exceptional team of global facilitators are all: world
  renowned practitioners and authorities on organizational coaching, acclaimed
  educators, behavioral scientists and best-selling authors


Text Book by Dr Perry Zeus  

We employ Accelerated One-to-One Learning Techniques
 -and significantly reduce your training time and cost

Need a way to build your coaching skills that maximizes the value of your study time? The Institute's Graduate School's proven personalized, customized business coaching courses, based on efficient, accelerated learning principles, has been the source for hundred's of existing and new coaching practitioners worldwide seeking a direct route to success in their chosen profession. Our unique fast-track, one-to-one, flexible training system allows 'busy at-work' professionals to gain the necessary world best standard business coaching skills and practice management training in the shortest possible time to excel in their field.



Business Coaching NEWS 

 "A recent study estimates that 50,000 people in the U.S. work
  as coaches
(work or life) and the $4 billion market is growing
  at a fast-paced 18% per year"
--MarketData Report, 2016

Coaches serve a $1.5 billion dollar executive coaching market
 every year in the US
." -Harvard Medical School. Dept. of Continuing
Report, Nov. 2015

The Asian Institute of Management says most large Asian
  companies now hire coaches
-Inside Business -July 2015

 - For Qualified Service Providers etc

Deliver the Institute's Level-One, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching Courses in your territory by becoming a Licensee

 Our parent organization (the Behavioral Coaching Institute) is recognized as the world's
 leading developer of 'world-best' standard, business coaching technology with a behavioral-
 science foundation. 
The global Institute researches and develops business coaching tools
 and techniques, professional practice protocols and guidelines, text books, articles.. 

** Executive Coaching & Business Coaching Courses conducted in: 
USA, UK, Singapore, Bangkok etc 

"Let him who would move the world first move himself."   -Socrates 

Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council


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